SEC Championship Game
SEC Championship Game

Buying SEC Championship Game tickets? Watch out for counterfeits. Here is the official release from the SEC:

BIRMINGHAM– The Southeastern Conference reminds fans to be precautious when purchasing SEC Football Championship tickets on the secondary market.

Tickets for the December 5th match-up between Alabama and Florida are sold out. With many fans obtaining tickets through various channels on the secondary market, the University of Alabama, the University of Florida and the Southeastern Conference advise buyers to beware of possible counterfeit or stolen tickets. Regrettably, any individual in possession of a counterfeit ticket will be denied access into the facility.

The SEC and the Georgia Dome will be offering a “Ticket Validation Window” at the main box office of the Georgia Dome beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 5. The authenticity of the ticket can be confirmed by a box office representative on site.

The SEC Football Championship Game kicks off at 4:00 p.m. ET at the Georgia Dome on Saturday, December 5.


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    how about the sec alert “general” dick burleson to have his replay booth ready at kickoff seeing as how this is their championship showcase.

    i don’t think it’s too damn much to ask, eh??

  2. 2
    Alex Hamilton

    Personally, I resent that I had to pay $900 in the secondary market for a pair of tickets to the SEC Championship. Why is there a huge counterfeit problem? The reason is the SEC office.

    They are too lazy to sell their tickets in a fair manner. If one wants to buy tickets to the game, one has to between September & November apply to the next season’s wait list. Then, at random people are awarded the option to purchase tickets in August before the season is played; well before a team’s fans learn their team will be in the game.

    This is why some Alabama and Florida fans have had the same seats since 1994. This is patently unfair. It allows thousands of seats to be resold
    each year by people that have no interest in the tickets other than profit.

    A fair system would be to reserve seats to be sold to the general public via ticketmaster or for the SEC to invest in a decent online purchase system. Their website, however, looks like it was built in a dorm room in 1997. And, that would require the SEC to spend money. If they won’t spend money for high definition monitors for the replay booth for games that determine muti-million dollar bowl bids, the sons of bitches ain’t going to give ticketmaster a piece of the take. So, most of us have to buy tickets that might be fraudulent or are most certainly rediculously priced. We don’t get a puncher’s chance at tickets from the source, for the low price of $70 apeice. And it is the SEC’s fault. But, when you can print money just by showing up, you don’t care about fairness. That’s why most fans don’t have reasonable ticket prices. That’s why they have counterfeiters. That’s why they have 10 year old TVs in the replay booth. And, that’s why the SEC has always had shitty officials. They spend $500 a week on the officials. Complete lunacy. That’s the SEC.

  3. 3
    Indiana Vol

    Personally, I think Alex Hamilton is a Crimson TURD Moron with very little intelligence!

    Go Gators; beat the dirty cheating Crimson Turd bastards!

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