Nick Saban comments on Urban Meyer

Comment from Alabama head coach Nick Saban on Urban Meyer: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Urban and his family at this time. He is a first class coach and the success he’s had is unmatched in our profession, especially over the last five years at Florida,” Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban said in a release sent via email.

“We hope he is able to regain his health and have the opportunity to coach again in the future. Urban Meyer is a great person as well as a great coach, and the game of college football is better with him as a part of it.”


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    Now that is Classy. See Bama fans thats what I’m talking about. Not only show it but live it! Coach Saban does. Follow his example since many of you obviously don’t know Jesus. At least Saban does. Pray for Coach Urban. Ask The Lord to heal him.

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    Alex Hamilton

    All these clowns that think that another school can offer more money than Alabama need to remember that Coach Saban could ask for any amount of money he wanted and Witt would pay it to him. Witt is an asshole, especially for locking the buildings and bathrooms on gamedays, but he’s not stupid. Witt knows that with Saban allowed to do his thing, unfettered, that UA will print money for years on end. Saban only wants control. The money is the cherry on top.

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    ADD HIM TO THE LIST: T. Bowden, Fulmer, croom, tubby, and now Meyer. He’s leaving because his lover is graduating and he knows Daddy Saban is just getting started in T-Town. Can you say DYNASTY? RTR

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    What does Witt have to do with this thread? Anyone that thinks Witt is wrong for locking up on game day, should be forced to clean the urine and defacation out of the hallways with a spoon and toothbrush! RTR!

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    this is boilerplate stuff from saban. in his heart of hearts, this is EXACTLY what he’s working 24/7/365 to achieve.

    and let me be the first to say this health concerns line is BULLSHIT! there’s way more to this.

    read this quote from his dad:

    “He just doesn’t take losing very well,”

    so when he’s winning, everything’s a-ok???

    and who would know him better than dear ole dad??

    dan mullen:

    “When he commits to doing something, it consumed him,” said Mullen, who worked with Meyer at Notre Dame, Utah and Florida. “I think that takes a toll on you after a while. Putting that much in. It burns you out pretty quick.”

    burns you out, eh?

    and my favorite one is from houston nutt:

    “It’s a shame. It really is.”

    (the sarcasm drips from the nyt sports page)

    here’s the deal, saban handed his ass to him and in the process exposed his version of the spread for what it is.

    nick saban – spread killer.

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    Coach Arthur Gustav Malzahn the III

    He hasnt faced my new and improved super-secret-surefire-cant miss playbook yet. I am an offensive guru and genius. Just ask Phillip Marshall.

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    I’m so tired of hearing about “classlessness” of fans — every single school (maybe with the exception of Vanderbilt) has classless fans. Due to the alcohol infused tailgating and sneaking in of the mini’s — shit happens folks.

    As far as Saban’s comments — they are true at heart.

    How about this for class. Coach Nick Saban IS THE COACH KILLER. Let’s see — Phil Fulmer, Sly Croom, Tommy Tubbs & now Urban Meyer — Mark Richt ain’t too far behind this fraternity of coaches having to deal with the powerhouse that Alabama has become again. Houston Nutt has rubbed elbows the wrong way over in Oxford with the Kansas debacle his “superagent” imposed — so AD Pete Boone and the fans are pissed off at him — he’s got one more season to make a 9 + WIN year or he’s out in 2010 — Petrino is locked in as well as Spurrier — the coaching carousel continues.

  8. 12

    (cont.) oh — can’t forget about Les than Mild — one more crappy year like that the LSWho faithful will be bootin’ his ass out the door too.

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    Alex Hamilton


    I know of many people that used to clean the University restroom before and after they used it. You are, as usual, running your mouth about something you don’t know.

    Yes, Witt is an asshole by locking all the buildings. You see for years the buildings were wide open and we never had a problem. Then UGA comes to town, trashes the place, then rides back to Athens calling Alabama redneck trash. UGA just ensured that everyone uses a portaJohn.

    Did you even go to a game five years ago? Do you even know anyone in the maintenance department at UA? No you don’t. You just like to run your mouth. God I hope you’re not going to California. I’d hate to have to sit in the same section as your dumbass.

    Why don’t you go clean your own toilet and, to quote you, STFU.

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    Roll Tide, Nick. Classiest coach in the SEC. Meyer will be missed, no doubt. Even though he was a fierce rival, he brought a lot of positive impact to this conference and its respect nationwide.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Nick Saban spread killer ? WWWHHAAATTT ?!?!?! Are you on friggin meth ? One win over Florida since Meyer arrived and hes a spread killer ???? Ask UTAH if Saban is a spread killer. Maybe a points spread killer. But thats about it.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Alex, you illiterate dickhead. You just made my point for me! Because of bullshit like Georgia, the campus needs to be locked or secured on game days! As for me attending UA or athletic events you immature pubetic piece of shit; I attended UA when the best part of you was running down your mamas’ leg! There’s a lot of posters on CR that don’t like you. Don’t get me started mullet, cause when I finish with you, even your mother will hate you. Probably already does! RTR!

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