Tired of recruiting?

Are you tired of recruiting? Get frustrated that the only stats and photographs you see online are of teenage athletes?

Maybe some photographs of hot girls and cheerleaders will help. For your protection, there are no pictures of University of Tennessee recruiting legend Lacy Pearl Earps.

Photo from fOTOGLIF


Photo from fOTOGLIF

Photo from fOTOGLIF

Do you think Lane Kiffin is enjoying LA?

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  1. 4
    Alex Hamilton

    I, for one, am disappointed. I was promised Lacey Earps, yet she’s not here.

    I got two tetanus shots, and clothed my entire body in latex to read this post and get the Lacey Earps experience.

    Do you know what great lengths one has to go to so that he does not contract Kiffin Krabs? Full body latex, Cappy. It gets warm in here.

  2. 5
    Alex Hamilton

    Oh well,

    maybe I should take Indiana Vol’s Mother and Sister up on that threesome they promised me at the Love’s Truck Stop in Knoxville.

    They’re both ugly as sin and their loveboxes stink like diesel fuel, but they have really skinny bodies. Also, their legs are like Kiffin’s mouth, always open.

  3. 6

    Hey Alex — we’ve discussed this before πŸ™‚

    Fuck around with Earps and get a red bump. Maybe “double-bagging” it will reduce the “chances”. Is it worth it? I might take the chance — LMFAO!!! (I will leave some Crimson socks on while this act ensues to satisfy myself more than her…you know…kind of like representing your team on the mattress)

  4. 7

    BTW — WTF is up with one of those chicks lookin’ like 30 plus sporting college threads — shrug. πŸ™‚

    blk hair — 1st photo — dead center, bottom

    shrug again

    I hope she doesn’t end up stripping for Newport’s and 87 Octane gasoline for the Accord.

  5. 9
    Alex Hamilton

    And dude, it don’t matter if a chick is older than 30. Age is relative. She can be 45, but if she’s hot, she might look and “ride” a hell of a lot better than an 18 year old.

    Besides, sometimes you need some experience. It’s like Captain Ramsey says, “highschool girls…don’t have brain one in their head but they know all the boys want to fuck ’em.”

  6. 10
    Alex Hamilton

    And lastly Damage…..

    You and I don’t need to go to New Orleans in the same car the next time Bama is in the Sugar Bowl.

    Something tells me that you and I would spend the entire time drunk and visiting houses of scantilly clad bitches. We might be too drunk to make the kickoff.

  7. 11

    LMFAO!!! New Orleans is a go. Nothing better than a slutty ho in a seedy motel room with a bottle of jack. That’s my idea of a good time! πŸ™‚

    Filthy and fun and f___’ing — The triple F of debauchery πŸ™‚

  8. 12

    (cont.) — oh yeah — we will be too drunk probably to even remember the 3rd quarter — kind of like when I went to my last Motley Crue concert — I knew I was there — don’t remember Vince singing a damn thing. LMFAO!!

  9. 14

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