Desperation amongst Volunteers

The dumbest idea floated in the humiliating aftermath of Lane Kiffin telling the Tennessee Volunteers goodbye just might be from the infamous Tennstud. On Gridscape the oracle of Tennessee football suggested, “Hire Ed Orgeron, NOW!! The players said that Ed was more or less the head coach, anyway. We know what a great recruiter he is and UT needs a recruiter much more than any other so called elite program, in the SEC! He can’t, couldn’t, turn it down!! It’s a desperate, but home run, for us. NO OTHER coach can salvage, save, go forward, as well as Ed Orgeron can. Hire Ed Orgeron, not for my sake, not for your sake, but for UT’s sake!!”

I know I can speak for the rest of the SEC when I say, Please dear God let it be so!

Orgeron is a bigger dumbass and incompetent than Lane Kiffin—I know that is hard to believe, but ask any Ole Miss fan. Orgeron makes Ole Miss fans wish David Cutcliffe had been retained. Speaking of Cutcliffe, one tweet tonight from various sources raised the possibility of Cutcliffe as a candidate for the Tennessee job.

That would be a wise move. Cutcliffe could heal the rift in the Volunteer family. There are many Vols that still resent how Phil Fulmer was treated. Cutcliffe would restore integrity to the Tennessee program, and might appease the NCAA by showing that the Volunteers are once again serious about NCAA compliance.


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    Alex Hamilton

    Yep. Inni Vile, you had better be biting down hard on the cyanide capsule right now. Because if you ever, ever, EVER show your fucking self on this site again you will be laughed into oblivion.

    Oh wait a minute. No one gives a fuck about what you say other than you. But we still laugh AT your stupid ass.

    The bigger they talk, the harder they fall.

    Fuck you Indiana Vol.

  2. 5
    Alex Hamilton

    As for Ed Orgeron, I would absolutely love that hire. I can just see Orgeron ripping his creamsickle addidas shirt off at halftime of the UT / Bama game next year as the Viles are down 35-0 and challenging them all to a fight.

    Orgeron is an abortion as a Head Coach. The guy is a recovering addict. I wouldn’t trust him to watch my dog, much less run my $40 million a year program.

  3. 9

    oh my. I just pooped in my mama’s panties – you know the ones with lace and the extra large gusset ….

  4. 10
    Indiana Vol

    Sorry to disappoint the CRIMSON TURDS, but it was going to happen sooner or later (I would have preferred later).

    You jerk-offs should be more concerned with how the nation is laughing at your Wal-mart tour!

  5. 12

    No Indy Vol.
    We are too busy LAUGHING AT YOU!
    Seems you had your nose so far up Bama Nation’s ass, you never knew you were about to take arguablly the greatest butt reaming in the history of College football!
    Jokes on you, Dumbass.

  6. 14

    If UcheaT were to of won the National, it would of been at a Wal-Mart in Tennessee you fucking dumb ass. I don’t know why I try to formulate an actual conversation with this fucker but I know he’s probably some piece of shit who sits in his cubicle jerking off to the volunqueers.

    Why do I feed to the beast who is caged?

    I feed it due to the whole nation is laughing at YOUR fuckin program. Just to think that the Tennessee boosters/almun had the embarrassment of trying to contact Philip “Phat” Fulmer on a possible re-hiring. LMFAO at that!!! If he were to somehow get that job back and he did well and someone wanted to hire him after his second tenure — he would stick it so fast and so far up the UcheaT’s fan base and Mike Hamilton’s ass — it would be even sweeter than Lame Kiffin jumping ship.

    If Mike Hamilton had somewhat of a brain (doubt he did in the first place) — he would aggressively purse Jon Gruden — but it won’t happen — they will probably end up with a Gary Patterson or Mike Hamilton’s favorite, the current Air Force HFBC — Troy Calhoun.

    No splash there to compete in the SEC. Chris Peterson is a far distant — no way he’s jumping ship from a possible BCS NC next year — David Cutcliffe at Duke has bad blood with Hamilton making that transaction void (even though that would make perfect sense).

    I bet Tommy Tubberville is slitting his throat right now for taking the “West Texas” job after knowing he could of went to a SEC school that’s legit. Timing is the number one factor in getting head coaches (see BAMA search ’06 — took over a month)

    If Mike Hamilton has any kind of a brain he would forget about the recruiting class and focus on stability rather than hasty moves. I foresee an AD who is under immense pressure making stupid hasty moves and that’s fine with the rest of the SEC.

    Contracts now in these days obviously don’t mean shit. With a team of lawyers and out-of-court settlements to avoid public limelight — the multi-millionaire head coaches can do what they please while the players are stuck with ever changing systems that change their fate for the future. That’s the sad part.

    That’s what makes the “old school” coaches” stick out from the new generation — a contract back in the days meant something — now, contracts are merely lawyers’ fodder.

    I hope UcheaT makes the worst hire for their football program ever. It will narrow the vermin in the SEC East.


    Crystal … & more.

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