Erin Andrews makes list of Most Desirable Women

According to Reuters Erin Andrews is one of the world’s most desirable women. Andrews was #14 in a list of 99 women compiled by The Top 20 is below and is followed by the entire Reuters story.

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui(12)
2. Marisa Miller(3)
3. Kate Beckinsale (10)
4. Alessandra Ambrosio(6)
5. Jessica Alba(15)
6. Beyonce (50)
7. Penelope Cruz(25)
8. Cheryl Cole (20)
9. Eva Mendes(1)
10. Miranda Kerr(46)
11. Megan Fox (2)
12. Gisele Bundchen(28)
13. Bar Refaeli (34)
14. Erin Andrews
15. Padma Lakshmi
16. Kelly Brook
17. Natalie Portman
18. January Jones (98)
19. Monica Bellucci(18)
20. Paz Vega(53)


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  1. 1

    Natlie Portman is in the list?!? I see women everyday who look like her and better! I certainly agree with Megan Fox (cuz she’s a super-slut which I dig), Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale — how did Charlize Theron NOT get in this?!? A shame. Just my two cents.

  2. 2
    Big red A

    These lists only go with the media darlings. Having said that, any woman who is worth millions has a certain “desirable” characteristic to me. If she’s willing to share the millions with me, I’ll be the whore, I’m just saying.

  3. 4
    alex hamilton

    Post of the Week award goes to Damage, Inc., for his charmingly witty statment “(cuz she’s a super slut, which I dig)”

    Not since the days of Shelley and Keats has finer prose been composed. I laud you, Sir. And now, I am off to fetch my windex and clean the coffee off of my monitor that was spewed as I laughed my ass off to your first and second post.

    Remember though, all of Oprah’s money had better be worth the sloppy seconds from Obama. I wonder if you can get him to add you a tetanus shot and a Valtrex voucher to your version of Obamacare, since you’re going after him.

    Nevermind, the Dems lost the Senate stranglehold so the Communism Care won’t be passing.

  4. 5

    LMAO!!! Yeah Alex — nothing turns me on more than a slut/hooker a seedy motel room with a bottle of Jack Daniels and an 8-ball of coke — now THAT’S what I call a good time. LMFAO!! No seriously kids … drugs are bad.


    p.s. — yeah — I like ’em slutty/easy/low maintenance

  5. 6

    (cont.) oh yeah — with Oprah — I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with sloppy seconds on that any ‘ole day of the fuckin’ week with that bankroll — Clorox wipes ensue after business is handled. Ch-Ching $$$$$!!!!

  6. 7
    alex hamilton

    I’m serious dude. You’re hilarious. I need to party with you. That shit about the Clorox wipes, “Gold Jerry!!! That’s Gold!!”

    And, if any of you need information on the pros and cons of sloppy seconds, you can always direct your questions to Indiana Vol. Apparently his three toothed girlfriend fucked Lane Kiffin every night and InniVile only got her during practice and right before games.

  7. 8

    No doubt — we need to party — just trying to figure out a way I can exchange e-mails without the infiltration of unwanteds. I reside in the Over the Mountain area of Birmingham — I’ll leave it at that before we go further.

    As far as sloppy seconds — that’s a definite on directing my inquiries to Indy Vile — I bet he still has his Lame Kiffin poster over his bed so he can stare up at that every night and wonder “what he could of had”. LMFAO!!!

  8. 10

    It would of been just a matter of time — even the transgressions and infidelity would of caught up with him — after all — it’s going down at USC as we speak — I guess it’s a “swinger-type” relationship between Layla and dude.

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