Recruiting: C.J. Mosely picks Alabama

C.J. Mosely picks Alabama at the All-American game. He said during his announcement on NBC that it was great to see the University win the national championship and put the state back on the map. Mosely is a highly coveted linebacker that is rated a four-star by and He is 6’2, 212 lbs., and runs a 4.5”.

Mike Farrell of said it was a great pickup for Alabama. He said it pushes forward Nick Saban’s quest for another recruiting title; it would be the third in a row, and Farrell said such a feat has been accomplished only once before and that was by Pete Carroll and USC “during its dynasty run.”

One other recruiting item of note: Blake Sims decommitted Friday. According to a report by Rivals, Sims was concerned about where he might fit in Alabama’s offense.


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    That´s alright. Lose a 3 QB we don´t need, who would playing as an athlete, and pick up a 4 star LB. Got room for another 5 star now. Anyway we already have a redshirt freshman 5 star QB who was recruited as an athlete by name of BJ Scott.

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    Great Pick up.
    Auburn was really really hoping to get this guy and put him with Owens. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A KILLER TANDEM.

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    I believe Blake Sims will come around. Everybody is entitled to a momentary breach of conscience. Besides if he doesn’t know were he fits in, he just needs reassurance. Remember its not what Rivals star system says,it only matters what “The Coach” (ie SABAN) rating says that counts. Just look at Cody and Carpenter, as examples.Blake come on down, The Coach wouldn’t have offered if he couldn’t use you!

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    Alex Hamilton

    Who the hell is Blake Sims?

    I had to Google his name. Looks like a nobody that was upset that Julio Jones caught one pass in the game? Really?

    You can want the ball all game, but it’s more fun if you actually play on a great TEAM.

    Hey Blake,,, how many passes did Terrell Owens catch this year? Don’t know? I don’t know either…he bitched about touches and now he plays in Buffalo. The Cowboys are winning their playoff game without that great wideout.

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