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    It will be a definite pass party on both sides. I’m taking the Saints — they are young and hungry while the Colts are taking a relaxed — we’ve already been to this city and done this thing kind of attitude. Peyton Manning is just a regular dude when his ass is in the dirt — ineffective … and you think they’ll have the guts to call the same play over … LMFAO!!! The score will be in the mid 40’s to high 30’s no doubt about it — watch that WHO DAT D punk asses.

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    on paper, this looks like san fran/miami/’5.

    the saint’s definitely look to be the more complete team. problem is, the colts have beaten a lot of “more complete” teams.

    to me, the key to a saints win is to do to manning what they did to favre.

    if manning figures them out like he did the jets and many other teams over his illustrious career, he’ll be fitted for another ring.

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    I think a lot of people were pissed at UA taking the BCS with a traditional ground attack. Ruined their narrative of “antiquated” offenses having no shot in the era of the metrosexual spread game.

    But NFL teams that rely on a dominant back would appear to be the exception rather than the rule. Hell, take last year’s SB between AZ-PIT. At least half the game was empty-back set.

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    Saints are going to do exactly what they did to the Vikings and Brett Favre — just like FINEBAMMER said in his earlier post.

    They are going to put Manning in the dirt and try to “hurt” him — maybe even INJURE him on purpose — they’re going to play dirty (I’m talking like Oakland Raiders 1970’s style) and take those 15 yarders. If you’re a fan of Tony Kurre — you might want to join the penalty party and get paid up. Saints will definitely take some penalties but they better be careful about putting Peyton Manning with Reggie Wayne in good field position. Can’t wait ’til kickoff. 🙂

    Who’s calling in to work Monday morning with the “flu”. 🙂

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    F. Sanchez

    The Saints didn’t play dirty and WON the Super Bowl by a large margin.

    WHO DAT Saints and the rest can go screw themselves.

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