Jones: Tiger should take Hume’s advice

Sports In Paradise By Dale Jones

How interesting is it that Brit Hume is taking more heat over his comments regarding Tiger Woods and Christianity than Tiger Woods is for the numerous acts of infidelity he has obviously committed.

There is probably no bigger sports figure on the face of the earth than Tiger Woods. All around the globe, everyone knows who “Tiger” is.

So when TV news guy Brit Hume suggested that Woods should turn from his Buddhist faith and turn to Christianity, the ultra-liberal news media, in predictable fashion, started spending more energy raking Hume over the coals for his comments then they did Woods for his actions.

Last Sunday, Hume stated on Fox News that Woods should take solace in the redemption and forgiveness of Christianity.

In an article by Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker, Tucker said “To assert that Christianity is a better faith from which to seek comfort than Buddhism seems a bit naïve.”

Is it really?

Now, while I realize that this is a sports column, the issue of sports and faith has become the issue in this Tiger Woods case thanks to Hume, so let me put in my two cents if you don’t mind.

Here in Baldwin County, we live in the seat of the Bible belt. It is not uncommon to find churches of the Christian faith on almost every corner in almost every town. In other parts of the world, however, folks wouldn’t know a Southern Baptist if one came up and slapped ‘em in the face. (Which would never happen. Baptist only slap others during Sunday night business meetings.)

The issue I am having with all of this is that many in the mainstream media have made it sound as if Hume condemned Tiger. He did not.

He simply offered a sincere, heart felt suggestion that he feels would bring some peace to Woods, who is no doubt going through a very difficult time.

Unfortunately, for many unbelievers, when Christianity is mentioned, the first thing that comes to their mind is a crying Jimmy Swaggart or a Ted Haggard, both of whom were pastors of very high profile churches yet became involved with prostitutes.

I find it interesting and sad that in this day and age, prime time television has no problem poking fun at Christians, but the first time someone tries to use the name of Jesus to help lead someone in the right direction, that person is ‘crucified.’

When it comes to sports, you have many choices. In football you can pull for the Dolphins or the Tigers, the Toros or the Pirates, Alabama or Auburn. Whoever you want to pull for is up to you.
In baseball, the Cubs or the Mets, the Yankees or the Dodgers.

Golf? Woods or Mickelson. Your choice doesn’t matter.

But when it comes to faith, there is in fact, a choice that is right or wrong. There is a true God or there is a false God.

Brit Hume is on the right track in offering the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to Woods. He didn’t criticize Woods’ actions, he didn’t act “holier than thou.” He simply said that in Jesus Christ, Woods could find the peace he is looking for.

One of these days, it won’t matter who won the Iron Bowl, no eternal crowns will be given for winning a Super Bowl, and whether or not Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the world won’t matter to a hill of beans.

But the choice of choosing Jesus or not – THAT one is going to matter.

—Hit ‘em straight.

—Dale Jones covers sports and news in Baldwin County.