Alabama CB Kareem Jackson delcares for NFL draft

Here is what Alabama Crimson Tide cornerback Kareem Jackson had to say about his decision to enter the NFL draft.

I’ve thought long and hard about this decision and I have decided to declare for this year’s NFL Draft.

I want to thank all of the coaches at Alabama, especially Coach Saban and Coach Smart, for making me the player and the person I am today. I also want to thank my teammates and everyone in the Alabama family for making my three years here the best of my life. Most importantly, I’d like to thank my family for all of their love and support.

I set a goal and made a promise to myself and my parents to finish my degree so I definitely plan on doing that. I look forward to coming back to visit everyone because the University of Alabama has become my second home and my second family.


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    alex hamilton

    I don’t fault anyone for trying to make some cash. But I think Kareem could’ve raised his stock with another season. He’s a third round pick at best right now and I think he is a great corner. I mean, Derell Revis was a mid-first round pick and he’s the best corner in football.

    Kareem, you will be disapointed come April. Nonetheless, I love the guy for pissing off Fat Phil in 2007. Kareem stole the ball from U cheaT all day long.

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    Dead on Alex Hamilton — then again I know Saban KNOWS the NFL to a certain extent and you got to know this has been discussed between them as far as evaluating physical abilities/skill/speed.

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    This is an old topic, but I have to sound off on it. I started to devote an article or cartoon to it, but there’s really no point now.

    Kareem, you obviously are in need of cash, and since everything is above board at Bama, you’re not getting it the Abarn way.

    I think you’re making a big mistake, but I wish you the best of luck. You’re at best a 3rd rounder, which is still dang good money.

    But it’s not “set you up for a lifetime” money like you could have made had you come back for your senior season. You could have been a first rounder next year. If you get drafted at all, it’ll be in the 3rd.

    Ask D.J. Hall what it feels like to get snubbed; that may be you come April.

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    Oh, and while I’m at it, Rolondo, you did the right thing. We’ll miss you, but you can’t play around with the kind of bones you’re about to start bringing in. I’d be sick as a dog if you came back then pulled a Sam Bradford next season.

    So go, my man. Make it happen, and do us proud. Just lend Kareem a dime or two when he needs it after next year.

  5. 7

    (cont.) — ITK you stirred my memory — I bet Sam Bradford is was kicking himself in the you know what after the three injuries during his senior year at Oklahomo. Ro did the right thing — I just don’t think Kareem is doing the right thing. He can declare for draft eligibility and see what he’s worth and if he’s in the third round on up — he might want to stay for another hardware year. 😉

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