Disaster Averted: Thanks Gus Malzahn!

Alabama defeats Auburn; Crimson Tide 12-0 for second straight undefeated regular season.

The story of this year’s Iron Bowl is not the inspired play of Auburn’s defense, or the superb job Auburn defensive coordinator Ted Roof (and Gene Chizik) did in putting the Tigers into a position to win the game. None of that stuff matters as the lights fade on Iron Bowl 2009. What matters is that Gene Chizik and Gus Malzahn were exposed.

Their horrible clock management made LSU’s Les Miles look like Rockne, Bryant or Lombardi.

To put it mildly, Auburn’s coaches wilted under pressure. They were without a plan.

They were without a clue.

And that is sad. Chris Todd deserved better than the horrible final moments of that game. He played a good season, and was competent in this year’s Iron Bowl. Unfortunately, Malzahn bungled the final minute. All that looking at the sidelines was amateurish as seconds ticked off the clock.

Gus, this isn’t high school.

I feelt like Verne saying, “WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!?!??!”


That was beyond bad. It wasn’t even high school coaching because I know many high school coaches would have done a much better job of clock management.

Alabama fans should put Chizik and Malzahn on their Christmas card list after that.

One of the most overused clichés in sports is out-coached. Usually, out-coached doesn’t apply to what happens in a game. X’s and O’s rarely determine a game; what determines a game is the execution of the plan put together by the coaches.

Alabama fans have criticized Jim McElwain’s playcalling for a good portion of the season. Sometimes, the calls have been puzzling. But never forget that final drive. It was a masterpiece of playcalling. The screen pass was called at the right moment to exploit Auburn’s pressure. The touchdown pass was masterful—and no doubt a cooperative effort from the entire staff.

It was like a Botticelli.

You cannot doubt the Alabama Crimson Tide is in the right hands with Nick Saban.

Auburn fans cannot feel so lucky tonight. I guess Auburn fans can always hope someone offers Malzahn a job.


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  1. 1
    Auburn Man

    My Auburn Men did well.
    The refs cheated and were paid off by the Bammer inbreds!
    Gus Malzahn’s offense was beautiful! The dippsy doodle play stunned Bammmerturds into submission!
    I need some Bree!
    Ted Roof OWNS Bama!
    Nick Saban is a midget!
    6 in a Row! 6 in a row!!!
    Gene Chizik is a God amoung men!
    Bobby Lowder owes me Money and wont return my calls!
    Where is Pat Dye!!!!

  2. 2
    Beau McDearman

    Articles like this…trashing the losing
    team’s coaches. Give Alabama fans a
    bad name. Auburn had a great game
    plan and almost pulled off a historic
    upset…but you choose to be a sore
    winner. Do us all a favor and pull for
    USC…you would be welcome in that state.

  3. 4

    I’m simply telling the truth about this game. The AU defensive staff did a masterful job; the AU offensive staff choked.

    I know you might not like it, but most Auburn fans won’t. My job is to tell the truth not sugar coat…that is what they do for AU fans on local television.

  4. 5

    You barely survived and still walk around and strutt. Just proves how delusional you, the Mullet midget nation are. Watching this game proves that your almighty defense is pathetic and FL will own you again. Good luck with Boise St or TCU cause that is who you will play. I see Utah part 2 coming.

  5. 6
    Beau McDearman

    That weak Auburn offense coaches put
    21 points on the best defense in the
    country. More points than any SEC
    opponent all year. The Auburn offensive
    game plan was better than ours…but
    our greater talent was the difference.
    Clock mgt. at the end was weak, but the
    rest of the game..The offensive play
    calling was really good. IMO
    The Auburn coaching staff should be
    praised not kicked after a tough game.

  6. 7

    Well yes. It’s good manners to give some due to the BEATEN foe – this Alabama Team did what the great teams have done in the past and will continue to do in the Future. – WIN.
    Hey Auburn ! You Fucking Lost !

  7. 8

    Is that you Jay Jacobs? I’m kidding. 😉

    Auburn scored a little more than Florida International.

    How many yards did Auburn have in the second half? How many yards in the fourth quarter?

    The Auburn offense isn’t that good. What helped them was simply the defensive players making errors—even Nick Saban said that tonight after the game. Once the defensive players settled down, the yards dried up.

    Auburn’s defensive staff deserves the praise. Not the offense.

  8. 10

    You fuckin barners! Yeah you came up quick in the first — but you can’t accept a loss when you deserve one. In the end … we (W)ON. Have fun with your shitty bowl game! We have more important foes to deal with like Florida.

    The barner’s — would of, could of, should of — now I get to hear for 365 days of how Aubarn ALMOST beat Alabama — get over it — take your loss and go to your shitty bowl game in DECEMBER — you can help our TV ratings by watching us in JANUARY. (middle fingers ablazing) ROLL TIDE ROLL BITCHES!!!!

  9. 11
    Ballplay Indian

    No ya wont….To blame this on Malzahn is flat out doorknob stupid cappy. I thought you were smarter than that,,

  10. 13
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    It’s true, and I’m certainly not taking anything away from an inspired Auburn team. In spite of playing inspired ball, it was a 2 play game for them and the rest of the time their O didn’t exist. They had 160 yards in the first quarter. If you take away the 35 yards on the last posession when we were playing 8 deep, then they had 120 yards during the last 3 quarters and that includes a 1 play 77 yard gain. That means they only gained 43 yards in 43.5 minutes. Dudes that’s great D! I’m not scared of Florida, and I’m sure as hell not scared of Texas. Poor Ingram – the fucking SI curse got him! RTR!

  11. 14

    si curse, jeez.

    you know, i taught my kids 90% of your problems are between your ears.

    let’s hope somebody get’s between ingram’s ears before saturday, we sure could use him.

  12. 15

    Bama played a great game, and auburn played a great game as well. It was one of the better Iron Bowls that I can remember, at least.

    I agree that auburn’s D did a great job in defending us, but their O got off to a very fast start and sucked it up for the rest of the game. Yes…good 3rd quarter TD, but, in the end, the playcalling was…pretty repetitive and exhausted.

    But fellas, you’re better than coming on an Alabama website talkin’ trash ’bout how auburn ALMOST won. Come on now…I’m sure there’s a memorial service bein’ held on one of those auburn sites that nobody probably goes to anyway…and they’ll probably be talking about how Bama cheated so much anyway. Go there…you’ll be better off!

  13. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    Dude , I would rather have gotten beat 45-0 than see what happened tonight. Moral victories are a bama trait . If nothing else, Auburn should have cost Ingram the Heisman. 30 yards rushing? come on now…

  14. 18

    Probably did cost Ingram the Heisman. Will depend on the Florida-Alabama game now. There will be lots of Big XII votes for Colt…so it will be tough.

    The problem here for Ingram was the gameplan, and to be honest, I don’t think he was seeing the field very well today. Some of that should be credited to AU’s penetration. But, I don’t think Alabama’s staff was ready to respond to the obvious Auburn gameplan of putting everything in the box. Seriously, how did they NOT see that one coming? If they had thrown the ball more once they recognized what Auburn was doing, then Ingram would have gotten his yards in the second half.

  15. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    You cant say that our offense hasnt improved over the last two years. We scored 21 against IMO the best d in the country. Our offense did not do bad. Our defense kept us in the game but folded when we needed them to step up the most.Yall nickel and dimed us on that last clock eating drive. But thats what great teams do. Congrats. But now the rest of the country knows how to beat you. Florida will stack the box and make gmac pay.

  16. 20

    fuck the heisman. it’s a damn individual award.

    call me old fashioned, but i think like coach bryant:




  17. 21


    This is what I was told by an NFL assistant. He said Malzahn’s offense is easy to stop. All the defense has to do is watch film and do their jobs. Malzahn’s defense DEPENDS on defensive mistakes. That is how he gets his “big plays.” Without those plays, he can’t score.

    I’m glad Auburn fans are happy with him. He isn’t hard to beat. Just ask LSU, Kentucky, Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama.

    Auburn needs to praise Roof and Chizik’s defense. Instead they’ll trash Roof and praise Malzahn. Crazy. But that is good for Alabama. 🙂

  18. 22


    the guy’s too young to realize the magnitude of the game he played in today.

    i think that’s why he looked like he always does.

  19. 23
    Don't Really Care

    Hey Bama Nation

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but act like you’ve either been there or deserve to be there. You barely beat an unranked opponent. Congratulations. Florida will exploit the holes that Auburn showed in your defense.

    I’m not saying anything, I am just sayin…You guys are horrible losers but you are worse when you win.

  20. 24

    Right. You don’t really care, but here you are.

    And Arkansas exploited Florida’s defense, but I don’t guess that matters does it?

    Of course not.

    I’d like to know what “holes” there were in the defense? Each drive was fueled by incorrect position. If you think Saban doesn’t correct that in film this week, you are pretty dumb.

  21. 25

    BTW, I expect Florida to repeat as national champion. However, I expect it will be another superb SEC Championship game that is decided in the fourth quarter.

    In other words, I expect this game to really be for the national title.

  22. 27

    I was surprised to see the barn compete. Hats off for stepping up. Your defense showed something unseen all year. Your offense was one hail Mary after another. The gambles paid early, but you went to the well to often. The razzle dazzle frazzled before the end. Champions have a foundation for sucess and it is not all or bust. ROLL TIDE

  23. 28

    I was shocked at auburns quick strikes but i had faith in my team. Alabama rose to the occasion and WON. That is why they are a great team and that is why they will be playing in the SEC championship and Auburn will be spanking it to Tebow. Talk about sore losers, man i hate cry babies.

  24. 29

    What a great Iron Bowl! Auburn played a great game and came in with a winning game plan. They just came up one play too short. Alabama fans should be proud; however, act like you’ve been there before. No ones likes a bad winner. You have a great team. Beat the Gators and then handle the Longhorns to bring another championship to the SEC.

  25. 30
    alex hamilton

    Yep. We should act like the bigger person.

    After all, we don’t stoop to hijacking the opposing team’s itinerary. We don’t call for people to get in the way of the opposing team’s bus. We don’t piss and moan all day long when Kareem Jackson is held on a reverse that goes for a touchdown. We don’t get down, even when we are down. We don’t piss and moan after the game and say the other team “paid the refs” or call them “cheaters” or “turds”.

    What is more, we don’t go to other fans’ sites and tell them how to celebrate. We are our own team. And before you go complaining about that, and claiming this to be an open forum, ask yourself this Aubs.

    Did you see a sign on the Capstone Report that says “Opposing fans welcome.” ???

    No?? You know why motherfucker??? Because it’s not there!!!

    Go back to the Bunker, or the Car Wash, or whatever the hell it is that you people read, if you’re indeed literate.

    And remember this. You had everything come together today. A short week for us, a bye for you. A “delay” (we all know that was not coincidental) for us, you were at home. A flat Alabama defense, a wired Auburn team. A three and out for Bama, two quick touchdowns for Auburn.

    And yet, despite all the breaks going Auburn’s way, you still got your ass beat. You got your fucking ass beat. You were humbled when it was all on the line. You couldn’t stop us after we figured you out. You couldn’t stop Alabama after they realized you couldn’t cover the running backs (or in the case of the game winning score DIDN’T cover the running back).

    You lost. And for you to come here and say “act like you’ve been there before” go fuck yourselves. You’re the motherfuckers that acted like it was Victory in Europe when you beat us in 2006 in a similarly close game. Don’t you douchebags remember running across our Quadrangle, screaming obscenities at us? And then you have the nerve to come here and tell us how to celebrate? Fuck you!

    We beat the hell out of you in the last 8 minutes of that game. We figured out your shitty offense and beat you.

    You couldn’t stop the shallow cross. You couldn’t stop the screen. You got out coached, even though your coach worked on this game for 11 months. You suck.

    In all honesty, this was sweeter than a blow out. Because you stupid morons just knew that Christmas had come early for Auburn. You just knew in your hearts when it was 14-0 and 21-14 that you were going to win, didn’t you? Admit that you were the arrogant ones then.

    And you had it ripped from you. Despite the fact we were flat, unfocused, and jogging in the first quarter on defense. WE STILL KICKED YOUR ASS WHEN IT COUNTED. I’VE NEVER ENJOYED A RAMMER JAMMER SO MUCH IN MY LIFE.


  26. 31

    Hey Alex,
    have fun losing to FL. Talk about some beatdowns, how abot 06 when everyone on the team sacked Corky the retarded quarterback.

    I will relish watching AL get their ass stomped by FL. AU just showed how overrated your team is. I know you won’t beleive this post, but GET OVER YOURSELF, you didn’t beat amybodies ass and I net you were checking your panties after the 1st quarter.

    You talk about fans talking shit, there are 3 times the number of sore losing, factory working, mullet, mustache, greasy rednecks which I am sure you are representing AL than AU.

    Go lose to Boise St and then your coach tatoo can cuss out his own players. That my friend is your pathetic team and their coach.

  27. 32

    I am not surprised.
    Aubbo tech had 2 whole weeks to study and prepare for this game.
    The thing that impresses me the most is that once Bama made adjustments they shut Malzy’s super O down to a crawl.
    Want irrefuttable proff that Malzy’s offense didn get the job done?
    Auburn’s D played the game of the year and Auburn lost anyway.

  28. 33
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I absolutely do not expect Florida to win the SEC. Cap what’s the matter with you? This game was not the unveiling of Bama’s achillies heel. This Auburn team put it to Tennessee, Ole Miss, Miss State and what has turned out to be a very good W. Virginia team, when they played their best. Last nite they not only played their best, they played with the desperation of the intention of exorcising their demons of torture. Florida has been exposed twice by lesser teams tham Auburn. Texas 5 or 6 times. Cincinatti gave up 35 to a terrible Illinois, Texas #2 or 3 defense was ratted out by a lousy A&M who Arky beat by 28. Tonite we’ll see if Fla State can bring their BYU game to Florida. It’s been a tough weekend for the undefeated all around. Florida does not have the speed of Auburns recievers. There will be no repeat of those long td plays, and our offense showed that it doesn’t need the running game or wildcat or trick plays to function. We will beat Florida and Texas will be even easier. RTR!

  29. 35
    Don't Really Care

    Well, many of you have pretty much proven my point. You can call me names, but I was just posting an outsider’s observation. I am not an Auburn fan. As far as a short week? You played Chatanooga bro. Your practice squad is better than Chatanooga.
    Enjoy your victory. Just seems excessive since for beating a couple of unranked teams the past two weeks is all.
    See you on Wednesday when you come cut my grass.

  30. 36

    Alex — I will say this — you speak for me in every way — you are on the same page as me bro.

    Read Alex’s comments for CrimsonBlood81 now — he says it all!!!!


  31. 37
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Hey Don’t Really Care, you stupid fuck brain, know of any undefeated teams that have played a ranked opponent in the past two weeks? No I thought not! Stupid fuck face. Auburn is the highest ranked opponent that any top ten team will play this week, except for #9 Pittsburgh who lost to West Virginia, a team that the Aubies beat! Don’t know what fucking worthless team you pull for, but it’s damn sure certain they are behind us now, or will be after next Saturday. So fuck off tit turd! RTR.

  32. 38
    Ballplay Indian

    Our team did a good job last night. Just not qite good enough. You bama necks had better see the writing on the wall. That high school offense on a team with just over 70 scholly players, and with only three linebackers on the whole team, and one safety on the whole team just about handed your world beater team there asses. They put your once , repeat once heisman trophy candidate runnung back out of the game with a whopping 30 yards rushing. Your other all world back had 40. Yes you won, no Im not looking for a moral victory. What I am saying is that once we get the system in place and get the players we need, we will win more than we lose. And I see that as early as next year. Florida will stack the box, and proceed to pick off gmac at will, They are very talented all over that side of the ball . Gmac will be pressured a lot more form their front 4 as well, Ill tell ya this, if yall dont step it up a lot, you will lose Saturday.

  33. 39
    Jon Crabtree

    I find it appalling that Auburn fans would try to tell Bama fans how to celebrate their win. Auburn did everything they could to beat Bama and still failed. Yes, some of the actions of Auburn fans were disturbing and clearly preplanned. The leaking of the Bama travel plans to Auburn websites was unacceptable. The delay of the teams arrival was unacceptable. Auburn tried every dirty trick in the books by their plans to disrupt the Bama team before the game was actually played on the field. This in my mind is “blatantly cheating” with outside obstacles. Trooper Taylor was seen comically running up and down the sidelines the whole game waving his “we surrender towel” to Auburn fans. Auburn had all the advantages here, home field, nothing to lose, slot machine offensive game plan, facing a #2 Team, stopping a Heisman candidate, and they still came up short. This was not a “moral victory” for Auburn, it was a defeat at home by their much hated interstate rival in their home stadium in front of a predominantly Auburn fan base. The crowd noise was a factor and good teams always find a way to win with an unruly crowd. Alabama wins and loses with grace and dignity and some say that Auburn truthfully wins and loses with no class .

  34. 40
    Ballplay Indian

    YALL WON !!!Drop the excuses about wht it was closer than itshould have been Research my posts and youll see that I take no pride in a moral victory I would have rather lost big than what happened last night. Bammer excuses are proof that you have no grace or class. We dont make any for our loss. Same ole crap with you guys though. “It could only be close because Auburn did do and so”,,,What exactly did we do ? Got some info about where the team stayed ? Nothing happened at the hotel. Nothing happened on the road or the stadium. Same old verbal diahreah different day,

  35. 41
    Don't Really Care

    Hey Wimpsonite

    It is clear by your response that you have really thought this out. If you did actually go to and/or graduate from Alabama, your remarks speak highly of your accomplishments. If you did not go to Alabama, you are really no less off. I AM NOT AN AUBURN FAN. Since many of you can’t grasp that, it shows that your reading comprehension level is below average as well.

    Hope you enjoy Atlanta for the SEC Championship since your team will end up there again with a Peach Bowl bid. LOL RTR…Y’all really showed that community college from Chatanooga who is boss.

    Go drink another case of Budweiser bro, contemplate life after Saban leaves for Notre Dame and try a response without so many F-bombs.

  36. 42
    Don't Really Care


    You said it all. Nothing I can retort would show how clearly you have proven the very point I was making.

    You are a class act. God Bless.

  37. 43

    FUCK YOU “Don’t Really Care Says”!!! You are a fucking idiot!

    If we lose in Atlanta — we’ll go to the Sugar Bowl — not the fucking Peach Bowl. Do some research on bowl projections on a WIN/LOSS scenario for Alabama before you come on here and spew your vomit for everyone to read.

  38. 44

    Oooooooohhhh! You will lose crimsonshard. Just like a used tampon, AL will be used like on the field to FL with a chance to play TCU for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Congrats on your win, you beat AU fair and square. Just remember to not make excuses after you get beat. Oh I forgot, you can’t do that. It’s always Shula or scholarships or waking up the football tram the nite before the game or trick plays, etc.

    Next week you will be beaten fair and square and I will relish every second of that Tebow ass whipping. Then Shane the trailer park moron and Finebald can worship Tatoo (Fantasy Island) midget fir the rest of the year and talk about how good of recruits you got. How pathetic, well at least you might get another #1 recruiting class.

    Blow tide

  39. 45
    Still Don't Really Care

    LOL Too easily baited. It doesn’t matter where they play since the season will be a failure if they don’t beat Florida. You see Tebow? Smartest move he ever made was telling Alabama no. I think he will put on quite the show. I may go get me a Tebow jersey. He is quite an athlete and a really nice Christian. Keeping in mind that Florida will have a short week since they didn’t play until today, so Alabama will have a definite advantage…

    God Bless

  40. 46

    Really? The season is a failure?

    12 wins is a failure?

    Beating every one of your rivals for two straight years is a failure?

    What nonsense. The SEC is much like the NFL. You don’t have to win the championship to have a special season.

  41. 47
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Don’t ya’ll just love all these sister humpin’ inbred retards whose own teams are so pathetic that they are bored into spending their worthless lives on our boards. They are all scared shitless of the Bama machine. First it was VT that was gonna beat us. Then it was Ole Piss. Then it was LSWho. Now it’s Florida. Yeah dream on pig farts. See ya in Pasadena you penis envying pieces of fecal matter! RJYH, RTR!

  42. 48
    Ballplay Indian

    Cap, I just rdid a little research on that “high school” offense….That offense scored more points on you guys than anyone else this year. VT scored 24 in their game against you, if I recall one of those T.D.s was a kick or punt return….So, what gives ? Can you not see that. We were on the long feild all day, Your team had the feild position battle cearly won. We still outgained you in total offense. So waht does that make your McElwayne..A junior high coach ? On that last drive, our guys were asked to do the impossible. Like I said , the better team won…But dont bag on Gus when you are so absolutely wrong…

  43. 49

    Ballplay if you believe that is a good offense–All I can say is thank you. Please keep it. Every coach I’ve spoken with says the offense is simple to defend.

    The only way you guys scored on any of the big boy defenses were through trick plays that won’t work again.

    Your offense is worse than Kentucky’s. Kentucky scored 20 points against Alabama and outgained you guys versus Alabama. Which, based on what you Auburn fans have been saying since the Iron Bowl—means that Kentucky is a better team than Auburn.

    Oh wait, they are because not only did Alabama beat your team straight up, but so did the Wildcats.

    Umm, and an offense asked to do the impossible? What the hell kind of football do you watch? I see championship teams make game winning drives ALL the time in the final minutes of the game.

  44. 50
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Ballplay, ya’ll played an inspired game, but don’t try to conjour up stats for your offense. These are the facts: The touchdown run was not Malzahn magic. It was a standard reverse for which Rolly had the D shifted the wrong way and there was not enough support on that side. Then you got the onside kick and had a short field. That drive was stopped after 35 yards by an intercdption that was nullified by YOUR teams penalty. In any case it should have been 3rd and 14, but Woodall’s stupid antics gave you 1st and goal at the 5. Finally, the long pass would not have worked any better than any of your others if not for pure luck. Rolly called a corner blitz and there was no one to pick up the reciever. So Buttplay, Malzahn’s offense consisted of 2 bad defensive calls and a stupid penalty. The other 98% of his plays didn’t do diddly shit. And you know it! Your O is smoke, mirrors and hoping the D makes a wrong cover call. Sorry. RTR!

  45. 51

    BTW, you keep dodging the key point. Your coaches lucked into a lead and then couldn’t hold it because you couldn’t convert first downs to eat the clock. ALSO, you couldn’t run a two-minute drive if your life depended on it.

    Everything the ISU people said about Chizik being clueless when having to manage a game was true.

    Have fun with two guys who aren’t ready for primetime.

  46. 52

    All of these comments from the Bama fans just prove my point. CLASSLESS. A true Alabama fan wins and losses with class. I try to offer a congratulations and note that the better team won and I get ripped by classless AL fans. Let me guess, you’ve never attended a single class in Tuscaloosa. What? Yes, there is actually a school in Tuscaloosa that the youth attend to receive a higher education. You might want to research it a little. It might behoove you to extend your vocabulary past four letter words that you learned when you were 10 years old. To those AL fans that do win with class, Congratulations on a great year and please beat Florida. From an Auburn alum (class of ’96), Roll Tide and good luck next week!!

  47. 53

    Geez cappy, did Malzahn scare you so bad you had to write an article dedicated to trashing him so you can convince yourself that he’s a bad coach?? You and ITK have run your mouths about him so much this year that you each have a vested interest in seeing him fail. He put more points on your D than any other team has this year. You think it doesn’t count simply because he did it with big plays and by catching Bama out of position?????? What in the $#@! do you think coaches watch film for??????? It’s to catch a teams’ tendencies on what it takes to GET them out of position. Read all of what Saban said. He said the constant motion, shifts, and reverses are what got Bama out of position. I know it absolutely freakin’ kills you to hear that, because you want so badly to call it “dipsy-doo” and “high school”. The offense results in big plays. That’s what its designed to do. I don’t know who these anonymous NFL asst’s are who say Malzahn is easy to stop, but I know there are some SEC defensive coordinators who will go on the record and tell those phantom NFL asst’s that they’re crazy.

    P.S. I agree with you about AU’s last possession. That was ridiculous. I’m not going to trash an otherwise solid gameplan solely on that, though.

  48. 54

    Julio, every coach I’ve spoken with from high school through college to an NFL assistant has laughed at Malzahn’s offense.

    I’m happy you like it though.

    Please keep it.

    Six in a row is right around the corner.

    BTW, what those SEC people say in public is NOT what I’ve heard privately both from active and former people in the league.

  49. 55

    One thing I was told is that you have to watch film because Malzahn is predictable if you watch enough tape.

  50. 56

    Cappy, it’s real easy to cite these “phantom” assts to bolster your argument. You keep citing them. What I’ll cite to bolster my argument is this — results. All Malzahn and his “dipsy doo” offense have done is lead the nation for 2 consecutive years at Tulsa (please remind me here that it was in Conf USA so I can remind you that McElwain never sniffed at accomplishing that in the WAC); and take an offense that ranked 108th nationally to 18th in one year. But you keep citin’ those “coaches” and keep tellin’ yourself that you’re glad AU’s got him, though. God knows that’s a lot better than citing actual results.

    BTW – apparently Saban’s D gets a little predictable if you watch enough tape as well. Those big plays weren’t a result of dumb luck or wild guesses.

  51. 57

    Whatever Julio.

    If you don’t believe me when I cite sources then I’d suggest you not visit the site. I’m telling the truth about conversations I’ve had with assistants. If you pick not to believe it–then that is good.

    I told you the truth about Tuberville, and you didn’t want to believe it.

    You guys fired him later.

    You guys will fire Malzahn if he isn’t run off first. He is a cancer and I can tell you I’ve heard he isn’t liked by others on the Plains, and his incompetence cost your team a chance at winning following a wonderful gameplan from Chizik and Roof. This is consistent with what I heard about Malzahn at Arkansas. Those guys still hate him.

    Enjoy him. 6-6 next year and you’ll be singing a different tune.

  52. 58

    Ok cappy, just a couple more things and I’m ready to drop this:

    1. I have no doubt that you’ve talked to coaches who said he was easy to stop. I’m saying that they obviously are saying it so flippantly that they won’t even go on the record about it.

    2. If all you have to do is watch game film to stop Malzahn, why han’t everyone done that for the last 3 yrs?? Why couldn’t Saban, the greatest coach and defensive mind of all time, simply watch the game film Malzahn has piled up for 3 yrs and shut him down instead of allowing him to score more points on Bama’s D than any other team has all year??

  53. 59

    I’d also point out often coaches have axes to grind when they say these things, so I understand doubting what the coaches say.

    Scoring one point more than Kentucky isn’t something to hang your hat on. 🙂

    I really think Auburn fans need to look at the larger picture from the game instead of the tactical issues–putting up some big plays is less important than the strategic handling of the program.

    If Alabama folded like that through such horrible clock management, I’d be irate.

  54. 60
    Ballplay Indian

    The stats were not conjured up. They are factual. The Kentucky analogy is B.S. as Bama put them away in the third quarter. They had the game won and Kentucky knew it. We still put more points on the board than anyone else. Explain it away or spin it away . I really dont care.

  55. 61

    And I don’t care what you think Ballplay. I was right about Tuberville, and in a few years when you are firing Chizik and Malzahn, don’t say I didn’t try to help you out again. 🙂

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