Tide greats forecast an Alabama win & links

Former Tide great Eric Curry was animated when posting his BCS Championship game thoughts on PlayMaker Mobile tonight. He likened this team to his ’92 National Championship team, especially the defense. One thing he wants to see Alabama bring Thursday is the attitude they had when facing Miami.

“When we played Miami for the National Championship we were the extreme underdogs. No one gave us a chance. It was definitely a David and Goliath game. They were the primadonnas, the bad boys, but we came out there as if we were the intimidators, like we were playing on our home turf. We were doing the Miami thing but on a classier level and that struck a nerve with them. I don’t think they were ready for that. They came to kick our behinds and they saw that we were ready. They knew something was up, that there was an electricity in the air on the sideline of the Alabama Crimson Tide.”

Also on Playmaker Mobile, Former Tide RB Le’Ron McClain shared his thoughts about the BCS Championship game. He likes the match up and thinks the Bama defense gives them a big edge. “Defense, hands down, I think we have the best defense in the nation.”

You can read much more from the players by visiting Playmaker Mobile at the links above. Enjoy.

Some reading for Crimson Tide fans from around the Internet:

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