Curtis Luper’s big lie

Curtis Luper was on WJOX’s Roundtable today. He told the best lie ever. He said this about laptop thief Cameron Newton: “He left Florida of his own volition …” (you can hear the Auburn LIE at about the 3:25 mark of the interview at Roundtable Radio.)

What the hell?

Maybe Luper misspoke? Maybe he was trying to say that Newton left Florida because of his own VIOLATION. Getting in trouble for theft will do that to you. In case people have forgotten, this star of the Auburn recruiting class was arrested for theft and entered a “pretrial intervention program.” Once he completed the program the felony charges were dropped. In other words, the thief was able to cop a plea deal. Don’t let any Auburn fans lie to you and tell you this guy isn’t a thief—if he weren’t at thief, he wouldn’t have been kicked off of the Florida Gators and he wouldn’t have entered a pretrial diversion program.

I guess lies are the new thing for Auburn men! Is that in your creed somewhere?

Desperation does that for you, and desperation grows when you have to watch Alabama hoist the crystal trophy.

One last note about the interview, WJOX should be ashamed of itself for running what amounts to a commercial for Auburn football. Alabama fans should not listen to such reckless and inappropriate radio. Colin Cowherd remains the best choice for midday radio (watch on ESPNU in Birmingham.)