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A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader performs during a timeout against the San Diego Chargers in the first half of the game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA, 13 December 2009. EPA/LARRY W. SMITH

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    “One thing missing in the Big Ten analysis is the amount of revenue to be generated by the addition of the championship game. That by itself added substantially to the SEC”.

    aaahhh, yeah. that’s what the championship game was created to do, pump money out of the sec fan base. and it does exactly what it was created to do. billions. billions.

    the headline about mal was tantilizing but the link is unfortunately broken.

    coach grant, stay away from uab. let them build their own program. one leech on our athletic dept. is enough.

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    I’ve said for years that the BIG 10 (I mean BIG 11) should add another school for a championship game. What pisses me off is the automatic Rose Bowl bid they get when sometimes the team who wins the BIG 10 doesn’t even deserve to be there in the first place. That’s one of the reason’s they didn’t want a championship game and also they wanted a clear cut winner for the possible BCS National Championship game if their team were ranked and W/L’s were in the right order. The commish at the BIG 10 is now realizing that in order for the “respect” to be gave again — a clear cut winner of the actual conference is much more important than W/L records. Plus — a championship game played on a neutral site (probably somewhere in Ohio — more than likely Cleveland) will bring MILLIONS MORE TO THE CONFERENCE!!! Way to go to follow the SEC!!! Next up — the PAC-10.

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