Capstone Saturdays: Happy Chizik Day!

happy chizik day
Editorial Cartoon: Happy Chizik Day

Today we celebrate the gift of Chizik. Twelve wins; twenty-four losses. And proof that in America, with a little determination, B.S. and luck, anyone can make it.

Career highlights so far:

Years as Head Coach: 3
Overall record: 12-24
Overall record against Div. 1 competition: 10-23
Overall Conference record: 5-19
Overall Non-Conference record: 7-5  
Bowl Record: Never coached in one
Signature win:  Tennessee (eventual 7-5)
Signature losses: Kent State, Northern Iowa (1-AA), Baylor
Signature Moral Victory: Played Bama close 
Average Margin of Defeat: 17.58 pts

Total opponent win/loss record (in alphabetical order):
Alabama 0-1
Arkansas 0-1
Ball State 1-0
Baylor 0-1
Colorado 1-1
Furman (1-AA) 1-0
Georgia 0-1
Iowa 1-1
Kansas 0-2
Kansas State 1-1
Kent State 1-1
Kentucky 0-1
LSU 0-1
Louisiana Tech 1-0
Mississippi State 1-0
Missouri 0-2
Nebraska 0-2
Northern Iowa (1-AA) 0-1
Oklahoma 0-1
Oklahoma State 0-1
Ole Miss 1-0
South Dakota State (1-AA) 1-0
Tennessee 1-0
Texas 0-1
Texas A&M 0-1
Texas Tech 0-1
Toledo 0-1
UNLV 0-1
West Virginia 1-0

Happy Chizik Day!


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  1. 1

    And, our apologies to the UT faithful for missing Lane Kiffin day last Sunday. At 12-20 (5-15 with the Raiders and 7-5 at UT), December 20th would have been the day. However, we’ll commemorate his college record on here next July 6th.

  2. 2

    Cheezit is a fine example – but certainly not the only one. I have argued for years that there is a serious disconnect between Money being made in (College -Pros – Finance (oops) and the Real World.
    Think about it. Cheezit would be hard pressed to get a $25 Winn-Dixie Gift Card and a Frozen Turkey if he was being paid by ( hee-hee ) Wins and Losses.

  3. 3
    Alex Hamilton

    Why shouldn’t Cheezit make fat bank?

    We are talking about Auburn here. They have never been ones to understand the distinction between perception and reality. The really funny thing is that Cheeznik (Thank you Mayor Langford), makes about 1/2 of Saban’s salary, but he doesn’t have 1/10 of Saban’s talent.

    How’s that for a “reality check” bitches!!!!! Happy Cheezik to all!!!

  4. 4

    “Today we celebrate the gift of Chizik. Twelve wins; twenty-four losses. And proof that in America, with a little determination, B.S. and luck, anyone can make it.”


    I almost wet my pants I laughed so hard.
    Happy Chizik Day. And thanks for again confirming that America is indeed the land of opportunity.

  5. 6

    You get what you “pay” for barner’s. Yeah I know it’s in the “rebuilding” stage — you’ll get your recruits (ju-co’s) and you’ll get your bowl games (shreveport, memphis, nashville & maybe even birmingham) — just got “lucky” this year.

  6. 10

    That’s terrible news about Urban. We’ll address it in here properly later, but heartbreaking news if it’s what I’ve heard it is.

  7. 11

    Hey Aholes, you remember LA Monroe and Utah, everybody gets beat sometime don’t they. Give Chizik a chance and you’ll find out that your big butt can’t cash out that fat mouth.

    All I heard from the mullets were let Nicky the Imp get his recruits in and we will win and you have. All I say is the same. I watched the game with a bunch of rabid Bammers. Holes were punched in the drywall, cussing and raving, and I am glad you won or some poor AL women would have been beatin by their redneck inbred husbands that nite.

    The reason you want to cut down Chizik is because you know by watching the IB this year that he is for real. Almost got your ass beat by a 75 man team of 3 stars. Kind of embarassing, so I would suggest shuting that flytrap and be happy. Merry Christmas and happy New Year cause in Jan more 5 star runningbacks, plural will be in the finest backfield in the SEC.

    Blow tide. I will even pull for the Mullets in the Rose Bowl cause I want the SEC to win even if Bama is a bunch of egotistical delusional rednecks. They are the rednecks I boss around all day at work, cause unlike most Bama fans I actually graduated from AU got a doctorate degree and have a legitimate association with my Alma mater, not just rooting for the state named team while they are winning.

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