Alabama the BCS and AP #1

It’s official, as if there would be any doubt. The University of Alabama was unanimously chosen early Friday morning for the top spot in the final Associated Press poll of the 2009 college football season.

Alabama is the BCS and AP National Champion.

Oh, it’s good to be king.

Here are the final standings:

1. Alabama
2. Texas
3. Florida
4. Boise State
5. Ohio State
6. TCU
7. Iowa
8. Cincinnati
9. Penn State
10. Virginia Tech
11. Oregon
12. Georgia Tech
13. BYU
14. Nebraska
15. Pittsburgh
16. Wisconsin
17. Utah
18. LSU
19. Miami
20. Ole Miss
21. Texas Tech
22. USC
23. Central Michigan
24. Clemson
25. West Virginia

In claiming the crown, Bama defeated 10 bowl teams, including three of the final ten. The Tide also snapped Florida’s 22 game winning streak, broke Texas’ 17 game winning streak, made Urban quit, made Tebow cry, and sent Colt McCoy to the pros early.

Early indications favor Alabama vying for the crown again next year. Next year’s BCS National Championship game will be played in Glendale, Arizona, the traditional site of the Fiesta Bowl.


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  1. 1

    Two things,
    First, Quarterback? We don’t need no stinking quarterback. It would have been nice test the horny secondary but it wasn’t required.
    Second, Anyone who thinks Texas is better than the Lizards is delusional.

  2. 4

    Congrats to ‘Bama on their 6th Championship, not their 13th. If Notre Dame used same methodology that Bama is using, they could claim 11 indisputable concensus championships, or even 19 championships where they were named champions by one voting authority. ND uses AP, UPI, and Sportwriters of America Polls, and so they only advertise 11 National Championships, or 8 since the AP started. Either way, more than USC, Bama, Nebraska, Oklahoma. But 6 is good too.

  3. 5

    Now don”t you know it is not right to hurt qb.We were suppose to just touch mecoy and then just dust the dirt off of him.So dam it boys lets do some thinking here.If he stays in game Bama still kicks that ass that is just a fact.So lets just enjoy this as much as possible folks and let the cow college roll around in cow shit like they are so good at. RTR………..

  4. 6

    Gregor, what a tired, boring argument that’s been disproven so many times I have no interest in addressing it with you.

    The world is round, friend. Argue that it’s flat if it makes you feel better. But everyone sees through your issue to the heart of why you’re here.

    You detest Alabama, and we once again are entrenched in power, atop the college football world, and will be for a long time.

    I will only say the NCAA officially recognizes Bama as having 19. We only claim 13.

    See a counselor to deal with your little problem though. If left unchecked it could get worse when we do this again next season.

  5. 7

    Happy New Year guys!

    The town is all abuzz and the people are going absolutely Crazy after Bama’s win against Texas.
    With the help of some outstanding defense and clutch plays from players like Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson, Rolando McClain and (of course) Marcel Dareus, as well as some great coaching from the entire Bama coaching staff, AUBURN HAS WON THEIR FIRST MORAL VICTORY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.
    All Gene Chizik could do was stand there looking dumbfounded, He didnt know if he should call time-out or punt while Pat Dye claimed the Tin Cup trophy.
    Some people openly wept as the seconds ticked off the clock. And why not. After the (almost) win against Bama, Everyone could see that Auburn was only 6 points away from being National Champion!
    Sure, there were a few SEC losses (actually… five) sprinkled in there. But Everyone in attendace could see how close Auburn is to ruling the world of College football. No one dared remark about McCoy’s absence. No one. For once everyone in the room was in agreement that Garrett Whatshisname was the great UT QB OF ALL TIME! And that is what made the(almost) ROUT of Bama at Jordan-Hare Stadium that much more of a sweeter Moral victory.
    After a (near) win over Bama, an (almost) top 5 recruiting class, and a (sort of) domination of the entire SEC west. It is safe to say Auburn is back!

    Moral Victory Heisman Trophy winner and (close to but not quite) National leading Rusher Ben Tate said ” Man, Yo…Like dis feels real good…. Its like…. you know…offa da chain….you know?”
    Coach Trooper Taylor who is no stranger to Moral Victories, said “and dis is jus the beginning. Dis dog will hunt! Are ya feeling me here? But we aint gonna rest on our lawyers…no… aint gonna rest….Next year we coming out with 2 rented limos with them magnetic signs! Dats right Yeah… yeah… I said 2 so now what….what…? What you gonna do?”
    Long time spiritual Leader of the Auburn Family Chette Williams said: “Praise the Lord! Its like David and Goliath all over again. Now Auburn (David) might not have slain Goliath this time, But David Definately hit Goliath in the shin with a pebble or two! Hallelujah, Its great to be an Auburn preacher!

  6. 8

    Pretty funny stuff, Sportsinsiderguy, but sadly, that really isn’t an inaccurate depiction of what’s going on in the aubie’s little orange and blue brains. Nice work.

  7. 9
    Indiana Vol

    I hear the BCS Trophy is going to be displayed at Walmart; you just can’t make this stuff up.

    What are you Morons going to do; wrap it in toilet paper and stack boxes of Tide around it? Here’s an idea, put it in the book/magazine section; this is the least busy place in the store since Bammer Morons can’t read!

    The Bammer grads stocking shelves at Walmart can see it on their smoke break and have a picture taken beside it so they can buy a frame and give the picture to momma for Mother’s Day. I bet the Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys will get years of material from this!!

  8. 13

    Gregor, learn to count, and accurately look up stats before you make a dumbass out of yourself again. Bryant won 6 NC’s at Bama by himself, Stallings won 1, and now Saban Has added another, totaling 8 modern era NC’s. Now as for the “formula” we supposedly use, if the university claimed every time we were ranked #1 by a media outlet at the end of a season we would actually claim 30 NC’s. So if we can’t count anything before 1961 then The almighty catholic school is missing a few too, and Auburn can’t claim the 1/2 title from ’57 either.

  9. 14

    Adding to previous comments, we can twist potentially inaccurate stats to our own convenience no matter what school we root for. With that said I will give Notre Dame credit for this stat, they are ranked currently #2 on the all-time list directly behind the unanimous #1 ALABAMA.

  10. 15

    On the issue of moral victories, i had to watch the Iron Bowl an additional 3 times to be sure we won after talking to a few aubies. As it turns out Bama did win the game. Yeah we struggled after a week where we only had 2 days to put in the whole game plan. Oh yeah, the other team had nearly 2 weeks, and they still lost.

  11. 16

    Considering that it was the game to salvage a mediocre season and that it was a home game to boot. I am surprised Auburn couldnt hold on after their 58 minutes of domination.

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