WAR EAGLE! Honor among thieves?

Remember when Auburn fans talked about recruiting only Auburn men? I guess Auburn men steal laptops.

That has to be the case since Gene Chizik signed former Florida player and accused laptop thief Cameron Newton.

According to Rivals Newton had this to say about his recruitment, “There isn’t any doubt Auburn was the right place for me, the best fit for me.”

Laptop thieves welcome! Do What We Do! Keep it down home coz!

Auburn is back to business as usual, or rather has left the class of the Tommy Tuberville era behind to embrace the trashiness of the Pat Dye era. If anyone believes Dye isn’t calling the shots then this laptop thief on campus should settle the issue.

You might suspect Auburn fans would be outraged at the admission of a lawbreaker to the ranks of the Auburn family.

You would be wrong. A quick view of Auburn message boards illustrate Auburn fans declaring their unending love for bringing in this laptop thief, errr, I mean model student-athlete. Today, Auburn fans are all about forgiveness.

Until they get their laptop stolen.

In case you haven’t realized it, Auburn fans are full of it. At first, stars don’t matter, but the heart does. Today the heart can belong to a thief but if he has a few stars after his name, bring him to the Plains!

Anyone wondering how desperate things are for Auburn, Auburn fans and the coaching staff should look at this episode. It is a pathetic example of how winning trumps the cherished principles supposedly at the core of the Auburn family.

War Eagle!