The Tebow Worship Must Stop

Watching the FSU-Florida game today, Tebow’s last in the Swamp, was almost unbearable. Never in my years have I witnessed an entire broadcast dedicated to the worship of one player in particular. In a nutshell, our friends Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson slobbered all over themselves for three and a half hours, pausing on occasion to talk about the actual game. All the while they recounted for their own personal benefit all the memories the big gaytor quarterback has brought them through the years. It was a tribute similar in scope to Johnny Carson’s last Tonight Show. There is no telling how much it cost CBS to give its own personal tribute to Timmy. If you saw it, you know what I’m talking about; it was hard to watch.

In the same token, as a sidebar here, it was also torture to watch the old goof Bobby Bowden wandering around on the Seminole sideline, lost, hapless and without a clue…but still ready to rush in front of the camera to give an interview before the half, completely unprepared to offer any semblance of a rational thought about the game itself. It becomes more embarrassing every time I witness him holding the Florida State football program hostage on national television. But back to Tebow…

The thing that attracts interest in Tebow is his off-the-field focus and dedication. Giving him his due, he’s a bright young man, grounded in his faith. He excels athletically in a realm where most don’t subscribe to the personal standards he has set for himself. And he’s a heck of an college quarterback in a system designed for him.

But hold up. If he had signed with Alabama in February 2006, would the Tebow festival reach the weekly crescendo it enjoys each and every weekend? No. Tebow is the quarterback he is because he has a fantastic defense that allows him to take chances. He operates a system Mike Shula would have never conceived of creating for him. And he plays for the state university in a heavily populated state l-o-a-d-e-d with talent. And I’m fine with that. It’s the perfect storm for the “perfect” nature boy to be the perfect face for college football. And CB$ has enjoyed his time at Florida immensely.

But the media’s love fest with him is nothing short of disgusting. Danielson bought a #15 jersey for his wife to wear for those “romantic” nights together. And I’m pretty sure Verne recorded himself saying “Tebow!” to use in his wake up call every morning.

And oh yeah, I’m loving the fact that these two clowns are covering the SEC Championship game again next Saturday. Between the Bama nation’s disdain for their wreckless comments during several key games of ours this season and their absolute undying affection for all things Timmy, it ought to be a real balanced broadcast.

I encourage you to do what I did during the Iron Bowl. If you have a DVR, pause the broadcast three seconds and listen to Eli and Phil live. If you don’t, just be prepared to have a paper bag ready to catch your lunch.


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    I watched the game. It fucking sucked! I couldn’t believe that Florida State couldn’t keep it within at least 10.

    In retrospect — the best game on “rivalry week” WAS THE IRON BOWL. All of these other games are blowouts!!! I’m typing this as Kentucky just punched one in right before half-time — maybe they can compete for “entertainment” value.

  2. 3

    Dear Alabama,
    You have a respectable program, enjoyable to watch, and apparently a first class operation. Please don’t tarnish that label by disrespecting the Sugar Bowl two years in a row. You had a great season, no shame in finishing second. Show the Sugar Bowl the respect it deserves.
    Your Gator Overlords

  3. 4

    Thanks Bean.
    We wont be disrespecting the Sugar Bowl this year.
    Nope we plan to take it seriously as we watch Florida play for that Sugar Bowl trophy.
    Good luck in New Orleans!

  4. 8
    Alex Hamilton

    I pause my DVR 7 seconds and listen to the radio.

    But, I decided to use some savings and actually go to the game. I have a feeling it will be money well spent. It’s not hard to go to expensive games when you have a quality education. I mean, if I had not gone to a school like Alabama, and been a fan of say, that team down the road, I’d probably have to sell plasma to get into Jordan-Hare.

    Then, I’d probably be so pissed after the game that I’d just throw things at the Alabama fans. Hell, if you can’t beat them, pelt them with empty whiskey miniatures.

  5. 9

    you guys are missing it as usual. this is EXACTLY what our defense needs!

    our defensive players need to be inundated with ALL things tebow. they need to have tebow crammed down their throats for the next six days. they need to be so sick of him by game time saturday, the mere sight of him has them foaming at the mouth to get in there and rip his head off.

    if cbs wants to grant him sainthood, so be it. we need to become the football equivalent of lucifer himself, our defensive players demons designed to cast saint tebow into the lake of sec championship fire.

    anybody who speaks with one of our defensive stars needs to ask, talk, focus the conversation on tebow and how great he is.


    folks on this blog like to huff and puff about florida and tebow, but never doubt it, they are champions. (two time champions) they carry themselves like champions.

    we’re gonna have to KNOCK OUT THE CHAMPION TO WIN.

    we had them on the ropes last year. TEBOW LED THEM BACK.

    when we get our boot on the throat this year, we have to finish the kill.


    (to kill a snake, cut off it’s head)

  6. 10
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Hey Gayturds! You do realize that Bama beat 4 out of 6 common SEC opponents worse than Florida did, don’t you? And the two that we didn’t had extenuating circumstances. At Kentucky a 40mph wind kept McElroy from throwing the ball. And an unfortunate late fumble changed the Tennessee game; besides the fact that Bama is Tennessee’s #1 rival. Just sayin’. That was YOUR argument before Atlanta last year. How you beat everybody worse than we did and Ole Miss didn’t count because Lord Tebow had not yet raised you from the dead. Just sayin’, the facts are reversed this year. I think you had best tighten up your jock straps! The Gayturds should be right at home in the Louisiana Bayou on New Years Day. Maybe ya’ll can get together with the LSWho fans and they can teach you French and you can teach them Spanish! Sacreblu y Caramba! LMFAO!

  7. 11
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Hey Gayturds! You do realize that Bama beat 4 out of 6 common SEC opponents worse than Florida did, don’t you? And the two that we didn’t had extenuating circumstances. At Kentucky a 40mph wind kept McElroy from throwing the ball. And an unfortunate late fumble changed the Tennessee game; besides the fact that Bama is Tennessee’s #1 rival. Just sayin’. That was YOUR argument before Atlanta last year. How you beat everybody worse than we did and Ole Miss didn’t count because Lord Tebow had not yet raised you from the dead! Just sayin’. The facts are reversed this year. I think you had best tighten up your jock straps! The Gayturds should be right at home in the Louisiana Bayou on New Years Day. Maybe ya’ll can get together with the LSWho fans and compare swamp gators and bayou gators, or they can teach you French and you can teach them Spanish! Sacreblu y Caramba too! LMFAO! RJYHBGBTHOOF! RTR!

  8. 12
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Opps. Now how did that happen? Fuckin Gremlins!

  9. 13
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Man, did the ACC have a total meltdown yesterday or what? That put a hurtin’ on TCU’s SOS. Now if Texas were to lose to Nebraska and Cincinatti beats Pitt; Cincy might just jump TCU for Pasadena. In case anyone cares to compare Bama and TCU, it goes like this: Bama 34 – VT 24, VT 42 – Virginia 13, TCU 30 – Virginia 14. Bama by 23 points; Bama 20 – So Carolina 6, So Carolina 34 – Clemson 17, TCU 14 – Clemson 10. Bama by 27 points. Those are the only comparable games. But since Bama and Florida are so close statistically you could also use: Florida 37 – Fla St 10, Fla St 54 – BYU 28, TCU 38 – BYU 7. Florida by 22 points. Again, consistancy and therefore accuracy. As for Texas. Texas by 10 over A&M, Arky by 28 over A&M, Bama by 28 over Arky. So Bama by 46 over Texas. Ya think? Interesting, huh? RTR!

  10. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    I see the reason for the bitterness directed at your new opponent, just not at Tim Tebow. He has no control over what these guys do on the airwaves. Yeah, they might carry it a little far. I dont see the boradcasters being the reason for the bitterness though. Deep down inside, you know that if Tim didnt scorn your precious Tide, the pathway to the BCS championship would have been Bamas last year and again this year. That coupled with the fact he single handedly kicked that ass last year is just tooo much to handle aint it ? Write it down. Florida will do what Auburn and Tennessee did in the SEC champ game and shut down the run…The difference maker will be that talent on their D-line. As well as th ultra talented secondary and linebacker corp. The d line will have Gmac runnin scared and then the other dudes will intercept at will. ZGmac wont be able to pull one out of his butt this week boys.

  11. 15
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Oh, and for all you slimey Gayturd bastards, here’s another little interesting stat. And I know from battleing you cocksuckers on blogs all over the internet, that you morons worship quoting stats. Against 6 common SEC opponents the Gayturd point totals were 153-76, and Bama was 160-61. That is significant. What’s more, it shows that any statistical advantages that Florida has over Bama through 12 games, were gained against your Sisters of Mercy OOC schedule and your other 2 SEC games against Georgia and Vandy who are much weaker than our Ole Miss and Auburn. In fact the BCS SOS has Bama’s schedule ranked about 15 spots ahead of Florida’s. And we all know that CUM will run up the score, and CNS will not. There are your hardcore statistical facts shit heads. So stick em up your ass and bring the KY Lube to Atlanta, unless you want Bama to dry f–k ya! RTR

  12. 16

    Tebow is one the best players in the history of college football. His will to win and leadership ability may make him the greatest ever. The only thing wrong with Tebow is Florida and Meyers. Meyers has had a silverspoon in this conference. The table was set when he arrived.

    We don’t want to live with the history of never beating Tebow. I want to see the face of Meyers when he sees his silverspoon walk off the field defeated and the reality off the sheer luck of coaching one of the greatest ever hits him in the gut.

    Tebow graduating is a sure bet for Meyers to be the next coach of Notre Dame. The problem for Meyers is no silverspoon. He will take the money before the world finds out it was all Tebow. Its like Tubbs in 04. Get all you can before the truth comes out. Meyers will be paid much more than Fulmer and Tubbs for running from Saban.

    To once again be the best and continue our greatness in history we have to beat Tebow!

    Florida will realize its over just like the rest of the conference has already.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger.

  13. 17
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I don’t hate Tebow. I think like everything else that they can milk for a nickle, the media has pushed it a little too far. But I certainly don’t want him hurt. To whip Florida’s ass without him would be hollow. Well, a little anyway! LOL! You are fucked up wrong Buttplay. Our O is just as good as Florida’s and our D is better. Common SEC opponents statistics prove it. As do more AA’s and players both considered and advancing to semis and finals for national awards. And this year we have backups equal to most of our starters. There won’t be any 4th quarter weardown this time. And any extra pressure they may put on GMAC, we will likewise put on Tebow. Bama is the #1 pass efficiency D in the country. We only allow QB’s an 80% rating. Even Tebow can’t can’t win playing under 100% efficiency rating. Florida’s going down people. And #13 will be ours, cause neither Texas, TCU nor Cincy are in the league with the SEC’s best! RTR!

  14. 18

    Tebow single handedly beat us last year the same way G MAC went 7 for 7 on the last drive to make your almost dream cum true. Premature as always!

    It sux to an aubarn tiger!

    They keep up with everything that is BAMA to have a dream.

  15. 19
    Alex Hamilton

    Who is this Auburn of which you speak? Are they significant? Do they pose a threat to Alabama? I’ve never really heard much about them in what seems like years. They must be some Division 3 school.

  16. 20

    The love affair for Tebow is just like the Peyton Manning story
    from the 90’s from Knoxville. I still dislike Peyton leading the
    vols band in playing rocky top in 95 at Birmingham. Tim Tebow
    is a great football player and human being. Lets hope he has
    his worst game in his college career against the Crimson Tide
    come saturday in Atlanta. RTR

  17. 21
    Iron Bowl 2009 Game Time

    […] Capstone Report » The Tebow Worship Must Stop Alabama -Auburn : Post-Thanksgiving Humble Pie Is a Treat for … Iron Bowl 2009 Game Time | USA Hang OUT … 2009 Pushed to the limit and outplayed most of the game , second-ranked Alabama found its championship form in the nick of time . … Now that the Iron Bowl and the Florida/Florida State games are out of the way, its time to talk about the game EVERYONE is talking about. The SEC Championship game . If you are a fan of the BCS, you love this game . You will get a guaranteed … One week until the big game . Who are you picking? Leave a comment with your title game predictions and thoughts. Check back later this week for analysis and predictions on the game . Posted by CFB Guru at 11/28/ 2009 03:28:00 PM … […]

  18. 22

    The saddest thing is watching that proud Florida State Program being pulled down into the Gutter.
    The Fan Base has been told to go to hell by the President of the University. It’s all about Bobby.
    I am still wondering why Jimbo is not complicit in this Fiasco.

  19. 23

    I think they will clean house down there completely. Jimbo Fisher included — I think they are going to have to put up some big cash flow to turn that program around (including the J. Fisher buyout) — the whole FSU program is a disaster — even Bobby Bowden who said he wanted one more year to “go out on top” with his young team is doing “soul searching” today. Translation — it’s over.

  20. 24

    As far as the “Tim Tebow” drooling that the CBS crew did — what did you expect them to talk about when Florida was blowing out State.

    I’m just glad I don’t have to hear about Tebow NEXT year — I count the days.

  21. 25

    Tebow will prove what a saint he is when he walks all over the tahd and the ghost of bahr bryant. Urban is superior to Saban and well Florida, their record speaks for itself. I will be pulling for Tebow to beat the piss out of you guys. I hope he destroys your pathetic wannabe legacy.

  22. 26

    Gee Mrs. Butterworth – you used to make a very fine syrup. Say – Do you look like the fucker on the bottle ?
    Don’t you fret. We will show up next week and you can kiss my ass after the Game.
    Regards to you…..
    Mrs. Butterworth.

  23. 28

    Ok, Bammers: how can yall ask for them to stop worshiping Tebow when y’all are STILL worshiping the Bear and NOW Saban…saban nation?! There are life size murals of saban in bars, on the sides of gas stations, etc. in Tuscaloosa… Really?

  24. 29

    Wow, what do you know, another aubie who is suddenly a Florida bandwagon fan. Another aubie who would blow tebow if it would help Florida win.

  25. 31

    i wouldn’t bet on meyer leaving florida.

    the fighting child molesters are gonna have to break the bank to get rid of fat boy. they’re not going to have the money to compete with a florida.

    until notre dame lowers their entrance requirements, if i’m an up-and-coming coach, i pass. i know they’ll lure somebody away like a harbaugh or that cincy coach. but i think meyer would be a damn fool to leave florida (tebowless or not) for notre dame.

  26. 32

    No, Auburn didn’t lose. Alabama BEAT them, making them quit.

    If you honestly think we intended to do more than play it close to the vest, you’re crazy. We threw one vertical pass all game of more than 20 yards. We did exactly what we set out to do. Yes, it went too far, but when you can take the ball with a little over seven minutes and drive it down their throats, that’s making them quit.

    Auburn won’t win this game again until we’re working on making them fear our other thumb. Chizik is a complete joke in this conference and won’t make it four years. Bank it.

    I actually had an Aubie tell me what a great job he did this year. 7-5, and tied for last in the SEC West, while we shelve our second consecutive undefeated regular season. Welcome back to the ’70s, boys! I’ve always been told this is what it felt like!

  27. 33

    See ITK, your wrong, if you look at aubies record with thier moral victories, they did a wonderful job, I mean 7 wins, 4 moral victories, and only 1 lose isn’t that bad, is it?

    Besides, there are no aubie fans now, they have all converted to florida fans.

  28. 35

    When Tebow won the heisman in 2007, Florida had one of the worst defenses in the country… It’s okay to be tired of Tebow, but it is just a simple fact that he would be just as good and just as covered by the media on ANY other team. The only problem here is that he’s not on MY team.

  29. 36
    Ballplay Indian

    ITK….Auburn quit ?What color jesey s were the pusses hobbling off to the sidelines wearing ? Oh yeah, that would have been your once Heisman calibre running back that quit. Bamas run game was exposed Friday. Florida will exploit the knowladge that Auburn provided, and you will lose big. I say by 10 points. Ive said it before , Ill say it again. Bama is better than Auburn. The scoreboard shows the winner and you guys won. Congrats.

  30. 37

    Watching the game, the number of cheap shots administered by your beloved tiggers throughout the game, it’s amazing he made it that long.

    And Ballplay, you had 1:13 to work with; that’s an eternity with that dipsy-doo, big play offense, isn’t it? Lester Miles is the only one who could have mismanaged the clock worse than cheezit. It was chaos on your sidelines because your coach is a joke. A very funny one that I’ll be laughing at for years to come…at least a couple.

  31. 38

    I think Tebow is unquestionably the best, most talented college football player – ever. And, he deserves all of the attention given.
    Bama will have its hands full.
    “If only” Bama can stop Tebow like Auburn stopped Ingram, the game could be a “cakewalk”. Won’t happen, though.
    Maybe stop him “half as well”? Might work!

  32. 39
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Don’t bet on it. Bama stopped him completely for 3 quarters last year until the D got tired because there were no subs. That won’t happen this time around. This D is better and deeper. And Auburn didn’t expose diddly shit. This O line never has had the raw power that last years had. Their forte is pass blocking, and then when the D eases off to stop the pass, the O can handle 5 or 6 to break Ingram or Richardson. They can’t handle 8 or 9 in the box. The same thing happened with Kentucky and Tennessee. But with them both Mac’s were in a slump. I have no fucking Idea why we only threw 2 passes downfield and only ran the Wildcat twice all game! For Christs sake, it was no wonder there was no running game. Auburn kept 8 in the box the whole game and even single covered Julio. Stupid game plan, stupid! Florida won’t be that lucky. They’ll get McElwains full package. RTR!

  33. 40


    I think Meyers is smart enough to know his run is over at Florida. He is mostly likely going to lose his defensive coordinator and Tebow is gone. His statement “as long as the Florida people will have me” may be his way of saying we are going to have some rough years until Saban leaves BAMA or Tebow II comes along. He has to beat ut and GA. The same as Saban has to beat the barn and ut. ut gave Meyers and Tebow more than they wanted. The writing is on the wall at FL; its over.

    Maybe Notre Dame can’t come up with the money. If they can, Meyers would be a fool to not take it.

    Depreciation starts Saturday.

  34. 41
    Ballplay Indian

    Ou dipsy doo offense scored more on your all world beater of a team than any other team you have played this year. What part of that do you not understand you booger eating bammer ? VT scored 24 on your team and if Im not mistaken, one of those TDs were in the form of a kickoff or punt return. So , what gives ? Facts are a bitch arent they ? Not to mention, our defense whipped that ass for 3 1/2 quarters of football. Physically whipped that ass….Bad….Bad enough that your golden Heisman boy is no longer the golden Heisman boy. He had what , 30 yards ? WOW !!!!! ANd Trent “the answer” Richardson, a whopping 40 yards ? WHIPPEEE !!! The whole Bama offense had less than 100 yards rushing..We physically dominated the trenches all dadgum day. The reason you won lies straight on the shoulders of McElroy and Julio. You all remember them right ? The two players that all of you threw uinder the bus when Ingram was mentioned for the Heisman ?
    Im gonna tell you what is gonna happen Saturday……Florida , who by the way has the top offense in the country, will do exactly what Auburn did. The only difference is that they will do it with blue chip talent across the board. They will get twice the pressure on Macthan we did, and he will cough up the skin for about 2-3 INTs. Florida will win by at least 10. Congrats on another useless undefeated season.

  35. 42

    A useless undefeated season: the barn in 04.

    No recruits and zero national respect.

    Five years later: new coach and tied for last in the west.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  36. 43

    Ballplay, your dipsy do offense accounted for 117 yards after the first 10-minutes, including your 3rd quarter TD. It worked in the “shock and awe” portion of the game, but when you had to man up and play down control and clock management football, you came up empty. The rabbit in the hat tricks kind of ran out on you.

    Get used to 7-5, and losing to your daddy.

  37. 45
    Ballplay Indian

    Whatever……bottom line. We scored 21 points on a #1 or #2 defense…How do you explain that ? If the offense sucks so bad, then we shouldnt have scored at all….

    And yes….Ill wager with you on a name bet….But I promise you dont have the nads to man up and take the bet. Why ? Cause your all talk ITK. Your a used car / vacuum cleaner salsman with a big mouth and zero substance. Ill go back to my old name if you win. Will you go to a name of my choosing if you lose ?

    Didnt think so. If you got so much confidence in your team, put up or shut up…..

  38. 47

    I explain that with this: Dipsy Do plays. They work when they catch you off guard when having to defend against the entire field (underneath and deep), but when the game’s on the line, they are the equivalent of cotton candy at supper time. Dang, am I trying to discuss a rational thought with you? What am I thinking? 26-21. There, you understand that…OH, but ya’ll scored 21 points, so you won. I understand now. Did you print up score shirts for your moral victory?

    And finally, why in the WORLD would I ALLOW you to ride on the shoulders of another program to do what your PATHETIC TIGGERS can’t do? And I’M a puss? That’s like going and hiding behind your big brother when you know you can’t handle your business yourself…which I’m sure you did ALOT growing up. I used to wear a kid out in school who did that. You remind me of him, come to think of it. You are one pathetic loser.

  39. 48

    In other words, Joke, head-to-head or nothing at all. And yes, I’ll take your bet in next year’s Iron Bowl when Cheezit brings the dipsy-do carnival to town.

  40. 49
    Ballplay Indian

    Thats what I thought. you know Florida will kick that ass ……But yeah, Ill take your bet next year.

    The only thing you wore out in high school was you lilly.

  41. 51
    Alex Hamilton

    Now I thought Julia said I was was the net bully?? What gives??

    When you stop playing with your balls Indian, I have two suggestions. First, type your posts in MS word so that we don’t have to spend five minutes trying to decipher your spelling. Second, before you and other Barners pat yourselves on the back about your first quarter or one play in the third quarter, take a refresher course on the length of college football games. You see, games actually last four fifteen minute quarters. Consequently a team must win the entire game and be in the lead at the conclusion of a game.

    By your dumbass logic and specious pride, Alabama fans should boast about dominating the 1972 game. ITK is right. You’re a fucking idiot. You’re an Auburn fan. Enjoy Memphis.

  42. 52

    Alex, best post in here in a LONG time. The 1972 game comment was classic. However, we both know presenting facts to an Abarn fan is futile. I can teach a monkey to write HTML code before I can get an Aubie (intoxicated on the thought being equal with Bama) to understand anything rational. Julio shows occasional signs of cognitive activity. Ballplay is just flat out stupid.

  43. 53
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    BP, I guess I missed the part where Florida has the top Offense in the nation! There might be a few teams who care to differ with you. Hmmm, let me rewind and check. Seems like CBS said Florida has like the 65th ranked passing O or something like that. Ought to work real good against our #1 ranked pass efficiency and QB passer rating D! Oh, and is that the same O that could only score 12 against LSU and 17 against Arkansas without the officials help. Oh yeah, that #1 offense! RTR!

  44. 55
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Uhh, no you didn’t. And I quote. “Florida who has the top offense in the country”. Whatever, I understand what you’re saying. But it aint gonna be like that. With ya’ll crowding the LOS we should have eaten your lunch with the pass. But there was little effort to do so. They were playing a conservative game until the last series. Why? Who knows? But this game is for the marbles. If Florida trys that bullshit, they won’t be quite so lucky. RTR!

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