Attention Auburn! Say goodbye to Gus Malzahn

How do I know that Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn is gone? Phillip Marshall’s latest love letter to the Auburn family is filled with evidence. (In case you don’t know, Marshall is an Auburn homer that worked for far too long at a respectable newspaper and now is at Auburn Undercover.) In his latest post Marshall outlines two things in an attempt to explain the Malzahn situation—money and ego.

Money is the simple thing to understand. Marshall writes, “Will Muschamp was the defensive coordinator at Auburn when the job came open the last time. It was offered to him before it was offered to Derek Dooley. The money was very low, relatively speaking, and he turned it down to stay at Auburn.”

But then Marshall unwittingly reveals something about Gus Malzahn in his next paragraph. Marshall writes, “The bottom line: Malzahn would have to want a head coaching job really, really bad to leave for Louisiana Tech.”

According to persons familiar with Gus Malzahn as a coach in the SEC, Malzahn was insufferable at Arkansas. His ego was enormous, and he thought of himself as more qualified to run the program than the guy who hired him. This is Malzahn’s least attractive, but most dominant trait. The fact Marshall hints at Malzahn’s immense ego is telling. Marshall thinks the “Guru Version 2.0” is running out of Auburn even as he tries to convince himself and Auburn fans that being a coordinator on the Plains is better than being a head coach at Louisiana Tech.

The sad thing for Alabama fans is that if Malzahn leaves, Auburn might hire a decent offensive coordinator—You know, someone who can run a 2-minute offense without wasting thirty seconds before calling the next play.