Playoffs: Joe Namath on quarterbacks

With the NFL playoffs reaching the conference championships, the AP interviewed legendary NFL (and Alabama Crimson Tide) quarterback Joe Namath. The conversation included several topics including Peyton Manning and Brett Favre.
On Colts QB Peyton Manning:

“I’ve never seen anything like him. No. 1, it’s still a team game and you have to have the other pieces in place. But I’ve watched Peyton from, college on, and he’s improved the teams he’s played with. He’s even helped change the way the game’s played today. That’s a hell of a compliment.

I don’t know a guy who’s done so well with all the extra responsibility. … He throws with velocity, touch, accuracy, whatever a situation calls for and he’s a giant to boot. Maybe he misses now and then, but he’s remarkable.

And that’s what we’re going up against — a great player AND a great leader.”

On Vikings QB Brett Favre:

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play better. … I always believed with every new experience, you get smarter or else you’re not very bright. Brett’s carrying with him a few boxcars of experience and he’s convinced people they can count on him. They’re getting a man pulling the trigger who’s seen just about everything possible on a football field.

He never shows any quit, he can still put some heat on the ball and squeeze it into tight spots. But he’s become more accurate and he knows how to locate the third or fourth option. … That’s a pretty tough bill to fill.” (read the entire AP report in this post below)


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  1. 1

    There’s no way Sanchez, the rookie QB is going to lead his team to the Super Bowl over a Peyton Manning in this prime led Colts. High hopes for the Jets in the future — they are playing excellent defense but I think there will be some choking going on with Sanchez today.

    The NFC Championship is going to be one for the ages. I’m taking New Orleans over Brett Favre’s Vikings. Everyone wants the storybook ending for Favre and the Vikings but the Saints are playing on another level — especially at home. After the dismantling of the Cardinals — I was convinced that the Saints would have a victory over the Vikings. The Vikings defense just won’t play up to par with the O-Line of the Saints. We shall see in a few hours today.

    DAMAGE INC.’s predictions:

    NFC Championship:

    Vikings 30 SAINTS 36

    AFC Championship:

    Jets 24 COLTS 31

    I figured field goals and lost extra point attempts. Lets see if I can get in the handicapping business.

  2. 2

    FUCK THE NEW YORK JETS and the fawning northeast media praying for a win over the colts.

    i’ve listened to the garbage out of the espn blabbermouths until i’m sick and i hope the colts have to.

    this morning berman is trying to compare joe namath and his jets team to the current lucky charms.

    what a complete joke.

    fact is the jets backed into the playoffs and played the biggest chokejobs in the nfl in philip rivers and the san diego (super) chokers in the playoffs.

    here’s hoping mike greenberg is crying in his beer in a few hours and the colts are in the super bowl.

    my picks: manning v. favre.

  3. 3
    Alex Hamilton

    I think Peyton is the GOAT. Namath would have been but for his knee injuries and his lack of discipline. Namath is the greatest athlete of all time at Alabama.

    I would’ve wanted to tongue wrestle with Suzy Kolber ten years ago too.

  4. 4
    Big red A

    Alex, I will have to respectfully disagree with Namath being the best athlete at Bama. Joe is the “man” though. As far as athletes go Derrick Thomas was the baddest mofo to play the game. 27 sacks in 1 season in the SEC, ridiculous, 54 carrer sacks, un-friggin real. When you do that and everybody you play is scheming against you, it’s just pure skill and determination. If not for bad driving he would have broken he NFL sack record by 100.

  5. 6
    Indiana Vol

    Alex (the DUMBASS CRIMSON TURD) Hamilton wrote:
    “I think Peyton is the GOAT. Namath would have been but for his knee injuries and his lack of discipline. Namath is the greatest athlete of all time at Alabama.”

    Manning owned you and your cheating Crimson TURD just like Fulmer.

    BITE ME!

  6. 7
    Tom Barkley

    “Joe Namath is the best athlete I have EVER been around!” – Coach Paul W. Bryant

    That’s good enough for me!

    BTW….No doubt in my mind Coach Bryant is correct!

  7. 8
    Alex Hamilton

    IndianaVol, you’re such a pathetic moron. You stupid piece of shit GOAT means Greatest of All Time to those that have played in the NFL. Why don’t you get a fucking clue you inbred dumbass.

    Or better yet, why don’t you pick a time and a place and tell me where to meet your sorry ass so I can shut you up once and for all. I swear I would love nothing more than literally curb stomping your face into a city street.

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