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    I am absolutely pumped about the NFC Championship game — so many storylines with it. I’m not buying the NY Jets bandwagon — Manning will take care of business.

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    i’m pulling for the colts to go all the way just so the sports media idiots who brayed on and on about the indy coach pulling manning and others to rest them and protect them for the playoffs and sacrificed a “perfect” regular season.

    had manning been injured and unable to play in the tournament, these same types would have been pushing him out on the plank.

    i’m hoping for a n o/indy super bowl but the vikings defense looks awfully tough.

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    Alex Hamilton

    Why is so much being made about Sanchez as a rookie? He’s been paid to play for years now. Besides, at USC if you have a great game your reward is Jerry Buss’ teenage conquests from the previous month.

    That’s the difference in USC and U cheaT. It’s the boosters. Out there, Jerry Buss fucks hundreds of teenage girls each year. In Tennessee, Roy Adams fucks hundreds of teenage boys each year.

    In fact, Indiana Vol was Adams’ main squeeze for the 2005 season.

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