BCS: Texas talks Alabama

Texas coach Mack Brown and quarterback Colt McCoy talk about the BCS National Championship Game and getting ready for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

VIDEO: No. 2 Texas started getting ready to face No. 1 Alabama for the national championship without a game plan or a depth chart. At least not yet.


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    Does Mack Brown really expect people to believe his “Alabama has 3 Suhs and we can’t sleep at night and we’re scared if we show our poor little boys all the game film they’ll piss their pants” routine? Even their fans are pricks.Visit memphistider.com to see the shirts they have out which proclaim “In Texas,Bear Bryant is just an ex-Aggie.”

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I’ve spent the last month on Texas boards. I was on one when the Bryant-Aggie thing came out. It was started by an illiterate asshole the likes of which every fan base has. Many Horneys were apalled, and the majority had very nice things to say about Bear, even though he coached at A&M, who they think even less of than we do of the Barn. Their fans are similar to ours. Very proud and they feel entitled, as do the fans of any of the top 10 all time schools. They have a wealthy fan base and a school with over 100,000 students, so why wouldn’t they be proud and confident. And don’t ever think that Mack is over confident or taking Bama lightly, regardless of what he might say to motivate his team. The way Texas played against A&M and Nebraska and Bama played against Florida would worry the shit out of anybody. CNS better have them ready for a different Texas team. Remember, they got screwed even worse than we did last year. All that said, lets beat the shit out of ’em! RTR!

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    You also have to consider the the time to heal physically on both sides and for the offenses to come up with new schemes which I’m sure we’ll see. Expect a wildcat from Texas and trickery if they get down. January 7th just can’t come around fast enough. RTR!!!

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