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    E.G. White

    For those of you who are interested, this week it’s easier to list the polls that don’t have Bama #1 than the ones that do! We’re #3 in the USA Coaches and Harris polls, and #2 in BCS rankings, AP poll and the Anderson/Hester computer. We’re #1 in every other poll and computer. Being only .005 behind Florida in the BCS rankings, if we stomp Auburn and Fla St gives Florida a good game, we just might go into the SECCG ranked #1! RTR!

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    I personally don’t want the No 1 rank until AFTER the SECC. That puts more pressure on the lizards to ‘uphold’ the rankings (and we were No1 going into it last year, no more bad mojo). RTR

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    E.G. White

    Agreed. I would prefer to be in the ‘got something to prove’ position. However, that is out of our hands now. That is what happens when you’re so good that people want to jump you over the undefeated incumbant national champion. It’s actually quite an honor. We both may beat the hell out of our rivals this week and we still could jump them since we get more boost out of beating 7-4, 32nd ranked Auburn, than they do from beating 6-5, 34th ranked FSU. Oh well, que sera sera! RTR!

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