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    jerry jones and dallas:

    jerry had something special going on with jimmy johnson. look at the wasteland of college coaches that have failed in the pros. jimmy hit dallas at the right time, dallas had hit rock bottom, jones handed johnson the team and said ‘fix it’. johnson did exactly that and was wildly successful. he made jones a ton of money. he won super bowls. the ring the idiot switzer won was johnson’s.

    but jerry couldn’t live with it. he couldn’t stand success. he killed the goose laying the golden eggs because he couldn’t share the spotlight. and now he much sit and watch his floundering team fade once again in december within the shiny walls of his giant screened palace.

    it’s called karma.

    and it can be one cold bitch.

    and it’ll be a similarly cold bitch for those who fuck with their cell phones on-stage during another’s heisman ceremony. may not be today or tomorrow but when you least expect it, tony, expect it.

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    You are one morose little man arent you?
    I am sorry that you are an all day sucker who pulls for teams that cant get the job done. But hey pal, that is your stupidity. (not ours)
    We didnt put a gun to your head and tell you to be a fan for 2nd Rate U.
    So do yourself and us a favor. Quit hanging around trying to make other people miserable because you’re decision making process is faulty.
    Also, stop trying to match wits. You are really not crafty enough to get the intellectual better of anyone here.
    In short, you are such a jugheaded dumbass, you should break all of your fingers so that the rest of us dont have to suffer through your lame witted posts.

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