SEC: 80 percent Brooks won’t return

AP: Kentucky coach Rich Brooks told his Wildcats that he’s probably not returning next season.

Following a 21-13 loss to Clemson on Sunday night in the Music City Bowl, Brooks said he’s “80 percent” sure he’s not coming back. He plans to think about his next move, talk with his family and make a final decision within the week.

“I’ve just got to do some thinking about it away from everything,” Brooks said. (read the entire report embedded in this post.)


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    He is and I doubt that Joker is going to improve the Team dramatically.
    I hate the “Coaches In Waiting” thing. It is a failed experiment.

  2. 4

    It doesn’t matter who is coaching at the “basketball” school. They battle for 4th or 5th place in the EAST from now on out. South Carolina is the new kings of the EAST behind UcheaT. Floridumb is a train wreck.

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    Alex Hamilton

    Damage, you and I think alot alike. I agree. USC Gamecocks are the 2010 SEC East Champs.

    The interesting thing about Coach Brooks is how much he is revered in Kentucky. I remember driving back to Alabama the Sunday morning following the 2004 UA / UK game and listening to UK fans seethe on a call-in show about what an awful coach Brooks was. It is funny how, if given time, quality coaches get the job done. Coach Brooks could be Governor in Kentucky these days.

    The funnier thing is that a Mike Shula team in 2004 put up 40 points on any SEC team. Alas, that was with a healthy Prothro. And, since we are talking Kentucky, Prothro was our Barbaro. He was the best player in the SEC back then.

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