Saban comments on James Willis

James Willis will become the defensive coordinator on Tommy Tuberville’s new staff at Texas Tech. Here is what Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban had to say about it.

Nick Saban Comment on Texas Tech’s Hiring of James Willis:
This is a great opportunity for James to become a defensive coordinator. We always want our assistants to advance professionally in terms of their careers and we are very happy for him. Although we hate to see him go, we wish James and his family the best at Texas Tech.

James did an outstanding job for us last season and I’m sure he will do the same for Tommy in his new role. We appreciate all of his hard work and dedication during his time at Alabama.


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    The guy defected from Auburn and coached one year all to get a ring. Now he’s stepping up to a better position — can’t blame him. I will say that had he stayed another year and possibly added more hardware — his resume’ would of looked better — after all — how long do you think you can “put up” with West Texas???

  2. 2

    I would have to say that it was a dumb ass move.Bama to Texas Tech under Tubberfil.Think i would have stayed and been very happy with a great coach and team who will be in the hunt for years to come. RTR

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    Yeah — he skipped out on more possible hardware — what a dumb ass — two rings look better on the resume’ than one.

    Then again — can’t blame him for stepping up to a better position — a D-Cor — which when Texas Tech starts losing — Tubb’s will kick him to the curb just like all the other Coordinator’s he’s been through.

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