From WBIR: Hundreds of students have now gathered on Johnny Majors Boulevard and are blocking the road, apparently with the goal of keeping departing Coach Lane Kiffin from leaving the lot. There are signs that order is breaking down–someone has apparently brought a mattress down and lit it on fire.


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    Bill Curry

    Lame Kitten is leaving tenn facing probation for whoring at hostess to recruits and going to usc for sure fire probation.

  2. 5
    Bill Curry

    Lame Kitten is leaving tn facing probation for whoring out hostess to intice recruits to come to tn, he is going to usc for certain probation.

  3. 9
    Goober smack patty whack

    I’d pay someone 50 dollars to put a rather large pecker in my mouth. Ideally a fat sack and a gagger. Just sayin… This is the 2010s. Evono ain’t bad either.

  4. 11
    Goober smack patty whack

    Good one. I think TN has borrowed has it rented for awhile. Jk. I like girls. I thought the TN fans had one in their mouth. I suspect they will get a big name. If they don’t, the AD at TN will get teabagged by the alum at TN. Will Muskrat ain’t a big name. Air force and uconn coaches ain’t the answer. Houston NUTT is a real choker, not me! Somebody is out their y’all aren’t thinking about?? Who is it? It has to be sexy. They fkd up with Daddy boy Kiffin. Can’t do it again. Is their a Saban like hire out there? Spurrier? Tarnished somewhat and old, but that’s a homerun for 5 years or so. For a state full of inbreeders, will they go and perform another form of incest like bama au and old myth? Another sec retread? Who is it? They can’t hire a nobody like Chiznick. I hope they do. Urban is a head case his program I on the downturn, Miles is an absolute joke, Nutt is a pecker choker, Richt is gone, dan mullen might get State an 8 win season which is a failed season. Too many losses. Ain’t baseball or basketball. Little margin for losses. Who is it? Spurrier has to take it to redeem his career. Does he have the fire? Chucky was sexy but I think he turned it down. The pocket book is large and the king of the sec has set the standard. Let’s hope they do a premature move and get another clown like saban. But this peckerwood says they are going to do better they have to or they will continue to suck. Lane is the absolute mist overrated coach in the history of college ball. Stick it in their mouth and gag on a pecker. Holler! Btw, tenn stud is an old gay drunk who should not represent TN but glad he dies. Clay Travis spent time with him. Wonder if he blew him? Just saying…

  5. 12
    Alex Hamilton

    I’m sure that Clay Travis thoroughly enjoyed the attention since he is about as effeminate as a male can be.

  6. 13
    Goober smack patty whack

    Clown like saban. Was that a slip. Meant to
    say Kiffin. I need an editor or a brain. Saban has exceeded my expectations. I called him overrated for years. I was wrong. Good coach/recruiter tradition complete control over dumbass alumni/boosters = a winning program Oh yeah and rich alumni and a fanatical fanbase. That is the equation. Auburn doesn’t get that. They have the fans- Bobby lowder- tradition – a secondary school in a small state= auburn a 100 years of c to b- program. Oh yeah and an unproven sub par coach a gimmick based offensive coach and a terrible D coach I forgot about that. That is Auburn.

  7. 14
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. Whitea

    There’s more idiots on this board every day. Now they’re apparently even from our own fan base. How embarrassing.

  8. 17
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Tell you what asshole. Let me find you and what you’ll get in the fucking kisser only the coroner will be able to remove. This place has become infested with mental rejects from Bryce Hospital.

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