SEC Championship is a hot ticket

If you have a ticket to the SEC Championship Game then you are one of the lucky ones. Ticket demand is high and the prices are too. According to the AJC, “Late Wednesday morning, the StubHub Web site was showing 1,628 tickets still available, with asking prices ranging from $325 for upper-level end zone tickets to $4,890 for a 50-yard-line lower-level seat.”

Also the AJC gives some context for the demand. “”The SEC Championship game is now rivaling a World Series game in terms of fan demand and average ticket price,” said Christian Anderson, a spokesman for FanSnap, an internet search engine that looks for tickets on about 50 ticket reselling sites.”

It sounds like tickets to Pasadena and New Orleans might be easier to get than this game.

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    If we do the deed in Atlanta today — I guarantee that Alabama WILL sell ALL of their allotted minimum requirement tickets and then you’ll have some extra. Alabama fans WILL travel to Pasadena — question is — the other side….. wonder if an Alabama vs. TCU scenario (if Texas loses) — would TCU travel in the masses like the Crimson faithful? I don’t think so. I think the locals would end up filling up the rest of them if that happened!!!!

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