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    Looky here. There was a time when BAMA fans had CLASS and didn’t resort to trash talking or cartooning their opponents. I’m sick of it. All you do is give the other team incentive to play harder. Why don’t you grow-up?

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    I would suggest that you need to find something a little more friendly – happy go lucky Blog like fucking Al.Com.
    The People that post here for the Nation – just don’t give a damn about your feelings Wildman.

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    Bama Fan in NYC


    We were… until other teams started beating us (at least I was). After all I went through with rival fans during our darkest period in modern history, I’ll talk trash to a freaking Vanderbilt fan for all I care.

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    I echo Bama Fan in NYC.

    Wildman, I’m sure you were sticking up for us when the NCAA crippled us thanks to your coach.

    I’m sure you reminded all those who celebrated after beating us from 2003-2006 that we weren’t able to play on a level playing field due to sanctions and an incredible string of injuries and bad PR.

    From 1993-2001, I’m confident you reminded everyone wearing Orange that Bama was a classy program and to “knock it off” during your streak.

    I’m sure you went out of your way to point out to every abarn fan you knew that six in a row over a crippled, dilapidated program with an interim coach isn’t worth holding up fingers.

    No, you didn’t do any of that. We’ve gotten back where we belong despite sewage like you who gloated when we were down. And now, we got the crystal, baby, and there’s not a dang thing you can do about it but cry.

    So cry, Wildman. Cry like a little girl. But nothing is going to change the fact that we are the most dominant football program in the country, led by the most driven man in the game…the standard for all college coaches, Nicholas Saban. All while your beloved Tennessee has been reduced to a joke at the water cooler, hiring hacks who’ll crawl out from under a 17-20 record to take the job.

    Every time I sing Rammer Jammer on the third Saturday in October I’ll think of you, weeping in your little orange hanky.

    Three in a row, sweetheart, with #4 coming in about nine months.

    Oh, and did you hear who won the SEC, the Heisman and the BCS National Championship this past season? Bama. Choke on it.

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    Yeah. I don’t understand some of this pussy talk coming from the bottom feeders. They want me to say soothing things like “good show” or “I pull for you except when you play us” or fucking “you ALMOST beat us”.
    No hell no. If you want TLC – go find your old lady’s titty.
    Bustin’ that ass Crimson style – RTR

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Pluto’s not even a planet? Ohhh, snappy comeback. I’ll bet you’re president of Mensa aren’t you Wildman? And that’s a matter of opinion anyway. The modern theory that it is a moon is absurd. There has to be a planet before there can be a moon. You inbred toe suckers can sure dish it out, but you can’t take it for shit. The worst demons in Hell couldn’t have delt out more misery than you bastards gave us during the past 15 years. And now you have the audacity to call us classless? Ha ha ha ha! Tard, you aint seen nothing yet. Just wait till the first ever 3 undefeated SEC seasons in a row and first ever Crystal Football repeat comes around. Nope, you aint seen nothing yet. You tit turds may as well go ahead and reserve your own personal little corner of Hell! Blow me! RTR!

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    In the know you don’t know me. And I don’t care to know you, but I’ve attende every game since Dubose days. I’ve stuck with BAMA all along. It is the trash-talking jerks who only jump on the wagon after we come back that are drunks and classless. BAMA use to display CLASS at every level. If you talk trash like nyc you are trash. What ever comes out of you mouth speaks of whats in your heart. BAMA made mistakes and paid the price. I’m glad we’re backbut there is no room for trash. You never saw Briant, Stallings or Saban talk trash! Get a life.Pluto is that the dog or the explanet you’re named after?

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    Alex Hamilton

    I never saw “Briant” either, Wildman.

    Look, of course it’s poor logic to say “everybody else does it” to justify trash talk. But, the bottom line is that the world has changed. While we in Alabama didn’t initiate these changes, the game has changed. Auburn started trash talking in the 1980’s with their trashy “I saw Pat Dye ‘dye’ the Tide” t-shirts. Then came UF in the 1990s with their fun and gun and a mouth to match. The game changed because new people became fans. New people became boosters. And, as ESPN slobbered all over them, Miami started making low income showboaters millionaires by Luther Campbell paying them to play college football.

    The point is that society has changed. And trust me Wildman, this site is as mean and hateful as Disneyland compared to other fan sites. Posters on EDSBS are about as classless as you will find in sports. I dare say that Alabama didn’t care at all what was said on that or any other site when the game was played in December. This stuff only matters to the fans.

    So, get over it. The cute little cartoon isn’t going to fire up that average team in Orange one bit.

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    Poor old hound.He fell into the Rotty Slop compost pile on the hottest August afternoon on record.The stench is so overwhelming that even an elite team of Bio-HazMat specialists can’t help him.

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    ITD……might I suggest the “Lane Kiffin Sewage Treatment and Center for Venereal Disease Control Facility” for future depictions.

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    Legion Field


    I dont post on this site very often, but I do visit it at least twice a week….and the best advice I can give is for you to grow some nuts…or leave.

    Most Tide fans aren’t afraid of Tennessee or any other rival team or fanbase. You’re sitting here whining like a little girl because you dont want the other team to have “incentive” to play harder. Screw those “incentive” having bastards…and you too.

    Just knowing that they have to play the Crimson Tide is “incentive” enough…and the harder they play..the harder they fall. The Tide went 14-0 in games where the other team had “incentive to play harder.”

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    Legion field,
    Now thats really classy. I bet you pride yourself on your sophisticated logic.
    Too bad to know that you’re the guy who goes around checking other guys nuts. Sorry I don’t need your exam. I’m not that down-low kinda guy. Maybe you can find a boyfriend, if you keep on checking. Haha!

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    BamaBino…great thought there…keep your eyes peeled for that one.

    Legion Field…great post. Please keep stopping in and post more often!!

    Alex Hamilton…you’re one of my favorites in here. You bring a ton of insight and common sense to the floor.

    Pluto and E.G….as always, you’re dead on. Why we need to do to our enemies what they were unwilling to do for us when we were down is laughable. Keep pouring it on.

    Bama Fan in NYC…I agree with your thinking wholeheartedly. This is just football, and there are more important things in life (and eternity), but if Vandy so much as snickered when we were struggling, let ’em have it.

    Almightytmc1…according to UT and Abarn fans, Bama has never won a championship either. Burying their heads in the sand seems to have worked for them in the entire history of their existence.

    And Wildman…oh, Wildman…your words have led to some serious doubt that you’re actually an Alabama fan; if you are I nor anyone here wishes to claim you. But if you are going to bother us with your drivel, at least appear to be (1.) intelligent (2.) humorous or (3.) not annoying. If you can’t meet any of these three requirements, you will simply be dismissed the second we see your name and your posts will not be read. Like Julio, Ballplay and others, the second we read your name we’ll immediately refer back to the countless regurgitations of the same content spit out over and over, and we’ll move on. You’re welcome to stop in, just don’t be a moron when you’re here.

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    Indiana Vol

    Attention Bammer Boobs:

    NEWS FLASH: Your cheating was going to be discoverd by the NCAA whether Fulmer gave testimony or not. There was a little Federal Court case in Memphis involving Logan Young. If any of you uneducated Crimson TURD Morons would have someone read the news for you, you would know that nobody got Bammer in trouble except for Bammer.

    GET OVER IT AND GET A LIFE! The reason that everyone else loathes the Crimson Turd is because you cannot accept responsibility for the actions of your former coaches and boosters.

    ..and from this Vol fan: F O

  15. 17

    Indiana Vol, the day I care what “everyone else” thinks about the reigning SEC Champion and BCS National Champion CRIMSON TIDE I’ll let you know. But to ignore the obvious in what Fulmer (as a competitive rival) had to gain by his taking active part in our prosecution and pointing to the Logan Young situation, in which a money trail to this day was never found, as your sole source of “evidence” for your pitiful argument, only proves that YOU sir are the boob.

    You DO know we won the BCS National Championship, don’t you? When do you think the Viles will grace that stage again? Wait! Don’t bother, I’ll answer for you: Never.

    Have fun in orange mediocrity, my man! It’s haaaard to get out, and you don’t do it by hiring Derek Dooley.

    Can’t wait till I get to come up next October to watch us THRASH you again for #4 in row!

  16. 18

    I will admit that I have “class” to certain extent as a Crimson Tide fan. Class was out of session in the 90’s and it all started with UcheaT and ended with the Auburn six-shooter — but Tommy Tubberville and Phat Phil ruined the class part for me as an Alabama fan.

    One thing I admire about LSU fans is that they don’t give a fuck how much you hate them — they give you hell at Death Valley and show NO REMORSE. I’ve always admired that — just like the Dog Pound in Cleveland — the Black Hole in Oakland, etc., etc., —

    I am a part of the new generation of Crimson Tide fans with no class. You don’t want to cross me tailgating. You do not want to talk trash in front of my crew on game day. We will take an inconvenient day at jail/court date for a possible charge just for the satisfaction of knowing we put you in your place — that’s the Death Valley attitude I like —

    I may have some the “older” generation of Crimson Tide fans and ALSO some of the younger generation who will disown me — but I don’t care —


    Crystal bitches … hoisting.

  17. 19
    Indiana Vol


    I would not be so sure about that win in Knoxville this year! The NCAA may uncover more cheating on Bammer’s part before then. BTW, how are the TEXTBOOK sales at the Crimson TURD Bookstores!

    F O

  18. 20

    yawn textbooks….

    How about the crashed Lexus “hit & run”?

    Sounds like blackmail from UcheaT’s dedicated fan base at the police department.

    So funny how things don’t go your way you open up like no other…

    p.s. — Lexus dealership can’t be reached for comment (for the umpteenth day)

    Rocky Flop again.

  19. 21

    IV, Papa Kiffin’s defensive schemes were all that kept UT in the game last year, and if you haven’t noticed, he split with little Laney. So with already low talent and a depleted 2010 class you’re about to sign, against three top five classes in a row (including 2 #1’s) we’ll be toting into Knoxville, not to mention a Sunbelt coaching staff calling your shots, tell me, how exactly do you plan on staying in the game?

    Damage, I want to tailgate with you next season. You have it down.

  20. 22

    ITK —

    I’ll contact you near A-Day and we’ll go from there. 🙂

    I got nothing but mad love for my fellow Crimson bros.

    I got to throw a boomerang though — YOU got it down mayne — you write great articles and great cartoons —

    May the Crimson prevail for eternity…


  21. 23
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimsonin a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Indy Volunqueer you little retarded, inbred homo. You have the whole story ass backwards ass usual. But why not since that’s the way you take your sex. The Fed had nothing to do with the Means case at first. The NZAA had nothing on Alabama. Their case was shot to hell. So they called in the Feds and told them that Young and others had recieved 200,000 dollars under the table and didn’t pay taxes on it. That got the Feds investigtion going. Then the NZAA used the Feds evidence to nail Alabama. But even the Feds couldn’t prove more than 100 mil changed hands. Funny thing that every team in the SEC uses the same fucking agent. And the money came from a stupid booster. Not the University. They convicted Bama by association. Not by action. And what ignorant asshole pays 100 to 200 mil for a fucking lineman anyway. Get it right or STFU! RTR!

  22. 25

    Indiana Vol
    You god damned ignorant dumbass matress stain.

    Bama is on the lend program.
    Do you knowhat that means? (Of course not. Anyone with an IQ north of 70 could see you never read an entire book in your life.)
    1. You go to school
    2 You CHECK OUT the books associated with your school work.
    3. When the term is over, you RETURN THE BOOKS OR PAY FOR THEM.

    So tell me you almighty king retard,
    Were did the money change hands? And even if it did,The Fucking players would have had to pay the school back for the books anyway.
    Stop getting your corn from a radiator distillery and get a vasectomy.

  23. 26
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Yeah, I could get into just how stupid the textbook thing was. Because of the return policy it was impossible to make a profit. Therefore it was an internal problem and none of the NZAA’s fucking business. But we had just hired Nick to get us out of our mess and the Admin. didn’t want to piss off those fascist motherfuckers, so they decided to report it. Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna say. The shit doesn’t merit any more discussion. RTR!

  24. 28

    “Wildman”. Shit guy. What a Worm. Take your Orange Panties off now.
    Go bullshit the ‘Customers” somewhere else.

  25. 30

    You need merit to talk trash. Almost winning is like almost having merit.

    The most classless acts that have ever been commited against the barn and the vols were the empty seats at kneeldown stadium and jordane hair in 2008. What BAMA fan do you blame for that. Bryant Denny was packed on the darkest days.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  26. 31
    Big red A

    Damn ITK, I know I’m new around here, but you could’ve given me some love. After all, I’m kinda the bouncer, if you will, whippin’ julia, and indiana idiot on a regular basis and all.

    DAMAGE let me know ’bout tailgatin’. I will slap the pee-wobblin’-piss out of any mouthy poser, or opposer. I don’t get to all the games because my kids play youth football, but I catch what I can.

    Wildman, you’re first on the list if you don’t stop bitchin’ ’bout class. Aint nobody treating the tide with class, nor have they been for years. Hell all the post whistle bullshit in the IB was good proof of that. So take that pussy ass Charles in charge (from Realtown) bullshit and cram it in your ass. you can get on our page or you can shut the fuck up.

    Indy vol, we’re making history, you fuckers are history. Who the fuck is gonna be the QB at UT next year. Bama is gonna hang 50 on your ass. I suggest you wake up and smell the maplenut fucking crunch boy.

  27. 33

    Gee ITK, I’ve repeatedly heard you rebuke AU fans that post here for using profanity, referring to them as uneducated classless hicks who lack the intelligence to express a coherent thought and use profanity simply to mask their vast inadequacies. Now you individually congratulate the most foul mouthed posters in here (who just happen to be bammers), and even tell Damage that you want to tailgate with him when he lets it be known that he will gladly suffer the inconvenience of jail and a court conviction to assault an opposing fan who dares to insult his beloved crimson tide. How amusing.

  28. 34

    Julia, you are completely useless. Unlike you, I am able to look beyond the sins to love the sinner. Pharisees like yourself have a harder time with that.

    Good luck keeping score on everyone in your life. I’m sure your family loves seeing you come around.

  29. 35

    Yeah ITK, you have a real easy time lookin’ past the sin when the sinner is a Bama fan. You suddenly become a bastion of self righteousness when the perpetrator wears orange and blue.

    Wow, now you’re callin’ me a “Pharisee” and bringing up family in your angry little retorts. Gettin’ a little touchy there, ain’t ya ITK?

  30. 36

    Nah, just trying to apply the Biblical principle to “avoid useless arguments”, which seems to be all you’re about.

  31. 38

    By the way, the predominant use of words like…

    ” lookin’ ”
    ” callin’ ”
    ” Gettin’ ”
    and ” ain’t ya ”

    …are usually used to overcompensate in an attempt to appear nonchalant and casually conversational instead of angry. Julia, you’re as easy to read as the Abarn football dean’s list.

  32. 39

    Wow ITK, what revelation came over you between 4:20 and 4:30 that convinced you that you could read my mind by parsing the minutia of my grammar?? That’s amazing!! Did a vision come to you while you were reading about the “Pharisees”? Did your cousin that has all the inside info on Carnell lay hands on you and grant you enlightenment??

  33. 40

    When all else fails and you don’t have a leg to stand on, create a smoke screen filled with sarcasm.

    Of course, you’re an abarn fan. You know all about smoke (and mirrors).

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