UA speaks about failed appeal

The University released statements from University president Dr. Robert E. Witt, and athletic director Mal Moore. They follow below. (source)

“The Appeals Committee acknowledged that their decision in our case is not consistent with the NCAA’s prior textbook and vacation-of-wins cases, which was the heart of UA’s appeal,” said Dr. Robert E. Witt, President of the University of Alabama. “Despite that acknowledgment, however, the Appeals Committee did not find an abuse of discretion. We are disappointed by the committee’s inconsistent decision given the negative impact the decision has on hundreds of uninvolved student-athletes and their coaches.”

And from Mal Moore:
“We’re very disappointed because the Committee missed an excellent opportunity to follow its precedent set in recent cases, the precedent we followed due to the nature of the case,“ said Mal Moore, UA Director of Athletics. “We have thoroughly addressed the situation and have taken corrective measures. We are eager to move forward while continuing to build a program that not only is successful on the field, but also reflects the values of our University.”

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    The Nazi bastards better lower the boom on USC or there’s gonna be a shit storm! Crooked S.O.B.’s. They never even proved any NCAA violations occured. To have been a violation and punishable offense they would have had to prove (not suspect), that at least one athlete actually profited more than $100 from what amounted to nothing more than “checking out” excessive text books; inasmuch as everyone had to be returned or paid for. Fuck the Commie bastards! Now that Bama and Saban is returning to the glory of Bama and Bear, we should spearhead another drive to wipe the bastards out like we would have done with the old CFA. Fucking Notre Dame torpedoed that golden opportunity by refusing to join and contracting with NBC. But the Golden Nomers aint shit anymore. Now the SEC, Bama and Florida have the power. Nuke em! RTR!

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