Recruiting: The truth about Alabama’s offense

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Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy (12) celebrates after receiving the MVP as the Crimson Tide defeated the Florida Gators, 32-13, in the SEC Championship

The truth about Alabama’s offense
Greg McElroy was a first-year starter at quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide, and yet he was the SEC Championship Game MVP over Mr. Everything quarterback Tim Tebow. Maybe the Alabama offense isn’t as bad as Auburn’s negative recruiting would have people believe?

Here are some numbers that illuminate the truth about Alabama’s offense.

Alabama outperformed Auburn’s (passing) offense in SEC games. You know, games that count and were not against horrible teams in an effort to pad stats or your record so you can go to some insignificant bowl game with a horrible team that was 3-5 in SEC play. According to the data, Alabama averaged 192.2 yards per game against SEC teams; Auburn averaged 173.5 yards per game against SEC teams. In conference games, Alabama was 141 for 236 for 59.7% completion percentage and 1,730 yards with three interceptions and 12 touchdowns. In SEC games, Auburn was 116 for 212 for 54.7% completion percentage and 1,388 yards and nine touchdowns against five interceptions.

Alabama’s quarterback had a higher passer rating in conference games too. McElroy’s passer rating was 135.57; Auburn’s quarterback had a passer rating of only 119 in SEC games.

To explain how bad Auburn was against good competition—SEC teams—the only SEC schools that performed worse were Vanderbilt, Mississippi State and Kentucky. That is right, Auburn ranked ninth in passing yards per game in SEC play. There is no other way to describe Auburn’s passing offense other than below average. Charts follow below for those who prefer visual proof to text.

(Source for data:

2009 SEC passing offense Total yards graphic by Capstone Report
2009 SEC passing offense Total yards graphic by Capstone Report
2009 SEC Passing Yards Per Game Graphic by Capstone Report
2009 SEC Passing Yards Per Game Graphic by Capstone Report


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    I’m just pointing out how pathetic your recruiting lies are. Which now that I think about it…are about as pathetic as your offense.

    All that Gus Malzahn magic doesn’t seem to work against good competition. 9 out of 12 in SEC play. Ouch. That has to hurt!

  2. 3

    That had nothing to do with making anybody a measuring stick. It is a rebuttle to the negative comments about the Alabama offense made by auburn recruiters. The proof is in the pudding. Alabama’s offense was superior to AU’s when it counted.

  3. 4

    Before you start presenting your argument, how about making your ‘data’ clear. Auburn averaged 173 yds/game against SEC? Your entire article doesn’t have a bit of credibility since you got that simple stat incorrect.

  4. 5

    What recruiting lies have I told? What are you talking about? I have not said anything on here, but this blog is hilarious.

  5. 7

    LOL, after looking over the numbers, AU averaged 377 yds/game against SEC teams while Bama averaged 366 yds/game against “SEC teams. You know, games that count and were not against horrible teams in an effort to pad stats”

    So Malzahn’s high school offense is better than Bama’s offense against SEC defenses. You guys call it negative recruiting, we call it presenting the facts

  6. 8

    And your they did it first mentality is an argument my 7 year old uses. Someone else making a fool of them self isn’t a valid excuse for you to make a fool of yourself and it does not support the silly argument that you post in your blog. Simply amazing. Don’t they monitor what is posted on here? Isn’t there an age requirement?

  7. 9

    Gee, trix are for kids. The new awbrin slogo. Um, what did that high school offense get you against Bama? Hmm? What did it do for you in the whole scheme of things? Where do you cow patty tossers stack up with the win/loss column? Oh, how about this one, what did it get you when you sold your collective souls to stop mark ingram but forgot about the other 10 players on the field? And what was the score? OUCH! YEOWWW, THAT SMARTS!!!

    The truth be known, the only thing the awbrin cow patty tossers can offer over Bama is playing time, that is it in a nutshell. As for head to head recruiting, awbrins not even on our radar, we got players on our roster who are keeping recruits from signing because they know it is EASIER to go to awbrin and play than it is to win a starting job at Bama……….it is what it is.

  8. 10

    Oh, I forgot one truth about this Bama offense. There are only three starters that will be missing next year, 8 returning starters on an offensive unit that will MAKE THEIR ASS QUIT!!!!! Just think, this year Bama was just feeling their oats, LOL!!!! Next year, Bama will get serious!!!

    2009 SEC CHAMPIONS!!!
    2009 BCS CHAMPIONS!!!
    SIX ALL-AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!
    26-21 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 11

    Bama’s offense was better than the 08 team and McElroy throws
    a better long pass than JPW!! I am really looking foward to watch
    the young qb’s battle it out in the future when Bama will really
    be good on offense!! The cow college would tell any care of lies
    to get the recruits Bama has been getting in the years Saban has been at Bama!! Recruiting is nothing but a bunch of used car salesman telling lies and counter lies to get the best players
    to come play at there university’s. Saban is a Ford 150 recruiter
    than a cow college Yugo recruiter!! RTR

  10. 12

    We are talking passing offense here. SO, it looks like Malzahn runs the ball more than pass. I call that an interesting FACT considering the lies being told by Auburn. Also, I said AU averaged 173.5 yards per game in the text of the story and Alabama averaged 192.3 in the text of the story. Are you that stupid you can’t read?

    I guess you are. But thanks for the traffic from your visit.

  11. 13

    I can read, you didnt talk about passing yards til the next paragraph. Make your argument clearer. Regardless, you insinuated AU’s offense cant do anything against SEC defense when in actuality it was better than Bama’s offense. This article is making it’s rounds thru other team’s message board and getting a lot of laughter

  12. 14

    Like I care what other “teams” fans are doing or saying. It is clear the AU offense was worse than most of the conference in SEC games.

    And considering I live by Lane Kiffin’s motto that any attention is good attention, what makes you think I didn’t post the links and extracts on those “other teams” message boards? 🙂 BTW, the entire genesis of this topic was to address the negative recruiting tactics being used against Alabama’s offense by Auburn (and FSU) recruiters for the 2011 class. I think it is comical that fans get worried about it, but I wanted it on the record that Auburn’s passing game was actually more pathetic than Alabama’s.

  13. 15

    And you are correct the second paragraph needed a modifier to explain the stat better, so I inserted it.

  14. 16
    Alex Hamilton

    Awbrin, I love that. Pat Dye folks. Let’s give him a hand.

    Awbrin couldn’t move the ball on Georgia, the worst defense of the top six SEC teams. As I recall, that awesome offense had a Hell of a time making first downs against the vaunted Wildcats too. Aside from one busted play against Alabama, that high school offense really looked like garbage in the Iron Bowl.

    Negative recruting only works on selfish children. It doesn’t work on men. It takes men to beat Florida and Texas, not children that are worried about their stats. Awbrin can hire, er, recruit all the children they want. They will still lose.

  15. 17

    Look, the only thing that matters is this:

    1. Even with Pat Dye back at head coach and teaching Cheez-it and the other assistants how to “purchase” a player, Saban is STILL out recruiting them. Think about it, Auburn’s best recruiting class in the history of the school and it’s still not as good as Alabama’s. yawn. Never will be.

    2. My Auburn friends are pretty nice folks. But, they were all curious about how my trip to the Rose Bowl went. “What was it like?”, they asked? You know why they were all so curious? Because it’s an experience NO Auburn fan in our lifetimes will ever get to enjoy. They will NEVER get a chance to play for the title. Their biggest hope/joy will come in beating Saban in the Iron Bowl (maybe that will happen for them again soon? doubt it.). BUT, THEY ARE AUBURN. THEY WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER GET TO PLAY FOR A NATIONAL TITLE. The BCS wouldn’t want them, the national media wouldn’t want them, they’re cooked. And, they haven’t even started. So, I say leave the boogers alone. They are ZERO threat to Alabama. Seriously, what are the chances that they get anywhere under Cheez-it?

  16. 20

    Shawn, that’s all you got? Weak dude…. like AU’s Tradition. I would like for you to make the old “GoTo” war eagle argument where you cut off history at a specific point so as to make it more favorable to Auburn. How about tossing up a “well, if you look at the last ten years, AU has won more games” tirade we often hear? How about the “since the Bear retired, Auburn has accomplished….,”?

    Where is all that garbage? Toss it out so I can shred you like White Water documents.

    I say Auburn cannot win a national title. Not because they cannot get good players or coaches but because they cannot get respect. No tradition. No history. And, most importantly, a reputation as the most NCAA penalized team in America. All of these things keep you down, despite your wasted belief otherwise.

    No, we don’t “compare” Alabama to Auburn. We just enjoy the redundancy of stating that Auburn is our academic and athletic inferior…… mainly because it ticks you losers off so much. But, no sense in wasting anger over COLD, HARD FACTS.

    The War Eagles just can’t cut the mustard.

  17. 21

    “And, most importantly, a reputation as the most NCAA penalized team in America.”

    I was under the impression that this was Alabama? Did you get confused?

  18. 22
    Big red A

    I thought “moral” victories were overrated, guess I was wrong. As far as recruiting goes, Bama got most of the guys they had on thier wish list, so recruiting is going well. They also have an inside track on a couple more high end players. Signing day could have a couple of surprises either way, but to say that aubie is doing better is stretching it, you have to look at team needs vs team gets. Aubie needs at least 2 of everything, so playing time will be easier to get. If Newton gets hurt, or can’t run the whole offense aubie’s dead in the water. Bama picked up a bunch of team speed on D this year, so things will be interesting to say the least. I am not predicting another undefeated season, but it could happen.

  19. 25

    Well anon,
    If you want the facts…
    Auburn is the all-time leader in probations int he SEC.
    Auburn is #3 all time leader in probations in the entire NCAA.
    Auburn has been caught paying athletes more than any other school except SMU,
    Fact Auburn’s basketball team is on probation right now for ….. wait for it….. paying players.

    And if you need more fuel for the fire…. here you go.
    1. Football

    2 Bot/academics

    3 Basketball

    How about a little bit of academic excellence.

    How about how others percieve the lovliest village?

    I could go on and on.
    The simple fact is that NO ONE IN THE SEC has been busted more times for cheating THAN AUBURN.

    So do us all a favor and stop spreadig the blog propaganda. Check the NCAA records ad shut your ignorant ass up.

    We are the National Champions.
    When is the last time Auburn actually played for a natioal championship?

  20. 27

    I laugh every time a barner comes on this website and tries to make comparisons on NCAA infractions when their program has had just as many. Secondary, blah blah blah — whatever — it’s all infractions.

    Just state the facts — major teams in a powerhouse conference like the SEC WILL run into “problems” getting NFL caliber talent.

    If barner’s think that “cuz” down on the plains (whom EVER it may be in any sport) ain’t getting a handout of some sorts through the CHAPLAIN (cough Auburn) or boosters alike — they’re a hypocrite. Simple as that. Nobody wants to talk about how Oklahoma is on probation or about how USC is about to get a “slap on the wrist” because they are the “IT” factor in the PAC-10.

    It’s a business folks — dollars are the bottom line — even if it’s collegiate.

  21. 28

    (cont.) oh yeah — and the only number Auburn needs to be concerned about is “1957” because that’s the magical number that will be emblazoned in the heads of the barner’s for a LONG, LONG time. I’m a realist — I’m not saying that Auburn won’t win a NC — but it may be something for my great great grandchildren may witness. LMFAO!!!

  22. 29
    Big red A

    Who cares if aubie wins a NC. The only thing I’m cocerned with is the fact that history has repeated itself in T-town and has manifested in the form of ANOTHER big-ass NC trophy. Besides everyone knows aubie won’t even get the shot to play, no national credibility.

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