Who is next for Florida?

AP: Meyer leaves behind a gold mine at Florida, but who will be next to lead Gators… As far as football programs are concerned, Florida is a Ferrari. Just about everybody will want to take the wheel, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t blow a gasket. (read the entire report embedded in this post)


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    Coach Arthur Gustav Malzahn the III

    Does anyone have Foley;s fax #?
    I need to send him a resume. Its not me jsut a freind who is curious.

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    You have to seriously consider Kyle Whittingham (sp?) from Utah. He is Urban’s protoge’ and they run the same system. Just a thought …

    It won’t be Charlie Strong — he just got the gig at Louisville — Dan Mullen is up in the air — he might develop a reputation like Bobby Petrino if he jumps ship too quick — I can’t believe Lou Holtz on ESPN threw out Petrino’s name for the job — Petrino is desperately trying to rebuild his image as a ship jumper. He’s in no position to leave Arkansas EVEN if it’s Florida. I think after the bowl season is over — you might see a more clear picture of the coaching search.

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    Also — the expectations at Florida are sky high. I think this will be a “Ron Zook” era at Florida — there will be disappointment — South Carolina will likely be contenders for the EAST behind UcheaT — Florida fans are used to winning titles and being number 1 — Foley will have to hire someone with rebuilding and transition approved coaching — Chris Peterson from Boise St. should be one of their highest priorities — then again — I hope they hire the dumbest piece of rock like Les than Mild so we don’t have to see them every single year in Atlanta. RTR and a happy bowl season!!!

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    Coach Arthur Gustav Malzahn the III

    Still no #.
    Jeremy CALL ME! I have a candidate for the job who is perfect. ( If i do say so myself.)

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