Scarbinsky Loses His Mind

In an effort to generate interest and readership for his dying newspaper (and possibly career), Kevin Scarbinsky slipped further into delusional lunacy today.  In a piece entitled “The Chizik-Saban Parallel Continues”, Scarbface attempts to connect the dots between what some desperately hope is happening in Auburn and what HAS happened in Tuscaloosa.

You can read the drivel here:

Apparently Charles Goldberg has slipped Scarb what he’s been guzzling for years now.

Some jewels for you:

“Win a bowl game by surviving a comeback? Check.

Put together a monster recruiting class? Check.

Create the kind of buzz your program hasn’t generated in years? Check.”

But then, the diamond in the rough of this concoction of words and sentences:

“Saban was competing with an Auburn program in decline. At the moment, Chizik is competing with an Alabama program 60 minutes away from a national championship. That fact alone makes Chizik’s work to date all the more impressive.”

So when Saban rolled into Tuscaloosa, Auburn was in decline? I kind of remember a coach in his 9th year, just three years removed from an undefeated season and four first round draft picks. I sort of recall a streak of some sort and a stronghold on big brother across the state.

But, I guess Scarbi got carried away in the aftermath of the Abarn’s “impressive” win over the team that hasn’t won a bowl game since 1949.

And finally:

“Remember how they mock-celebrated Dec. 24 in his honor because Auburn’s 7-5 regular-season record improved the coach’s career mark to 12-24? After the Outback Bowl thriller, Chizik is now 13-24. Time to change the calendar in more ways than one. And to go find another coach to laugh at, one whose program isn’t on the rise.”

No, we’re still laughing. And really at the thought that 13-24 is a good coaching record. I’m sorry, that’s just funny. 11-0 next season gets him to .500 for his career. Who here honestly believes he’ll achieve even that?

And I apologize for disagreeing, but wins over Furman and Ball State were the difference in 2008’s 5-7 and 2009’s 7-5. Hardly a program on the rise. But it did give way for the nation to watch Auburn play dirty, intentionally hurt a kicker, get a myriad of personal fouls and show a complete lack of discipline en route to a yawner over a directional school…in overtime…where twice they lost 14-point leads.

Program on the rise? Seriously?

But, playing along with Mr. Scarbinsky’s logic (I just laughed when I typed that), where does he feel the “parallel” ends? I challenge him to put his money where his mouth is…and any Aubie for that matter.

Who out there believes Auburn will go 12-2 next season, including an undefeated regular season and an appearance in the SEC Championship game? And then who will contest that they will play for all the marbles at 13-0 in 2011?

And the crickets chirp…

Scarbinsky, don’t worry. Your safe, round room awaits. Everything’s going to be fine.


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  1. 1

    ITK, Scarface is the same guy that defended the actions of the worst Aubie of them all, John Thrower, in an article after he died earlier this year. Scab is also the same guy that wrote back in the mid-1990’s that UAB would one day overtake The Univ of AL in football (trust me, I remember reading it). At one time he tried to be objective, but when Tom Arenberg was hired as the head of the Sports Dept, he turned hardcore against Bama. Look at the scoreboard at Jordan-Hare stadium and look who’s logo is up there. Yep, the Bham News. Tells you all you need to know. They don’t even pretend to be objective.

  2. 3

    I think Scarbinsky didn’t even believe what he wrote on the blog. He was just trying to get people stirred up. Trust me. I’ve written tons of things just to piss people off…well, that was when I worked at a newspaper. 🙂

    Anyway, the larger issue isn’t the Birmingham News and its perceived bias. I think the News does a good job in coverage of Alabama. Kausler is OK, and I really enjoyed reading Rapoport. The larger issue is that my subscription subsidizes Auburn spin. Did anyone read Goldberg’s grade for Auburn?

    Yeah. I think I am going to cancel my subscription and likely stop linking to I can subscribe and link to the Tusacloosa News, and

  3. 4

    I’ve never seen such false anticipation built up for a team. I’m serious guys Auburn I’d way down on my list of concerns. I mean I love to see them look the other way as Bama is less than a week away from playing for the national championship. It’s like they can’t accept that we have move past worrying about them. They simply aren’t competitive anymore. Bama is playing for the National. No one has turned it around quicker. No one has a better coach no one can even understand this kin of success without living it before. Auburn is still talking about 2004. They live in the past. Bama is the future and the prophet knows this. Auburn will never acheive a ything close to this. They never have. Robert E Lee county will burn next Thursday night. Tumours corner shall be empty. I’d love someone to cut down thAt old ass tree and we can sell it go bammers to heat their homes. Fearless and True. Horseshit. Their program is sub standard. Their mole faced coach is a loser. Their stadium sux. The campus sux. Anders bookstore is for retards. Everything the do is built on falsehoods. They aren’t a national program.

  4. 6

    Scarbinsky ahs lost his compass. Well and truly the man has went on the Auburn payroll. I wont read the BN again. If they are that willing to trade in thier credibility so cheaply who in thier right mind would. I can turn on tabloid television and info mercials 24 hours a day. Why the hell would I pay to read it?

    Prophet. You are right. Auburn has always been an also-ran. But instead of actually spending the money to buy a real coach and program they try to do it using a yard sale mentality. Always trying to buy a real bargain on the cheap. It shows. they friggin’ hired Gene Chizik for God’s Sake!!! It reminds me of someone who bought a lawn mower for $10 dollars at a flea market, and even thought the lawn mower isnt worth a damn they brag as if they just got a Brand new John Deere riding lawn mower with all of the attachments.
    Auburn is a poser and if Sarbo the Aubbo wants to trade in his name and credibility to shill for them it is on him. Maybe he can get on with Phil Marshall when he loses his job.
    (****In case some of you cant remember Phil Marshall he was the original Auburn Shill at, as a matter of fact all he ever did was praise every move and decision Auburn ever made and try to pitch his shitty books. ))

  5. 7
    Phil Marshall

    Fuck you almightyrumdmc1!!!!
    I hated Tommy Tuberville. The man is shit beneath my Auburn Man shoes.
    I always hated him. You can readily see it in my blogs on a daily basis. That is the reason they were all deleted the day after I left. There was nothing but pure venom for that man.
    Now Gene Chizik on the other hand….THERE IS A MAN WE CAN ALL RALLY BEHIND!
    Not just Auburn Men and Women but the whole Nation. This man will someday be president. His cool and calm demeanor belie his masculine and dominant killer instict. He IS the ALPHA MALE. And he oozes megadoses of charisma from every, (AND I DO MEAN EVERY) pore of his body.
    He is a man’s man. And a ladies Man of the highest caliber.
    When you match that with the sheer genius of a Gus Malzahn, The tenacity and winning ways of a Ted Roof.
    Throw in a dash of Trooper Taylor,(The Man/pimp/love God), and a few other coaches who are well ahead of thier time, and put it under the ever wise and gracious tutelage of that Legend Pat Dye and YOU CAN EXPECT NOTHING BUT ABSOLUTE GREATNESS AND HALL OF FAME AWARDS!
    Scout and Rivals have it all wrong. Auburn will bring in the Recruiting National Championship this year! I gaurantee it!

    Did you know that the tree at Toomer’s corner Has been rolled no less than 14,000 times? Or that Pat Dye has waged a heroic battle against crippling flatulence for years?
    You can read all of these interesting facts in my amazing coffee table book:
    “The Auburn Experience” Available for the low price of $19.99 per copy. Buy one today and I will throw in a handy set of doillys hand knitted by my elderly Mother ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!

  6. 8

    Just like capstone said — writing stuff to stir the pot — Scarbinsky fucked up when he WASTED that Heisman vote. His ass might as well be packing because TBN sales are going to go down — the sports editor needs to get a grip on things —- like REALLY FAST! FUCK YOU SCARBONER, here’s a motherfucking dollar!

  7. 10

    ITK, that article scared the ever lovin’ crap out of you. Geez, it’s just an article. You don’t have to go on a search and destroy mission against Scarbinsky just because he said something remotely positive about Auburn.

    You now say AU wasn’t on the decline when Saban came in?? Gee, I could have sworn I read repeated comments from you about Tubs and his staff becoming complacent and lazy, and even cracking jokes about Tubs going duck hunting while Saban was recruiting. But you didn’t mean to imply in the slightest that AU was in decline by those comments, did you??

    BTW, your point about AU fan’s predictions for next season is stone cold stupid. You inexplicably insist that AU fans have the same ability in foresight as Bama fans have in hindsight in order to be confident in their coach. That makes a lot of freakin’ sense. As a matter here’s a little quote YOU posted last year right after being blown out by the mighty Utes: “Still, with what we had in place for ‘08, 12-2 far surpassed what the most optimistic fan (beside’s Shane from Centerpoint) could have hoped for. I’ll take it…for now.” Gee, that kinda sounds like you bammers weren’t predicting that kind of season before it started. Does that mean you had no confidence in your coach???

  8. 11

    Confidence built on history is valid. Ignorant, blind hope is just fantasy. You know about that.

    You DO know Chiznik’s conference record is 5-19, right? Meanwhile, Saban is a three-time conference champ, and about to be a two-time National champ. Let the world hear you say that’s even. Please; grant me that.

    I guess by your reasoning I was also afraid in the mid-90’s when the same writer said UAB would soon surpass Alabama on the gridiron. Of course, Chiznik and UAB football are equally potent.

    While I grow weary of sensational journalism, you thrive on it, because it’s built on fantasy…the lifeblood of Auburn football. Fantasy deflects the facts, and when an article like this one comes out (that you’re correct in saying I am just absolutely terrified of), all it does is give you hope. Which I think is adorable.

    Hey, by the way, watcha doing next Thursday? We’ll be playing for the BCS National Championship.

  9. 12

    In three years of coaching, Chiznik has only won FIVE conference games in 24 tries! That means teams familiar with his system and tendencies own him. Precious.

    And this is who Scarb said is even with Nick Saban. Anyone smell a spoof article, written to create a buzz?

  10. 13

    ITK, I have answered the question multiple times, and I’ll answer it again. No, I don’t “predict” AU will go undefeated in the regular season next year, just as you didn’t “predict” Bama would go undefeated before the 08 season started. Do you seriously not understand how stupid it is to try and compare AU fan’s predictions to Bama fan’s hindsight?? Exactly what point can you possibly think that makes???

    I do “predict” that AU will go 9-3 next year, and could push 10-2 with some luck. As I’ve also stated repeatedly, I think AU could get to Atlanta with some luck if they go 6-2 in the SEC. Not as much luck as Saban had in 01 when he got Atlanta with a 5-3 SEC record and lost to Fla 44-15, Ole Miss by double digits at home, and to UT by double digits, but definitely a little luck.

    And finally, yes I’m well aware that Bama is playing Thursday. With all your obsession about AU recruiting, AU’s bowl game, and AU newspaper articles I’m starting to wonder if you remember, though.

  11. 14

    No, I can multi-task. Laughing at you while winning a Championship isn’t that hard. Well, the second part is for you. Sorry to rub it in.

  12. 15

    Hey in the butt,
    why all the concentration on CGC, a man who has released about 5 4 star players at the beginning of the year for breaking team rules, has said nothing negative about any SEC team, and has done the right things so far. Your infatuation with him is absolutely bordering on psychotic. All you’ve done is cut him down for no real good reason other than he is out recruiting Nicky. Take a look, two DTs probably gonna commit- Whitaker and Thornton. Marcus lattimore, Seastrunk closeness with Luper, Eric Mack looking close, and Cam Newton out of no where.

    Sounds like we know what the next song and dance will be. I mean we almost beat the Almighty Tide with 75 players averaging about 3.2 stars. Scary huh. That is why all the Mullets can’t cherish their own game coming up and have to spit venom and backbite AU. Sounds to me like Bama is NERVOUS. I really hope the Bama team wins cause they deserve it, but with the fanbase at an all time mental low, sounds like you guys need some Haldol to calm down, not Scarbinsky.

  13. 16

    Also Inthebumb,
    As I recall Nicky lost to LAMonroe the first year, so don’t pull some crap like he didn’t have problems either with what he inherited. And that is after he got teabagged by everyone in the NFL except maybe Laney Kiffin. Once he got there, his first year was a PR disaster, since he hadn’t started winning he didn’t have Fineslum’s bald head to sit his cup on and he actually had to answer some hard questions and what did he come up with? Oh yeah LA Monroe was like the terrorists and the WTC full of New Yorkers were like Alabama. What a moron… Your coach sure can recruit but he needs a filter between his mouth and brain.

    You talk about CGC, that is utterly pathetic. You’d better concentrate on your game coming up cause a 12-1 year would probably have some Mullets hanging themselves before going back to the factory to staple particle board.

    How about just doing what non-egotistical other SEC fans do, enjoy the victory and quit tagging other teams. Good luck, as weird as it sounds, even though your group of pseudojournalists and other rabid AL fans are completely narcicssitic ad nauseum, I hope Bama kicks some Texas beefback, not to feed your ego, but for the SEC.

  14. 17

    Stop the bullshit. You want Bama to lose .
    Say how about Iowa State ? Does that means Paul is better ? He probably had less to work with than Cheeseit and won his Game !

  15. 18

    Hey pluto, didn’t you repeatedly say that Les Miles was only winning with Saban’s players and Saban’s program??? Tell me again why that principle doesn’t apply to Iowa State?? Oh yeah, because it would paint AU’s coach in a positive light.

  16. 19

    Cap has already gone to shit as far as I´m concerned. I use a cellphone almost exclusively to play on the internet and for more than 3 months now the Birmingham News has not posted on the the mobile site. The Mobile Register stoped posting about a month ago and I fully expect to see Huntsville stop too. I can still get the Alabama Football News and the Latest Sports Updates, but those two items don´t include all of the articles from the three papers. Not only that but there is some kind of cross link in the high school sports selection. I could not use for Alabama High School Sports the entire season because it links directly to of all stupid things Oregon High School Sports. As far as I´m concerned has gone to shit! As for Chezik coming to the Barn when it was in decline, they have nobody to blame but their own administration. If they hadn´t tried to fuck Tubbs with Jetgate, he never would have fucked them back by losing his motivation. From Jetgate on everyone knew it was over. It was only a matter of time. They were beating a dead horse. But still they returned the remnants of a good team in ´08. They were expected to contend with LSWho for the West. But when Saban came to Bama we were returning a team who had gone 6-7 the previous year and was coming off years of probation with severe recruiting limitations. There is no comparison what-so-ever. What’s more, you can atribute much of Chizik’s recruiting class to Alabama’s success and Auburn’s weaknesses. Many star athletes are not willing to red shirt and wait up to 4 years to start. Everybody knows what kind of quality and depth Bama has now, and they know how thin Auburn is. Just a glance at 2 visible positions shows Trent Richardson, the best RB in the nation playing backup to sophomore Heisman winner Mark Ingram and with Eddie Lacy coming on next year, and we still have Grant and Goode. Greg McElroy at QB with freshman Star Jackson at backup, true freshman AJ McCarron in 3rd. and the nations top QB recruit Phillip Sims on the way. This type of quality makes it much easier to entice athletes away from Bama and to a school where they can contribute immediately. So it is pure idiocy to give Chizik credit for a recruiting coup this year. That’s not to say he hasn’t done a good job. But please put it in perspective! RTR

  17. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    Scarbinsky was only pointing out the facts. He never said that Chizik was a better coach than Saban. All he was doing was poking the fire of every crimson necked idiot out there, to show that the FACTS say Chizik has done every bit as much as Saban in his first year. Thats because he has. Your so called crippling sanctions affected your team no more than the depleted roster that Chizik inherited. So that arguement is out the window. He won more games in his first year. His first full recruiting class is at least as good as Sabans. So, what Scarbinsky is saying is that he doing well. I know thats hard to digest. But is is the FACTS.

    Let the hatred flow mulletts.

  18. 22

    Crimsonite, this is classic: “What’s more, you can atribute much of Chizik’s recruiting class to Alabama’s success and Auburn’s weaknesses. Many star athletes are not willing to red shirt and wait up to 4 years to start. Everybody knows what kind of quality and depth Bama has now, and they know how thin Auburn is…[s]o it is pure idiocy to give Chizik credit for a recruiting coup this year.” Ok, a couple of things:

    1. How does Bama’s roster have anything to do with AU getting the #1 rated prospect in La, Ga, Ark, and the top juco player in the country who is playing in Texas??

    2. Contrary to your rationale, Bama’s overload of depth and talent is not a disadvantage in the slightest. AU’s class is ranked 3rd by Rivals right now. Guess who’s 2nd?? Bama. Guess who’s 1st?? Texas, the team Bama is about to play for the BCS title. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  19. 23

    You’re right, Julia. In today’s recruiting, where it’s all about me and very little school loyalty, kids would MUCH rather wait 2-3 years behind depth than hit the field right away. You’re really on to something there, Copernicus.

    Bama is #2 in some rankings because they are Alabama, and entrenched in the championship (there’s that word again, sorry) picture for the foreseeable future. We’re getting talent because some top prospects can connect the dots between Saban and an established plan for future success. Abarn is getting them now because talented kids want to see the field early. That and cash.

    I just hope Dan Mullen doesn’t act on his suspicions about how and why Newton switched to Abarn. Could affect that lofty ranking you’re clinging to. Hey wait a second, speaking of that, weren’t you the one a couple of years ago saying rankings didn’t matter? Now you’re clinging to it with both fists, with a t-shirt and bumper sticker made with Abarn’s current ranking on it. Huh!

  20. 25

    Mullen has already turned in Auburn to the NCAA concerning Cam Newton. Auburn has the NCAA’s attention because of the multiple secondary violations that occured over the “MildCat” weekend, and the fact that Auburn has been on NCAA probation 7 times, which is 2nd all-time behind SMU. Don’t worry though. As Alabama goes for National Championship # 13, one more probation and Auburn will tie SMU with 8. Then Auburn can yell “we’re # 1” and it’ll mean something.

    New Auburn billboard: “Hopeless and Blue”

  21. 26

    How many times do I have to repeat myself — congratulations Auburn for getting an Outback Bowl bid due to the mix up with Bobby Bowden getting his “last wish” with the Gator Bowl. If it were not for that — you would be in Shreveport, Memphis or Birmingham — fuck all of you haters (that goes to the BETA program in the state of Alabama) and ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

  22. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    ITK….So your saying that no recruits sign with one school over another due to early playing time ? You are truly brick wall stupid. Why do you think Alabama outsigned in state prospects over Tubberville in year one ? That had something to do with it for sure. That and Tubbs complacancy. Now look at the instate recruitng competition. Its an entirely different story isnt it ? Why ? Partly because of early paying time. Bamas roster is loaded with talent that would be very hard for any freshman to break into.

    An Auburn letterman in football who is somewhat in the know (no pun intended) told me that all of this years signees had one pre-requisite, That they be ready to hit the field as soon as they arrive.

  23. 28

    ITK, I have always begrudgingly considered you to be a pretty intelligent guy, but you have been posting some bizarrely stupid stuff lately. Cartoons about laptops while forgetting that Bama has a player who was recently suspended due to a laptop, trying to argue that a player who was investigated by the NCAA and suspended was actually cleared, and now you completely contradict yourself in the span of 2 consecutive paragraphs. First you say that kids are only concerned with themselves and have no loyalty to any particular school. Then you immediately follow that by saying that Bama is doing great in recruiting because they are Alabama. If kids don’t have loyalty to any school, what do they care if it’s Alabama?? (I can’t wait to hear the semantic BS that that is about to follow in your lame attempt to convince us that what you said is not really what you said.)

    You say Mullen has suspicions about Newton “switching” to AU? Wow, you really are “in the know”, ain’t ya? I (and the rest of the world) wasn’t even aware that Newton ever committed to MSU. As to your claim that Mullen has “suspicions” abou AU, I’m sure you’ve got a rock solid source on that, right?? Let me guess…it’s the same source who told you that Fran missed all the practices and meetings the week before the IB in 02, right?? And you have the nerve to talk about those AU morons who kept talking about Gadsden and Dodge Chargers.

  24. 29
    Ballplay Indian

    His source is as concrete as it gets julio.

    His source must be Shane…..


  25. 30

    My thoughts are that you’re intelligent, just far more concerned with being an Abarn apologist than maintaining your integrity.

  26. 31

    That AU education leaves ButtPlay wanting from time to time, er, most of the time! He couldn´t understand the tongue in cheek remark by ITK about athletes going where they can play immediately. For Gods sake get a life! RTR!

  27. 33
    Ballplay Indian

    Both of you bammers speak out of both sides of your mouth so much, its hard to tell.

    As far as your comment about Bama being #2 in the rankings because they are bama is total crap, Your #2 because Saban is a recruiting machine.

  28. 34

    Julia, I don’t have anything else to do at the moment, so covering your silly attempt at spin:

    1. “First you say that kids are only concerned with themselves and have no loyalty to any particular school. Then you blah, blah, blah…”

    With few exceptions, by and large student athletes today are not fans of any school. The “me first” mentality of most highly decorated athletes (though you coached us in the past that stars don’t matter…you know, when it was convenient for you) turns them into prima donnas who’ll go where they are coaxed, wooed with things like playing time, special attention, and in Newton’s case, cash. But thanks to Dan Mullen, more on that later…

    2. “Cartoons about laptops while forgetting that Bama has a player who was recently suspended blah, blah, blah…”

    Okay, we get it. Jerrell Harris was suspended and subsequently cleared after suspension over receipt of a laptop. But talk about irony. You rode that story like a sick mule last summer, but when Abarn goes after a criminal who was busted for receiving stolen property…on purpose, not as a gift…you get your panties in a wad. You did exactly what I thought you would do when I drew that cartoon. You’re as predictable as they come.

    3.) “it’s the same source who told you that Fran missed all the practices and…”

    Fantasy is the lifeblood of Abarn football. Your tactic to make me try and prove fact to someone who isn’t going to listen has failed. When you have a close friend of the family on that team who can substantiate what I’ve said, you don’t really have to argue that much. And proving it to you or any other barner really isn’t on my agenda.

    4.) “And you have the nerve to talk about those AU morons…”

    Keep holding on to your crusty old bag of Alabama rumors that never stuck. Time has a way of disproving/proving rumors. The ones you keep presenting have mold on them, while this one about Newton is right out of the box. I guess recruiting “character” players is out the window now that Dye is back in charge. Guess he’ll do his best to “keep it down home, cuz.”

    5.) Have I mentioned we’re playing for the BCS National Championship this Thursday night?

    Abarn’s spring game is in a couple of months though; it should rack up another moral victory for ya. Which of your QBs do you think will be the star of the game? The criminal who is currently suspended (Tyrik something) or the criminal that’s supposed to sign in February? Now THAT’S what I call leadership at an important position. Yeah, I’ll take Greg McElroy. Did you SEE what he did to Abarn when they did everything they could to stop him? Amazing. I bet every completion on that drive hurt a little more than the first, and the TD pass at the end…dang. How many Ambien did it take to go to sleep that night?

  29. 35

    (This is where you come on and use words like “Gee or golly, use hollow sarcasm, change the subject and say something really clever.)

    The fact is, you know Chiznik will never get Abarn where Alabama will be Thursday night. Period. So you have to try and win for them in here and Lord knows what other Bama sites you visit. There’s really nothing more I need to say than what Nick Saban has done in only three years and will finish on Thursday night.

  30. 37

    Oh about the same amount of confidence/arrogance that the Teasippers from Austin have. You see we aren´t the only arrogant fan base in the country. We’re fixing to play a team who’s fan base while not as fanatical as ours, probably is more arrogant. Texas is a rich fine arts university. It´s brimming with old money. The students are from wealthy, affluent and political families. They actually look down on the doctors and lawyers from Alabama. Even though they have only won 3 national championships, they feel that their tradition is the best in the country. And the fact that they are 7-0-1 against Bama makes them unbearable. It´s time to take their asses down a notch! Yes, I´m confident that we can just show up and win. Alabama is that good. Florida is a better overall, more balanced and more difficult team to stop on offense and they have a better defense. I´m only concerned with one thing about Texas. I´m a little concerned about the speed of McCoy on his scrambles relative to Tebow, because Cody is not nearly as quick as Suh. How that plays out will determine their ability to convert on 3rd. down. But I´ll guarantee you that they have one hell of a lot more worries about us than we do about them. Go to and watch the highlites of this season. You´ll see why Brown doesn´t want his team to watch Bama´s game films. Everybody thinks he was joking when he made that remark. And that´s what he wanted everybody to think. But you can rest assured he´s not sleeping very well right now. They truly are horror films. RTR!

  31. 38

    EG, what drug are you on with the 3rd down analogy of Terrence Cody being able to catch Colt McCoy when he’s scrambling?? You actually think there’s a chance in hell that Cody will even be on the field on a 3rd down passing situation??? Has Cody been on the field this year for any 3rd down when there was longer than 2 yds to go??

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