PHOTOS: SI’s Swimsuit models & more

This week brought news of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition. Sports Illustrated Covergirl Brooklyn Decker poses (below) with a poster of the 2010 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated magazine in New York, USA, 09 February 2010. The swimsuit issue hits newsstands this week and is the most widely-read issue of any magazine in the world.

“Read” might be generous.

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Sports Illustrated model Daniella Sarahyba attends the kick-off party for the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated magazine:

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I’m starting to really love soccer. SOCCER/FUTBOL FUTBOL MEXICANO BICENTENARIO 2010 TOLUCA VS MONTERREY Action photo of cheerleaders, during week 4 of the Bicentenario 2010 tournament./Foto en accion de porristas, durante juego de la semana 4 del Torneo Bicentenario 2010. 07 February 2010. MEXSPORT/OSVALDO AGUILAR

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Oh, and it is basketball season.

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