Roundup of UAH shooting coverage

Here are samples of national and international coverage about the shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

REUTERS: Three killed in Alabama shooting. Three people were killed and one wounded in shootings at the University of Alabama at Huntsville on Friday, and a suspected shooter was in custody, a university spokesman and police said. (You can read a Reuters brief on the story further down the page.)

From the AP: Amy Bishop, 42, a Harvard-educated neurobiologist who became an assistant professor at the school in 2003, has been charged with capital murder. A “person of interest” also was being interviewed. …Mass shootings are rarely carried out by women, said Dr. Park Dietz, who is president of Threat Assessment Group Inc., a Newport Beach, Calif.-based violence prevention firm.

A notable exception was a 1985 rampage at a Springfield, Pa., mall in which three people were killed. In June 1986, Sylvia Seegrist was deemed guilty but mentally ill on three counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder in the shooting spree.

Dietz, who interviewed Seegrist after her arrest, said it was possible the suspect in Friday’s shooting had a long-standing grudge against colleagues or superiors and felt complaints had not been dealt with fairly.

Gregg McCrary, a retired FBI agent and private criminal profiler based in Fredericksburg, Va., said there is no typical outline of a mass shooter but noted they often share a sense of paranoia, depression or a feeling that they are not appreciated. (Read more from the AP below)



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    It’s really sad and crazy that tertiary education has become the a war zone. I grew up in Huntsville and went to grad school at UAH. It’s a tragic event.

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    I completed my freshman year at UAH before transferring down here to Tuscaloosa. It looks like I got out at the right time, but this can happen anywhere. My heart hurts for the faculty, students, and families involved there. Roll Tide, today we are all Chargers.

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