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    we were on the cover after we mopped the floor with urban meyer and florida in ’05. we beat ole miss the very next week.

    but go ahead and hang your hopes on a silly superstition.

    hey ballplay, it’s kinda late i know, but maybe you and julio can arrange a black cat release in front of our busses and maybe a stadium seyounce (sp?)tommorrow night.

    that might work too. anything but lining up with superior coaching and players.

    that will NEVER work!

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    I don’t buy the SI “jinx”.

    However, I do believe in the MADDEN NFL game cover curse — every player on that cover has got injured every year in some shape or form. The hype is hard to live up to.

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    Alex Hamilton

    Yeah. That SI jinx only works on Auburn.

    Anybody else remember AU on the cover in 2003? The title was “Rage: Some can turn it on.” or something to that effect.

    Too bad Dontarrious Thomas couldn’t turn on that rage before USC stomped their ass at home. And AU won’t find the rage button tomorrow either.

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