Hilary Duff pics & it relates to sports…kind of

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A file picture shows US singer Hilary Duff performs at the Cultural Siglo XXI Complex in Puebla, Mexico on 14 January 2008, as part of her international tour Dignity. Singer and actress Hilary Duff, 22, plans to wed professional ice hockey player Mike Comrie, 29, according to People magazine on 19 February 2010. EPA/ULISES RUIZ

From the AP: Actress and singer Hilary Duff, who had a recurring guest role on the popular CW series last season, is engaged to Edmonton Oilers forward Mike Comrie.

Publicist Nanci Ryder says the two were engaged last weekend while vacationing in Hawaii. She says in an e-mail distributed by the Oilers on Friday that the two “are very excited to share this happy news.” (you can read the entire AP story at the end of this post.)

Now for a couple of more photographs of Hilary Duff and yes one is in a bikini:

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    Kevin Scarbinsky


    Recently some of you may have noticed that I have uncovered some earth-shattering conicidences that show a parallel between Coach Gene Chizik and Coach Nick Saban. And that there will be fierce competition coming from Lee County in the near future.
    As a totally unbiased journalist I would be remiss if I did not further investigate these similarities and put them in print.
    So we (here at the Birmingham News) assembled a crack team of investigative reporters to look into the matter further.
    (SPOILER ALERT!!! The events and details below may shock and surprise you.)

    Are you aware that Gene Chizik and Nick Saban coached at Iowa “State” and Nick Saban coached at Michigan “State” and Louisiana “State”. Creepy stuff, huh?

    Also the names “Gene” and “Nick” have 4 LETTERS EACH. When I learned this fact, I fell over in my chair and dented my beret. But it goes much deeper. MUCH MUCH DEEPER.
    Both Chizik and Saban had mothers who were female and both of these mothers were (in fact) BORN DURING THE 20TH CENTURY!
    Both Chizik and Saban are currently married to women who were BORN IN THE 20TH CENTURY!!! (Okay, now this is starting to get REALLLLLY SCARY!)
    Both Chizik and Saban have at least one top 5 recruiting class.
    Both Coaching staffs have an offensive Coordinator who came from a mid-major university. (Okay…. you just cant make things like this up…Is there anyone else out there who’s skin is starting to crawl?)
    This is starting to get really spooky……
    BOTH coaches have tried to recruit some of the same recruits. Does anyone need anymore prrof of the telekinetic connection between these two future Hall of Fame coaches?
    Both Coaches uses knives, forks, and spoons when they eat ad they are BOTH right handed!
    both coaches are indeed….. RIGHT HANDED…
    I am currently seeking a court order for DNA samples to ascertain if Chizik and Saban were twins seperated ay birth.
    At the very least this is irrefutatalbe proof that Auburn University is back on track and soon will dominate the football landscape.

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    Phillip Marshall

    When I read this article I realized just how fine the investigative team at the News is.
    Fascinating, compelling stuff.
    I felt a little squemish when I realized that the similaries were uncanny.
    This could only mean one thing.
    Auburn will win the National Championship soon.



    Did you know that Pat Dye lets his cows graze on Pat Dye Field during the offseason. And he actually has it in his contract?
    Or that Eric Ramsey is responsible for the 9/11 attacks?
    You can read thes facta and many more in my coffee tsbls book. “The Auburn experience”
    $19.95. Order one today.

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