Tuberville campaigns for Notre Dame job

Auburn's Tommy Tuberville
Auburn's Tommy Tuberville

As we noted yesterday, Tommy Tuberville’s name has surfaced in the Notre Dame coaching discussion. Now he is campaigning for the job.

According to the South Bend Tribune, “And if you’re anyone but Kelly and Edsall, wouldn’t you want to know why Tommy Tuberville isn’t in this snapshot?

“Sources close to the search process and some powerful alumni with heavy checkbooks have tried to introduce the former Auburn head coach into the core of the search, but so far he sits on the periphery.

“Tuberville, when reached at his home in Auburn, Ala. on Wednesday afternoon, acknowledged as much, but would welcome the process taking an 11th-hour, wide left turn in his direction.

“’I don’t think there’s any doubt Notre Dame can win and win big again,’ said Tuberville, whose last trip to South Bend came last spring when he spoke at a Notre Dame coaches clinic at Weis’ request.

“’I just think they need to find the right guy with the right philosophy.’”

The article contains more about the Notre Dame coaching search, and Tuberville’s philosophy. The former Auburn coach even spells out his recruiting plan for the Irish.

How do you think that sits with Auburn fans? Auburn fans accuse the successful coach of failure on the recruiting trail. However, Tuberville brought an impressive number of players to Auburn, and delivered the school a perfect season in 2004.

The 2004 season would be a good example of Tuberville’s overall philosophy. His offense featured a strong running game, and was balanced with a solid passing attack that netted over 3,000 yards. His defense surrendered only 11.3 points per game in 2004. (source: Tuberville’s defensive expertise and history of producing good running backs would help many programs.

His biggest problem at Auburn was a combination of complacency and lack of support from the administration. Tuberville is personable, but several important people within the Auburn family despised the coach. Rapprochement was impossible; the power struggle left athletic department unity in tatters. It is hard to blame Tuberville for this disunity since most of it was caused by Pat Dye’s inability to step into the background; Dye wants to be coach at Auburn, and this explains why Auburn forced Tuberville out and hired a 5-19 failure to be head coach.

In the right situation Tommy Tuberville will be a success again. But is Notre Dame the right job?


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  1. 1

    Does everyone forget the barn’s 2003 season? Tubbs was in the process of being run out of town, and he beat BAMA. Had frannie had his mind on the TIDE instead of A&M, the 04 barn season would have been more normal barn history. A motivation of revenge produced the undefeated season in 04 for the barn. Tubbs got everything he wanted but national recognition. However, Tubbs may be motivated once again to do his job. notre lame should give him a three year contract and then run him out of town before he becomes complacent. He could have the program in shape for a relentless driven coach to bring them back to prominence. I think a similar formula worked for Mal. Of course, it was purely accidental.

    The barn and Mr. woods have proven tigers have a true lack of reasoning.

    It sux to be an abarn tiger or any other type of a tiger!

  2. 2
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I think they should give the job to Tubbs. He’s arrogant enough to satisfy the Domers. Can’t you just see him holding up the thumb in Ann Arbor and Pasadena! Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

  3. 3

    I think Tuberville could recruit at Notre Dame. Weis–not the most personable guy–recruited above average for the Irish. Tuberville is likable. If he were motivated, he would do well.

  4. 4

    Bamaborn, Fran had already been at A&M for a year in 03 when the coup against Tubs failed. For god sakes, you bammers can’t even keep your own Iron Bowl loss excuses straight. Remember, the 02 excuse is Fran and Tex A&M. The 03 excuse is NCAA sanctions and incompetent coaching.

  5. 7

    I stand corrected. I forgot the upper barneys feared Shula early. I was also thinking frannie was here for 3. I guess it was the victory over BAMA in 02 that gave the barn early recognition in the polls before the kickoff of 03. Remind me of what it was that happened for the barn to fall so far from the preseason rankings of 03 to no recognition for an undefeated 04?

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  6. 8

    Well this one’s over. Brian Kelley named Notre Dame head coach according to “BREAKING NEWS” scrolling on ESPN on my time/date stamp.

    Tubb’s will have to swallow his pride and become a D-Cor again to wash the filth he left on the plains.

  7. 9

    Roll on Bama. Hope you win what you paid for. More power to you. Now about Tom…. He had a personal issue that did not need to get press. It didn’t. It won’t ever now. And he wasn’t ever interested in the Notre Dame job as the potential NEXT coach. Maybe years from now. He is still and integral member of the Auburn family. His leaving had everything to do with family matters and nothing to do with football. Unlike a few schools, Auburn folks do not place championship football above humanity or integrity. It is not as important as the overall university mission. I was looking forward to learning a little extra something positive about the Crimson Tide when I came to this page. After see the outright falsehoods published here, I can assure you I won’t be back. Lies. Damn lies. And more damn lies. If this is indicative of the University of Alabama….. I know it isn’t.

  8. 10

    First of all Word, we all know Tuberville had family problems. However, Tuberville was fired. Stop the BS. Auburn paid Tuberville’s buyout…idiots might believe it was mutual, but a state institution doesn’t pay a buyout unless they are terminating a guy.

    Auburn people constantly trash talk Tuberville and blame him for having bad players, etc. They call him names worse than anything an Alabama fan has ever said about the man.

    If you are going to troll, come up with better material than this lame attempt.

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