Danny Woodson Jr. says Alabama is family

The Alabama Crimson Tide landed a commitment over the weekend—Danny Woodson, Jr. Woodson was thought to be an Auburn lean before his visit to Tuscaloosa, but something happened there. He discovered that Alabama is family. According to Tider Insider ($), “I used to walk around in my Alabama jersey and my sister had a little cheerleading uniform. It still goes in the family. My grandmother, my grandparents, they still love Alabama.”

Yes, he said family. No, that isn’t trademarked by Auburn; Auburn and Pat Dye have trademarked the more phonetically accurate fambly.


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    Ya’ll need to stop making fun of Auburn’s family values!
    Auburn has the monopoly on morals and ehtics and the record proves it.
    Look at Pat Dye.
    A man of class, character, and integrity. The man is (and was) too honorable and noble to cheat for anything. He is a good christian man. Always giving time and much needed financial assitance to his players in need. One time Pat Co-signed on a loan for $7,500 worth of pampers for a kid that needed diapers. That if the type of man Pat Dye is….

    At Auburn we are a real family. And we take care of our own. But dont cross us.We will cancel your meal ticket like Dunn did to Chaz (asshole) Ramsey. Or give you a Deron Furr beatdown.

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