Robby Green suspended

Tuscaloosa News: University of Alabama defensive back Robby Green has been suspended for a violation of team rules and will not participate in spring practice, multiple sources have told The Tuscaloosa News. It is unclear when the junior from New Orleans might be reinstated, but sources indicated the suspension may extend beyond spring drills.


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    Ballplay Indian

    Where are all the Eric Smith haters ? Come on, dont let me down. Talk about Eric Smith some. I know its coming.

    “But , But, buuttt, ERIC SMITH !!!!”…

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    Shut up Ballplay.
    Or should I say “Auburn really sucks: formerly Auburn sucks: Formerly known as Ballplay Indian……..
    If I had a dollar for every thing you posted here that you were wrong about, I could buy a new New Car, with a tricked out Stereo, rims, and hydros.

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    the crimson hammah

    au mp football – is a scam and every time u hear au mp football – remember to think to urself “i’m being set up.”

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    Ballplay Indian

    crimson hammah…….Dude , you forgot to hit the CapsLock button. Just lettin ya know.

    Good to see that Saban is still recruting thugs. Some things never change.

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