Tide’s Cody, Arenas looking to size up in the NFL

It is Senior Bowl week in Mobile, and that includes the homoerotic art of measuring and weighing players. (I’m so glad I don’t have to cover that!) One big topic was the weight and conditioning of NT Terrence Cody. Javier Arenas doesn’t have any questions about his conditioning. Arenas impressed with both his “chiseled” look, and dual-threat talent.

According to the AP (read the entire story embedded below): Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban got a big hug from Mount Cody after Monday’s initial practice, but his first question was the same that many had wondered leading up to the week: “Why don’t you just tell me what you weighed in at?”

“I weighed in at 310,” Cody said, grinning. Once approaching 400 pounds in junior college, Cody was listed at 354 during the season. He often came out of the game on third downs and passing situations in his two seasons with the Crimson Tide, making stamina a question mark.

“Everybody here was asking how much Cody weighs,” Saban said. “I said, ‘Wait until he turns around and I can see him from the front, I’ll give you a pretty good guesstimate.’ I said 368, so I missed him by two pounds.”


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    Cody, would be and I deal DT/NT and could be subbed into a rotation giving depth and breathing time. He would be an assett.
    Arenas is just a complete package and is ready for the next level.

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    It gets a little tiring to keep hearing about Mt. Cody’s weigh in. He is a NSOT TACKLE — he is SUPPOSED to be big and overpowering (see the results from the past two years in T-Town). I got tired of hearing about the “shirtless” workout for the NFL scouts about Andre Smith — of course he’s big and there will be “flab”. Too bad the Bengals were cheap asses and he had a shitty agent along with his injury — expect Andre Smith to make noise for Cinci’ on the upcoming NFL season.

    Mt. Cody will definitely take care of business for a NFL franchise who’s lucky to get him in the first round, no later than in the second round EARLY pick. He will go to a franchise who needs protection either on the offensive line OR the defensive line. NFL conditioning coaches and personal gym time will curtail ANY doubts and this guy one day will say the following when he reaches the play-offs and/or a Super Bowl.

    He will say the following: “Terrence Cody … THE University of Alabama” — I’m pretty sure he won’t pull a DeShea Townsend and say his high school like he did in Super Bowl XL in ’06 which caused an uproar among the Crimson faithful.

    On the other hand — Javier Arenas will probably need to bulk up a little bit just to take the hits better — but he has the speed already for NFL caliber type requirements. Mel Kiper Jr. has said publicly that there is 25+ players that are either on or off the roster as of right now from the Crimson Tide Football Team. RTR prevails in the PRO’S my peeps.

    Crystal …. & more.

  3. 3
    bammers eat it

    flab is that small bit of chunk around a chicks hips or ass, flab isnt a word i would use to describe cody with his shirt off…you guys probably liked those pictures of 400 lbs of black meat didnt you?
    He’s a fat nobody that will never make
    it in the pros.

    4th round pick…

    wont make it 2 years in the pros because he will eventually get so big that he starts eating himself and this will get in the way of him actually playing football..

  4. 5

    bama eats it is “way off the mark” You might oughta see a shrink, but come to think of it you may be unamenable to therapy due to stupidity. You obviously aren’t a scout of any type. Cody blocked 2 fieldgoals in 1 game. Even Ro’ McClain credited Cody with his performance making Ro’a #1 pick. What you gonna say ’bout that, that ro’s #’s were inflated. Quit talking out your a-hole, or maybe thats the best orifice you got.

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