UAB tries to take money from Alabama & Auburn

From the Birmingham News, “Rep. John Rogers Jr., D-Birmingham, urged the presidents of Alabama and Auburn to schedule UAB in sports events. Rogers, who is employed by UAB…”

AND there you have it. Rogers is paid by UAB. Isn’t that a conflict of interest to be working on budgets when you are paid by the institution that is the beneficiary of your budgetary work? Even if there isn’t a quid pro quo, this stinks.

But what about Alabama politics doesn’t stink? Rogers a Democrat is trying to help his employer (or himself), and apparently the GOP isn’t any better.

According to a report in the Birmingham News, “A powerful state senator Tuesday asked the president of Auburn University to explain why the school was willing to accept $4 million less from Rep. Mike Hubbard’s former company when it took bids on athletic broadcasting rights.”

This could all be fine. But it looks bad.

Alabama fans should hold politicians accountable when they attempt to meddle with the University. Dr. Robert Witt should do what is in the best interest of the University of Alabama—not what is in the best interest of Rep. John Rogers.

Alabama should never play UAB in football or basketball. It would be the same type of mistake that Ohio State has made in its scheduling of other Ohio teams; it results in horrible games. Alabama’s schedule with teams like Clemson, Virginia Tech and Penn State is far superior to adding an insignificant team like UAB.

This proposal is simply an attempt to grab money from successful programs like Alabama and Auburn; it is an attempt to transfer wealth from the SEC to whatever pathetic conference to which UAB belongs.

It is a bad idea, and Alabama fans should remember it at the ballot box.