BCS: Athletes play for pride, coaches get bonuses

AP: The players at Texas and Alabama will compete Thursday night for the chance to be called national champions and for a beautiful crystal trophy to be placed outside their locker room.

Their coaches have even more at stake.

Mack Brown of Texas stands to make $450,000 if he leads the Longhorns past Alabama in the BCS championship game. If the Crimson Tide wins, Nick Saban would get $200,000 on top of the $200,000 he’s already earned by making it to the national title game.

All that is in addition to what Brown and Saban, two of the highest-paid coaches in the business, already receive. Brown recently had his salary permanently increased to $5.1 million a year. Saban signed an extension that makes his deal worth $4.7 million annually. (read the entire AP story embedded in this post @ Capstone Report.)


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    I agree that in some cases as with Saban, Brown, Meyer, etc. it is a great investment and no one should fuss about it. However, I was early on the bandwagon saying that Browns 2 million a year raise was pure bullshit. Like they said, he´s not going anywhere, they have his succesor already, and when he does retire he will be athletic director. Throwing away 2 million a year on him is just fucking stupid. I told yall earlier today in another thread that Texas is fine arts school full of stuckup filthy rich snobs. This just exemplifies their we’re better than you attitude. RTR!

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    Business is business and it is all about profit no matter what any coach preaches about developing character and improved performance in life. It begins to sound much like television evangelists. It appears to be a religion with false prophets and gods building monuments to self glorification.

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    Auburn Man

    You people are idiots.
    Look at what wh are paying the greatest coach in football Gene Chizik.
    I mean ….come on PEOPLE! Get with the program!
    Auburn leads the Nation in Moral victories and we are well on our way to a top 10 class in recruiting. Chizik brought in the best staff in College football too!!!
    Be afraid Bammers!!!

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    Jealous aren’t we. Dont worry, Nicky $aban wont be there too much longer. He will be taking another shot at the NFL. I think he cant sleep at nite knowing how bad he was teabagged in the league.

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