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T.J. Walls
Recruiting correspondent

Recruiting News: Olive Branch Offensive Linemen Shon Coleman was being escorted by D.J. Fluker on his visit yesterday. Coleman is said to be enjoying himself in Tuscaloosa. Coleman appears to be about 6’6 250 (he is listed by as 6’7”, 285 lbs.) He would definitely need to bulk up to play offensive line in college—judging by visual evidence.

Alabama is working hard to keep 5-star recruit Keenan Allen. Apparently, Keenan and his brother Zach made a visit to Clemson last week, which has some recruiting followers worried. Zach is Keenan’s older brother who played quarterback for the University of Buffalo. He got an early transfer release and it appears that they would like to play together. In my opinion, don’t expect Keenan to waiver on his commitment. Zach is a great athlete and could possibly end up on the team.

James Stone seems to be caught up between Alabama and Tennessee. Pendry visited Stone yesterday.

Juco defensive back Dequan Menzie received an offer from the Tide and may sign with Alabama on Feb. 3, but anything can change with the numbers during the final days.


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  1. 1

    I ceased to be concerned about Bama’s recruiting when Coach Nick Saban stepped on campus.

    If Keenan Allen and his brother want a 2 for 1 somewhere, who can blame them? You only get one shot to play college ball, and if that’s what they want I hope they find it somewhere. If we can’t make the arrangement for them, we’ll still be contending for our 23rd SEC Championship next season, with bigger aspirations on the horizon.

    But if we don’t get Allen, I’m fairly certain that the man that has back-up plans for everything has already thought of plan B, and wouldn’t be surprised if the ball is in Keenan’s court to give him an answer before signing day.

  2. 2
    Big red A

    It’s just 1 guy. If he goes to Clemson it’ll be OK. Who’s to say he doesn’t bust anyway. You never know 100% about a guy till he’s on the field. Bama’s got plenty of db’s on the list. As long as they sign enough to maintain depth on the roster recruiting is a success. You can’t get the #1 guy at every position every single year. They don’t want to wait 3 years to play.

  3. 4

    Allen will sign with BAMA because Crimson blood is thicker than half-brother blood! Any secondary player who wants to play at the next level will want the best coach to get him there, his name is SABAN! It is about experience and exposure and BAMA has it all! RTR!

  4. 8

    By far the top duel threat athlet in the country
    We have to land Allen even we have to take his bro
    Keenan is an Julio type receiver and a NFL db! Could play either position!

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