Capstone Saturdays: AU Lands A QB

Editorial Cartoon: AU Lands A QB

We all hope the hypocrites in Lee County intend to deliver more “character players” to the SEC.   Abarn, as we prepare to play for the BCS National Championship, we continue to laugh at you!  But as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures!


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    t stone

    hey, I would take a 5 star QB who help lead his team to a win the JR. college championship. yes, he made a mistake but has worked hard to redeem himself over the last year.FYI the charges were dropped. however at least is was not a drug dealer who was selling drug on campus. That was dumb enough to sell to undercover cop several times. Bama has no room to judge any player on any team. Alabama has had there share of thugs on there campus. People don’t need to worry about him. He may to turn out to be one of the best QB’s ever to play college football. Everybody has made a mistake ..but only a few learn from it and try to correct things best they can. he has worked hard to correct his life. So don’t be so quick to judge …

  2. 4

    Aubies: There is a difference between picking one with a history as opposed to picking one without a history. Generally the best predictor of furure behavior is the past.

  3. 5

    Lee County better lock its doors 24 hours a day!! Georgia can have that piece of human waste Lee county any time it whats it!!
    Problem is nobody whats it. but Alabama to make fun of it!!

  4. 8

    Boy ITK, I gotta hand it to you on this one. You truly must have cajones as big as the liberty bell. A bama fan is painting a cartoon about impropriety regarding the receipt of a laptop?????? Does the hypocrisy of that not even register with you???? What are you gonna paint next, an AU cartoon about a football player beating the crap out of his girlfriend, or maybe one about a player selling crack in the parking lot of the athletic dorm????

    You’ll have to excuse Cam Newton for being in receipt of a stolen laptop. See, in Gainesville laptops actually cost money rather than being received as “gifts” from a 56 year old “friend” like in Tuscaloosa.

    Hey, did Ingram, Jones, and Harris get any Christmas “gifts” from their “friend”?

  5. 10

    Julia, 625+ yards and 35 1st downs given up to a crappy, I mean crappy directional school who hasn’t won a bowl since 1949. 5 turnovers and AU still had to hang on for dear life.,you have bigger problems than laptops. I’m sure the delusonal victory parade through downtown Abarn will make you feel better though. Keep the fiddler playing and telling your clan everything is okay; the ship will be underwater before you know it.

    Oh, have you heard? We’re playing in the BCS National Championship game next week.

  6. 11

    My bad Julia. Of course you know we’re playing in that game. It was only mentioned 50 times in your “also ran” bowl. Not to mention EVERY other bowl where we’ve constantly been talked about. It feels great, take it from me.

    Oh yeah…you’ll HAVE to. 🙂

  7. 12
    Alex Hamilton


    So let me get this straight. Auburn paid $3 million to go to a New Years Day Bowl, and it took them double-overtime to beat the Vanderbilt of the Big Ten? Well, I suppose that’s about right. Auburn did lose to Vanderbilt last year.

    God, Auburn sucks.

    And how about those Volunqueers? Damn, they got blasted.

  8. 13

    ITK, I guess your complete refusal to even address what I stated in my post means, “Gee, I completely forgot that Jerrell Harris was suspended for improperly receiving a laptop from a 56 year old booster, (err, “friend”), and that was compeletly hypocritical to attempt to ridicule another school about the improper receipt of laptops.”

    Hey ITK, you’ve been telling us AU fans that “the ship will be under water before we know it” for over a year. After only 1 season AU improves last year’s record by 3 wins, has a New Years Day Bowl victory, has the most offensive yds gained in AU history, and is on the verge of signing the best recruiting class in AU history. (All this accomplished with a team riddled with injuries and playing with about 70 scholarship players). Yeah, there’s absolutely no reason to think the future looks bright. When exactly do you predict that AU will be “under water”?

    As to Northwestern, I’ll respond the same as you did after Bama’s heart attack games with UT and AU that Bama was very fortunate to win…”We won, didn’t we?”

  9. 14

    WAKEY, WAKEY!!! EGGS AND BAKEY!!!Time to wake up AUBBOS!!!

    Speaking on behalf of the entire Bama nation I would like to thank the mental matress stains that run the
    recruiting at Auburn U.
    Truly, I would.
    Auburn’s new brain trust is now firmly escounced in trying to get a top ten recruiting class even though “crooting dont matter”.
    BUT. While the Juggheads in Lee County are grasping at any straw they can find,
    (And signing any 4 or 5 star who will give them a look)…they forgot one tiny, insignificant (to them) detail.
    You have to have Lineman.
    I will say that again. You have to have someone to block the other teams defensive line. In all of their rush to rent Limos and throw toilet paper into trees someone forgot that the guys on the line of scrimmage will make or break you.
    This is like what?….. the 4rth year in a row that Auburn has signed more RBs and Qbs than lineman.
    At the rate Auburn is going they will have more QBs on scholarship than Offensive lineman by next season.
    So just keep on getting those 5 stars Backs and get that big top ten “Krootin” finish.
    Please do.
    Let me be the first to tell you.
    Auburn could have the best backfield in the NFL next year and they would still finish in the middle of the SEC pack. …. You guys are really gonna suck.

  10. 15

    Yep, and the difference in the two seasons came against Ball State, Furman and Northwestern. Really on your way now boy.

    Julia, please don’t come in here and act like a bowl game on New Year’s day means anything anymore. When a 6-6 and 7-5 team gets the invite, the thrill is gone, not to mention the meaning.

    And from experience I’ve found it’s beneficial to ignore 90% of what you say. So yes, the incident that the NCAA investigated and cleared is a non-issue.

    Fact is, you’re about to entrust your team to a felon. It’s great to be an Abarn Tigger!

  11. 16

    tmc, as usual you spew out your standard diarrhea of the mouth without even checking your facts. Of the 23 commits AU has right now, 10 of them are linemen. There are more linemen being targeted that have not made a choice yet. Just because you say something loudly and sarcastically doesn’t make it true.

    ITK, obviously the same applies to you. I don’t what in the worled your definition of “cleared” is, but it is obviously different from the rest of the English speaking world. An investigation was performed (during which Harris lied when first confronted about the laptop only to later admit that he got it from his “friend”) and he was suspended by the NCAA for six games. You call that “cleared”??????

  12. 17


    Julia, it’s precious that you claim to represent the English speaking world but can’t spell “world”. That’s simply precious.

    Your usual garbage has become so drab and boring in here, most don’t bother to even read it. Desperate to find something…anything…to taint the 13-0, about to be 14-0 and National Champion 2009 Crimson Tide, you have to reach waaaaaaaay back. And yes, serving a six game suspension renders you “cleared”. Simple definitions are hard for you, Julia, but it’s a new year. Maybe this will be the year you get it. Though it’s doubtful.

    Just five days until we’re National Champions again, Julia. Got your Texas shirt on yet? Maybe, just maybe it’ll keep it from happening! Ha-ha-ha!!!!

  13. 18

    Julia, were you even alive when Abarn had its fictitious championship in 1950-something? Or is it just too painful…have you stricken that word from your vocabulary, much like we have eliminated the word Heisman….oh wait!

    And does it hurt that Georgia Tech has more SEC championships than Abarn?

    But you held on against Vandy north today, didn’t ya??

  14. 19
    alex hamilton

    There is only one Julio…. and he wears #8. Interestingly there are two #8’s,,,, and I don’t care for that rule.

    But, there is, and always will be one and only one JULIA!!!!!

  15. 20

    Here you go.

    Where are the 10 offensive lineman you are crowing about….???

    Auburn has (4) FOUR (thats the number after 3 BTW) offensive lineman set to ink … of those FOUR, 2 are looking at a hell of a hard time to qualify and may have to take the JuCo route.
    Don’t even suppose to tell me anything about my facts. Click the above link and show me where the 10 lineman you are talking about exist. Also, You said they have more that they are looking at.
    Well Slick, they only have one commitment left out of the 28 player ceiling.

    Do us all a favor and stop making shit up.
    Oh wait… thats right… You are an Auburn fan. I keep forgetting thats all Auburn ever does is make up shit.

  16. 21

    Julio doesn’t even know that AUBURN has never won a National Championship. Alabama Polytechnic Institute might have won one in 195? but they were on probation and were ineligible. So what do the Lee Countians do? Naturally,they try to steal it from the Ohio State Team that won it outright in the Rose Bowl.
    But then again if you think about it, Auburn thrives on an ignorant fanbase like julio and omnipresent.
    Kinda makes me think that in 50 years they will be claiming a NC for 1993 and 2004.
    Laptop boy is gonna fit in just fine…..

  17. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    Julio didnt say offensive lineman. He said lineman. Who the hell would recruit 10 offensive lineman in one year ? Thats the stupidest crap I think Ive ever heard. 3-5 6 at most are more the norm for lineman on one side of the ball. ITK , sometimes it appears that you try to outhink yourself.

    Getting to the subject of Cam N. What exactly has this kid done that half of UAs roster hasnt done, or worse ? Your posterboy ROLO wore a friggin ankle braclet monitor for goodness sakes. Lets not even get into the whole textbook scandal.

    You people just dont like the fact that we are getting who we want. Historically , when AU gets who we want, we whoop that ass. I guess thats why you dont like it.

    But vI agree, with an earlier poster. Tedd Roof has got to get it together , or go. This is the worst AU defense Ive seen in my lifetime.

  18. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    ITK , julios is also counting TE and DE in his count , Im sure. We have signed 27 so far, leavin us about 6-7 more slots because of our thin roster. I can guarantee you that O lineman and D lineman are a priority to fill those slots , with perhaps another marquis running back.

    Bama has what , 3-4 slots left ? What will you mulletts do when we pass you on the rivals poll ? I honostly do not care about stars like some do. But, I do like the needs that we are filling, mainly at QB and on the defense. Cam N. should be able to step in and play.

    Our O line is basicly coming back intact. I think Isom is a senior, but the rest return. They are a solid group. So I really dont get the whole o-line angle. You care to enlighten me , oh wise one ?

  19. 24

    Ballsplay, I wouldn’t brag that your O line will be back entact. Very average. When you HAD to move the ball on us to get first downs you couldn’t. The dipsy doo, trickeroo was all you had, and when that ran out, game over. Fact is, that game was over long before we took the lead.

  20. 25

    Of course I was talking about all linemen. Where did I say anything about only offensive linemen?? What freakin’ moron would think for one second that any school would sign 10 offensive linemen in one year??? (See tmc, I know you don’t know anything about football, but DT’s, DE’s, C’s, OT’s, OG’s and TE’s are all “linemen”.) As usual, tmc just makes things up in his own little world, screams it loud and sarcastically, and closes his eyes and clicks his feet together in his ruby slippers and hopes it will become true. (BTW, you have rarely displayed you ignorance more than when you state that AU only has 1 player left to sign. Obviously, no one has ever told you about how early enrollees can count against last year’s scolly limit. For a guy who lives and breathes on recruiting sites, it’s mind boggling that fact escapes you.)

    ITK, your pathetic attempts to change what you’ve previously stated via pure sophistry is always priceless. So now you say Jerrell Harris was “cleared” because he was investigated, busted for lying during the investigation, ordered by the NCAA to serve a six game suspension due to both his improper receipt of a laptop and lying about it, and then completed his sentence???? Well gee ITK, by that definition Cam Newton was also “cleared” in the investigation of the stolen laptop. Heck, he was also investigated, agreed to a pre-trial diversion program, completed the requirements of the program, and is now eligible to play. (and unlike Cam Newton, there wasn’t even an official finding of wrongdoing because the charges were dropped.) So I guess he’s also “cleared” in your world now, so why all the funny cartoons?

    P.S. We always know that you’ve been appropriately put in your place when you start pointing out typos. Yeah, that masks the fact that you painted a cartoon about AU and laptops while completely forgetting that a Bama player was suspended by the NCAA for the improper receipt of a laptop, and then invented some BS out of thin air about the player being cleared. Now quick ITK, scan my post for more typos!!

  21. 26

    BTW tmc, did you serioulsy just make a sarcastic comment about AU retroactively claiming an NC several years after the fact even though no official source ever game them one?? Yeah, kinda like claiming an NC in 1941 even though Bama finished #20 in the AP that year, and didn’t even win the SEC. Quick, go google that year to find out the BS source that awarded Bama the NC 20 years later (because God knows you or anyone else certainly don’t have it memorized.)

  22. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    ITK…You are a typical delusional neck. Hell no that game wasnt decided well before the whistle. We physically whipped that ass for you, and you know it. To say anything to the contrary is just being unrealistic. Golden boy took his broke down butt out of the game because our guys were laying the wood to him like he had never seen. Lets look at that drive that Im sure will make a Daniel Moore print…I wonder if he show the hold that nearly de-jerseyed our d=lineman ? No holding calls in 8 straight games ? Thats crap. No offensive line in the history of friggin football is that good. We played Bama that day without a reserve linebacker. Not one on the bench. We had to shift around to find a safety. We didnt have one. No real 2 deep at corner, and we still whooped your asses….Yes , you won the game, but we still whooped that ass. Point is , statements like “the game was already decided” are pure fantasy in the mind of an idiot bammer.

    Belive it when I say that Mack Brown wil lwatch the AU vs UA game. Meyer didnt , and played his own hand on defense , and it cost him big. Brown will stop the run , and then your team will be average again. Texas wins by 10. Hook em horns !!!!!

  23. 28

    Ballsplay, an ass-whipping includes the scoreboard. Last I checked, we had more point thingies than you. And, save the first ten minutes and one play in the third, the dispy-doo, trickeroo couldn’t move. You saw what CNS did to Meyer’s offense the second time he saw it. I’m not a seer nor a betting man, but I might just bet the house for a similar outcome in our newly renovated, 102,000 seat (and electric, I might add) Bryant-Denny next November. If you’re a hunter, that might be a good day to spend in the woods.

    Julia, you’re a girl. Plain and simple. And your team has no discipline, recruits thugs, and hires douches. You went to the wire against Vandy yesterday and had to hurt their kicker (typical dirty Auburn football) to get the win. Meanwhile, class plays for championships.

    On that note, did I mention that we’re playing for the BCS National Championship next Thursday night, Julia? Care to take a stab at when Chiznik will get Auburn up on that prestigious, coveted stage to do so? (Man it feels good up here, by the way!)

    Here’s a hint: never, and deep down, underneath your little orange and blue pajamas, you know it.

  24. 29

    ITK, I absolutely LOVE bammer logic. “And, save the first ten minutes and one play in the third, the dispy-doo, trickeroo couldn’t move.” Does that mean that the points AU put on the board don’t count?? That’s like Brodie saying that if you take away the 1st quarter from the 05 IB then Bama did pretty good. Newsflash: The first ten minutes and the quick strike td in the 3rd quarter count just as much as any pts scored in the game. Sheer genius.

    These dire warnings you keep giving us AU fans are getting old. First you warned us how ugly this year’s IB would be for AU on “Black Friday”, and that we would be better off not watching. Now you say that NEXT year’s IB will be ugly because it will be the 2nd time Saban has seen AU’s offense. Boy, we are shaking in our boots. (Then again, if Malzahn passes out and has a near death experience the week before the game due to a heart cyst like Urban Meyer did Bama might do pretty good.)

    You ask how Chizik is doing compared to Saban??? Well, why don’t we ask Kevin Scarbinsky what he thinks:

  25. 30

    So now a Finebaum-wannabe-columnist’s words are gospel to you…and one working for a dying newspaper desperate to generate interest. Gee Julia, let’s ask Scarb what he thinks about the new healthcare plan and how to achieve world peace. He must know.

    Have you asked Scarbinsky into your heart too, Julia?

  26. 31

    Oh, and have I mentioned that next Thursday night, Julia, we’ll be playing for the BCS National Championship?

    And you never answered, because you always avoid the hard questions; much more fun to speculate and spin:

    When will Chiznik have Abarn in the BCS National Championship game? And while you’re at it, ask your savior, Scarbo, if Chiznik will continue the supposed “parallel” next season with an undefeated regular season. And then follow it up with another the next year.

    Typical Aubie…drunk with supposed, manufactured success (yea, we beat Ball State, La.Tech, Furman and NW!), but very little substance.

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