Capstone Saturdays: ODK Missing From Beard Eaves

Editorial Cartoon: ODK Missing From Beard Eaves

Circulating reports yesterday had the Foy-ODK Sportsmanship Trophy missing from Beard Eaves Memorial Coliseum for the second consecutive year. The trophy, awarded to the winner of the annual Iron Bowl clash between the University of Alabama and Abarn University, is presented at halftime at each university’s home basketball game between the two schools.

The final contest between Alabama and Abarn in the Beard Eaves Memorial Coliseum before its retirement next year, the trophy has been spotted there 18 times since the structure’s beginnings in 1969, while it has been seen 22 times in the same span of time in Tuscaloosa.

If you have any information as to the trophy’s whereabouts, please let the folks at Abarn University know when the next home Alabama basketball game is between the two schools so they can see it again.


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    And they still think the Coache’s Trophy is a myth because no one in Lee County has ever seen one up close.

  2. 2

    It is with great pride that I wish to announce the arrival of tmc8 to the almighty family. Here is a pic of him.

    Yes, he is quite tall and he came into the world at a lean 9 lbs, 4 oz.
    And yes, I have already received a recruiting visit from Nick and Terri Saban. Proving yet, once again, that Nick Saban is the ultimate recruiter. (I hear he is recruiting a few that are still in the womb)

  3. 4

    A definite nail biter at the end of that one — a damn shame if you ask me. I knew it would take a miracle to overcome the one point lead — I forgot the dudes name — when he missed the free-throw which apparently is was 69% this season — I knew that was the nail in the coffin.

  4. 6

    It was just a bad Basketball Game period. The Interesting thing is that it was a pretty hollow win for Auburn – the Natives are restless ( count them on your hands ) over Lebo and Chuck Pearson is the new pretender to the Throne. Nobody from the Sweet 16 reunion gave any love toward Lebo. We know how Chucky feels.
    The Ugly Truth is that Auburn Basketball is Dead and building the new Arena is not going to change the Institutional Malaise.
    One thing is certain – Grant is straightening out Bama and the Future is Bright.
    One cannot say that about Auburn Basketball…..

  5. 7

    I actually think Lebo is a good coach, but for whatever reason hasn’t been able to get them above the water line. When Mark Gottfried faced him, it was clear who the better coach was. Like you Pluto, I think Grant is a good one, but he’s got to get some players in there, specifically big men, or we won’t climb above the water line either. I can easily see Lebo landing somewhere and being successful, if he does indeed get let go.

  6. 8

    Lebo is a great game day coach, but he’s not a program builder. To succeed at AU basketball you have to be one. I don’t know how well Lebo would do at other places simply because he hates being the face of a program. My biggest point on this is that after 6 years, most AU fans would not even recognize his voice if they heard it on the radio. They certainly would have recognized Cliff Ellis’s.

  7. 10

    In fairness to Lebo – he has tried to build an program the “honest way” as opposed to Cliff Buying players through AAU Camps. This has not worked. You have to buy the kind of players to build that program. That is the reality.
    You have to buy them. I will add this caveat – this is the way it is at most places.
    Don’t look like Gottfried bought anybody worth a damn …..

  8. 13

    Gotfried always had some of the best talent in the league. They were not that well coached. When Bama got in a tight spot, Gotfried would clamp down on them and slow the game down too much with set plays and ended up many times ‘over-coaching’ the team. Even with a lot of talent, a team that doesn’t give much defensive effort won’t do well. Coach Grant will need to get the kind of players suited to his system. His real ability will be demonstrated in the seasons when he doesn’t have the kind of players to do it his way. He’s getting the most out of the team he has at the moment. That’s s great sign for the future.

  9. 16

    Both BBall programs suck! and always will, You people would rather talk recruiting that pay attention to basketball. So until it stops being the 3rd sport at each school it will always be sucking hind tit.

  10. 17

    Absolutely Pluto — Lebo wants to do it the “honest” way and let him continue to do that in his “last month” left as the head basketball coach there. Everyone knows that Aubarn is about to revamp their hoop program with a new coach for a new arena. They’re going to drop 2 million plus possible for a new head coach …

    As always the BETA program is following the ALPHA program — even in recruiting dollars which is another topic!!!

    RTR bitches.


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