Report: Alabama vs. Texas Tech in 2012

Don Williams of reported that ESPN is working on a deal for Alabama to play Texas Tech to launch the 2012 season. The game would be in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

“We’ve agreed to do it,’’ Myers told Red “I think Alabama’s agreed to do it. But we haven’t gotten down to signing a contract or anything like that. …“Coach (Tommy) Tuberville is aware of the game and is in support of playing it,’’ Myers said. “I understand (Crimson Tide coach Nick) Saban is also on board for it. We’re in the talking stages, but we haven’t gotten down to talking contract with it yet.’’

This would be superb news for Alabama fans, and it looks like a nice deal for Texas Tech. If the game is finalized it will continue the trend of Alabama playing a strong out of conference opponent (unlike some schools in the SEC who dodge major opponents.)

For the Texas Tech fan reaction comes this from Red Raider Gridiron: “My gut reaction is that this is a good thing despite the fact that tough non-conference games can be an awful situation, especially if we lose. I do like the fact that head coach Tommy Tuberville is living up to his promise to play at least one BCS opponent in the non-conference schedule.”


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    This is the closest thing to Bryant Bama has had since his passing. It’s nice to have a coach that challenges the program on the field. All wins are not created equally. I love the fact that Saban is not afraid to play anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s obvious the rest of the SEC doesn’t feel the same way (ala, 6 bye’s before Bama). Enjoy this stint while it lasts.

  2. 6

    Hopefully they will have a winning year in 2012 — that way it won’t hurt our rankings in the AP Top Ten.

    Just another ass kickin to Tubbs. Lovin’ every minute of it.

    Crystal … & more.

  3. 7
    Ballplay Indian

    “Another”…..Uh, dude….Where you been ? Under an elephant turd ? Tubss flat out dominated your team during his tenure at Auburn. Not to mention his winning record head to head verses Saban.

    Yeah buddy….”Another”…..

  4. 8

    I don’t care about the “six-shooter”. You had the streak — we got a NC — we got Nick Saban — you got Gene Chiznik — I’ll take the last 10 years over your 10 years any day. Hardware is nice for Bryant Museum.

    Don’t hate.


    (hoisting 14 in the future while we observe failure in the high school system you relish)

    Roll fucking Tide Roll. oooohhhh (class is out of session … you should of known that BPI!!!) 🙂

  5. 9

    I guess the crystal was great but I would think that if AU had the crystal, we wouldn’t be showing it to a buch of rednecks at Walmart, but I guess that is the real fanbase for the necks.

    Also, don’t get ahead of yourself yet, USC would dominate that ass, and that is why Saban will duck that game. Why not play Boise St if you don’t mind losing. Your freshmen secondary would get toasted. Good luck this year. I will be elated after Fl, Penn St and AU wipe the field with you necks and bring you back to reality,

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