Lattimore Paid By Auburn?

Yesterday on his radio show, former South Carolina running back George Rogers reportedly said that if Marcus Lattimore signs with Auburn, “something funny was going on.” Rogers appears on “The Score” from 12-2 p.m. on WCCP 104.9 FM, based in Clemson, South Carolina.

That’s a bold statement from someone who is fully aware his voice is being heard by millions over the airwaves. What would make him so confident?

Apparently Auburn message boards are incensed at the accusation by the 1980 Heisman Trophy winner. I wonder if Stephen Davis tipped him off? Now that Pat Dye is back in charge on the Plains, could it be that the old stomping grounds are again being stomped?

Update: According to someone with the show, Rogers was “Laughing saying that if he went out of state something funny was going on.” Further clarification: It was “No shot at Auburn or reason for anyone to get offended.”


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    Did he actually say that on the radio? I couldn’t find anything on the show’s website where I could listen to it.

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    Cappy, what the %$#@?????? You’re letting this guy post things on your blog without reading it first, much less fact checking it first??? If you’ve got a lawyer (and you really should have one), you need to talk to him about that. All kidding aside, if you’re letting an anonymous poster submit articles on your blog (and I’m not talking about replies to articles)without any type of filtering system, you’re begging for problems.

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    Julio, ITK isn’t anonymous and understands sourcing…I just didn’t see it at the time, and being an obsessive I wanted to see some verification.

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    Indiana Vol

    It is funny how the fans of the dirtiest program in college football cannot enjoy the National Title, rather post silly shit about everyone else.


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    Am I going crazy, or did this article not previously quote Rogers as saying “money was involved” if Lattimore goes to AU instead of now quoting him as saying “something funny was going on”?

  7. 11

    And yet the question of whether the quote in the article was changed remains unanswered, ITK. God knows I’m not going to get an answer out of you. Cappy, did it change or not??

  8. 12

    Julio you’re correct they revised the blog and removed the money aspect, I guess cappy figured a full blown lie would get them in hot water and he got off his butt and verified the source directly

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    Big red A

    What is “hookergate”? According to the aubie creed it is in poor taste to pay a farm animal money for sex as they cannot actually use cash, a bag of oats is considered more tasteful.

  10. 14

    Yep, because “something funny going on” in recruiting means AU coaches are calling Lattimore and telling him jokes.

  11. 15
    Alex Hamilton

    Before you go into hysteria overload and gleefully tell the world that Cap could get sued, you need to understand what you read. I fail to see where anyone has been specifically named as a wrongdoer on AU side.

    Quit being so sensitive. First rule of analytical thought: Don’t make assumptions.

  12. 16

    Indianavol : We’re not even in the top 30 in cheating.Az.State & SMU with 8 infractions and Auburn and 5 others with 7.Hey,you have to be good at something.

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    Well I guess we’ll never get a straight answer here, but according to Google here’s what was previously publsihed in this article: “Yesterday on his radio show, former South Carolina running back George Rogers said that if Marcus Lattimore signs with Auburn, ‘money was involved’.” Now the quotation is changed to something Cappy actually heard someone say as opposed to something ITK hacked off of a message board. (is that what Cappy meant when he said ITK understands sourcing?), and it now adds that this was “reportedly” said. The little caveat at the bottom described as an “update” also explains that this was nothing but a joke and should not be considered as any implication of AU cheating. (Couldn’t that information have been obtained before the article was ever posted??) If that’s the case, then it looks pretty freakin’ stupid to even keep this article posted on the blog. I guess you’ve come too far to turn around now.

    ITK, if you’ve got a lick of sense in your head you’ll just shut your trap on this one and move on. I know good and well Alan just ripped you a new one for flying off half cocked and posting that stupid garbage, and then he had to come in behind you and clean up your mess. (Cappy, I will certainly give you credit for being professional there.) Next time you might want to do a little more fact checking than hacking a rival’s message board before you attribute a quote to someone that explicitly accuses another school of cheating.

  14. 19

    alex, I wouldn’t take any glee whatsoever in Cappy getting sued. I would absolutely hate it, and I want to make sure he protects himself against it. If you truly are a lawyer, you know good and well you’d advise a client who ran a blog to take steps to ensure that articles are properly sourced and fact checked before being run. You know, like calling the radio station to check the quote BEFORE the article runs rather than after, and relying on something besides a rival’s message board before attributing a quote to a former Heisman Trophy winner that explicitly accuses a major university of cheating. You truly fail to see where problems might arise from such a missquote under those circumstances?

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    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” –Hamlet (III, ii, 239)

    Julio, speaking for the owner of this website, please allow me to take this opportunity to thank you for your honest and sincere concern for We are all indebted to your social and moral philanthropy for “absolutely hating it” if something happened. If we were to pay you, it would surely be too little. Please just know we are grateful.

    The radio personality said it. The station admitted it. We confirmed the exact verbiage. And we corrected it, which happens every day in the media.

    Were you by chance a kicker? Because based on all the crying and emotional drama you’ve manufactured in here today, I bet (when barely touched) you could roll around on the ground and flail with the best of them. Was it your signature move to grab your knee too?

  16. 22

    Nice to see you can properly quote Shakespeare. Now if only you could do the same to people who are actually alive….

    Anybody notice that ITK misquoted a former Heisman Trophy winner accusing a major university of cheating and had to get Cappy to save his bacon by quickly withdrawing it?

  17. 23

    Good grief, did you just freakin’ post a reply and then pull it and amend it?? How many times are you going to do that today?

  18. 25

    So … why is everyone tiptoe-ing around the subject.
    I beleive that even though it might have been incorrect in its content this article is true to the point about Lattimore being bought.

    Come on…. The #5 team out of the 6 TEAMS in the SEC west. Auburn hasnt finished in the top 25 in quite a awhile now.
    Losing coaching staff. Cellar dwellar in the SEC. Honestly, the picture is bleak at best for Auburn. Auburn really has nothing to offer to a recruit who is looking to advance his career. (All fo the NFL players that come from Auburn are the product of other coaches. BTW)
    Since I am not the publisher of this article, I AM ENTITLED TO STATE MY OPINION. And for any one who doesnt like it I would be more than glad to rebut any opinio they have about it.
    If lattimore choses Auburn, there would have to have been money involved.

  19. 26

    Almightytmc1, though Julia’s desperation led to an attempted smokescreen to distract, discredit and annoy, the article was NOT incorrect in its content.

    I applaud the editor of this site for verifying the story. When the station readily admits it was spoken, I have nothing to apologize for.

    Semantics and minutia is all our little brothers have left. We own them in every way, shape and form, and Saban’s assertion that we work 365 days a year to dominate them has come to full fruition. The type of desperation and angst you saw in here today is proof that we live inside of their souls, and there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.

    Hence why Julia hits this site daily like a fish after a dough ball.

    Despite his desperate and (frankly) pathetic attempts to confuse the real issue in here today, one thing isn’t up for debate: There are questions surrounding what’s really going on with that young man’s recruitment, which I think is sad on all levels.

    But regardless of whether he plays for the Gamecocks or the tiggers, he will be beaten into submission whenever he faces the defending National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide, because Coach Nick Saban made me stop worrying about who goes where a long time ago.

    Crystal, baby.

  20. 29

    I have noticed too that Julio aka Julia has been become very emotional lately. Is it the Moon or is it hormones ?
    Take a fucking Midol.

  21. 30
    Alex Hamilton

    I love it! Professional advice from a guy who doesn’t even wear the pants in his own house.

    What else you got to tell us today Chicken Little? er, Julia?

    I dare say that Pat Dye could give two shits about what is on this blog. He has a field named after him somewhere and he hunts/fishes and has, from all accounts, a well-respected son and good family. Furthermore, no one accused Dye or Auburn of anything.

    Capstone has nothing to worry about. And, I will never ever take advice from you.

  22. 31

    I was referring to the comments from George Rogers and to whether they might have been taken out of context.
    I wasnt poor mouthing the CR.
    Wouldnt do that.
    I like it here.
    Safe and warm.
    Lots of humorous (absurdly so,) posts by rival fans who have slide off into a perverse cocktail of Delusion, denial and desperation after seeing the institution they loathe once again reach the top while they they drown in mediocrity.

    On the bright side (at least for Auburn) they have the media and coaching apparatus in place to tell them all of their dreams will be coming true. I guess since “Check Out” Lane Kiffin is in sunny California, UT fans arent going to be so lucky….

  23. 32

    By the way,
    Pat Dye is a cheating dirtbag. Who knows where all of the skeletons are buried at Auburn.
    I have never once seen him display anything that resembled actual class on his part. Except to pay lip service after getting beaten.

  24. 33

    “I applaud the editor of this site for verifying the story. When the station readily admits it was spoken, I have nothing to apologize for.”

    You applaud the editor for verifying the story???? He didn’t “verify” anything other than the fact that you got the quote wrong and that it had to retracted. Secondly, why didn’t YOU verify it before you posted it? You relied on nothing but a post on a message board to attribute a bombshell quote to a freakin’ Heisman winner. You think your idiotic actions are somehow vindicated simply because it was later discovered that what he actually said as opposed to what you published were somewhat similar in your own personal opinion? You’d be fired in a hearbeat from any newspaper worth its salt if you pulled that garbage and you know it. Strange, you keep talking about the editor vindicating you but we haven’t heard a peep from the editor supporting your actions since the quote was retracted.

    I’m ready to let this go and move on. But if you want to keep running your trap trying to justify what you did, I’ll be happy to keep on responding.

  25. 34

    So this the only forum in which the editor and I can communicate?

    Now quick, write me nine paragraphs explaining how there aren’t other methods of communication.

    “I’m ready to let this go and move on…”


    A professional in the business insinuated what we all know about Abarn and you want to camp out on semantics. Smoke and mirrors. Malzahn would be proud of you, girl!

  26. 35
    Ballplay Indian

    It was a tounge in cheek statement to start with. It is still tounge in cheek. Cap is a pretty level headded guy and ammended it properly, although with plenty of sarcasm. ITK, you are a wee bit on the pompous side my friend. Tone it down , before julio puts an itellectual whoopin on ya.

  27. 36

    So you heard the show, Ballplay? Were you listening? That’s interesting. Because I know someone who lives in the Greenville area who did hear it. A lot of truth comes out in humor.

    As for Julia, please.

    And I know I can be pompous sometimes. Championships and excellence tend to do that to a guy.

  28. 37

    See, you’d love to spin what I’m saying as nothing more than breaking down the detail of the differences between what you quoted Rogers as saying as opposed to what he actually said. In truth you know I’m pointing out that you attributed a quote, a bombshell quote at that, to a revered football personality upon nothing more than a post on a fan message board. I’m pointing out that you didn’t even bother with the obvious professional practice of calling the station or otherwise confirming the quote before you posted it. I’m saying that what you did was reckless, wanton, and absolutely idiotic and that any newspaper worth its salt would wholeheartedly agree and fire you on the spot regardless of whether by sheer dumb luck it was later discovered the quote was somewhat similar to what was published.

    Who cares what you and cappy have said privately? That doesn’t “vindicate” you. Let’s hear what cappy has to say publicly about what you did.

  29. 38

    And see, you’d love to continue this diatribe to get away from the real issue: That everyone knows that Abarn is and always has been dirty. History (not just segmented history, as you like to whip out) supports this notion.

    Cappy is welcome to disassociate me from this website whenever he pleases. It’s his name on the site. That he has not done so, in light of the tragedy you’ve attempted (and failed) to manufacture here, that’s all the vindication I need.

    You have his email address if you’d like to take it up with him. The rest of us are just laughing at you.

  30. 39

    No doubt “pay for play” IS being implemented in some sort of fashion (COUGH TEAM CHAPLAIN) at Aubarn.

    It’s hard to compete with the ALPHA program in the state who wins championship’s.

    No peace bitches…bling.

  31. 41

    No, the “real issue” is that you attributed a bombshell quote to a former Heisman winner based upon nothing more than a post on a fan message board, and that you didn’t even bother with the obvious professional practice of confirming the quote before you posted it. You’d like for the issue to be about something else so the spotlight can be taken off what an idiotic and unprofessional thing you did, but it’s not.

  32. 42

    BPI — you know this will go nowhere discussing on this blog —

    I will try to simplify —

    We know dirt on your program and you know dirt on ours — rivals are rivals BPI. I can’t make it any clear than that.

    Good luck with your tigers — much success with the Crimson Tide. 🙂

  33. 45

    What we have here is a difference between commentary/analysis and reporting. What the problem was (and ITK fixed) was the impression given that he was reporting something instead of commenting on an unfolding bit of turmoil.

    His commentary remains interesting, why would the guy say something like this?

    We just made sure we got “this” clearly defined and clearly sourced.

  34. 46

    Your title seems to have nothing to do with your article and you present nothing to support your title. Simply bizarre.

  35. 47

    The radio show in South Carolina made a joking comment about the recruit mentioned, saying that if he were to leave the state “something funny was going on”. I fully believe the station when they verified what a source who heard it on the airwaves in the Greenville area communicated, that he was laughing when he said it. It was in no way a direct or official accusation of Abarn University of anything, but apparently a display of confidence that the young man was a strong lean to a state school there. It is widely known that the other school he is considering is Abarn, which is not in the state of South Carolina.

    We had fun with the host’s words in here; the sentiment “of something funny going on” almost always means payment, so therefore I’m not sure how you couldn’t make the connection. The question mark in the title indicated a question (based on his remarks), not a statement. The article was not an investigative piece, but simply commentary. Further, this website didn’t make the allegation, but instead only brought to light the words of a talk show in another state.

    Thanks for stopping by, Steve. We hope you come back often.

  36. 48

    th people on here are just what i thought they would be like when i come over. just like shane…lol. bama fans and all u do is worry about auburn. just pay attention to his calls on f’bomb. everyday he calls and instead of talking about his team he talks auburn. u guys are pathetic. grow a set

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