The Tebow Worship Must Stop

Watching the FSU-Florida game today, Tebow’s last in the Swamp, was almost unbearable. Never in my years have I witnessed an entire broadcast dedicated to the worship of one player in particular. In a nutshell, our friends Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson slobbered all over themselves for three and a half hours, pausing on occasion to talk about the actual game. All the while they recounted for their own personal benefit all the memories the big gaytor quarterback has brought them through the years. It was a tribute similar in scope to Johnny Carson’s last Tonight Show. There is no telling how much it cost CBS to give its own personal tribute to Timmy. If you saw it, you know what I’m talking about; it was hard to watch.

In the same token, as a sidebar here, it was also torture to watch the old goof Bobby Bowden wandering around on the Seminole sideline, lost, hapless and without a clue…but still ready to rush in front of the camera to give an interview before the half, completely unprepared to offer any semblance of a rational thought about the game itself. It becomes more embarrassing every time I witness him holding the Florida State football program hostage on national television. But back to Tebow…

The thing that attracts interest in Tebow is his off-the-field focus and dedication. Giving him his due, he’s a bright young man, grounded in his faith. He excels athletically in a realm where most don’t subscribe to the personal standards he has set for himself. And he’s a heck of an college quarterback in a system designed for him.

But hold up. If he had signed with Alabama in February 2006, would the Tebow festival reach the weekly crescendo it enjoys each and every weekend? No. Tebow is the quarterback he is because he has a fantastic defense that allows him to take chances. He operates a system Mike Shula would have never conceived of creating for him. And he plays for the state university in a heavily populated state l-o-a-d-e-d with talent. And I’m fine with that. It’s the perfect storm for the “perfect” nature boy to be the perfect face for college football. And CB$ has enjoyed his time at Florida immensely.

But the media’s love fest with him is nothing short of disgusting. Danielson bought a #15 jersey for his wife to wear for those “romantic” nights together. And I’m pretty sure Verne recorded himself saying “Tebow!” to use in his wake up call every morning.

And oh yeah, I’m loving the fact that these two clowns are covering the SEC Championship game again next Saturday. Between the Bama nation’s disdain for their wreckless comments during several key games of ours this season and their absolute undying affection for all things Timmy, it ought to be a real balanced broadcast.

I encourage you to do what I did during the Iron Bowl. If you have a DVR, pause the broadcast three seconds and listen to Eli and Phil live. If you don’t, just be prepared to have a paper bag ready to catch your lunch.