Heisman candidates arrive in New York

Four of the five Heisman Trophy finalists met the media in New York Friday, the day before college football’s most coveted award is handed out. Commenting on the Heisman experience are Tim Tebow, Toby Gerhart, Mark Ingram and Ndamukong Suh. You can hear from the favorites in the video embedded below. Also, Tim Tebow won’t reveal who he voted for, but said Alabama’s Mark Ingram was the favorite. You can read about that below.

Tebow says Ingram favorite
AP: Ingram, who ran for 1,542 yards and scored 18 touchdowns, would be the first Alabama player to win the award.

“All the All-Americans, all the SEC championships, all the national championships, all the bowl victories, all the great coaches, great players that have come through here, it’s kind of crazy to me that nobody has even won the Heisman Trophy, not one person,” Ingram said.

Tebow, who has a vote as a former winner, declined to say who received his vote, but said he thinks Ingram is the favorite. (read the rest of the story embedded in this post.)


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Mark has just been projected as the winner by StiffArmTrophy, the most accurate of the polls and the only one that tracks more than a handful of actual votes. He also leads in 7 out of 11 recognized polls with Gerhart leading in 2, Suh in 1 and McCoy in 1. Guys, this is as big for Alabama as any national championship. Go Mark Ingram and Fuck You Auburn! RTR!

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