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    It’s no contest. Stan White is the biggest whiner in all of college football. As a college football fan, I used to tune into the Auburn football broadcast from time to time to find out the score. I can’t even do that anymore because of SW. He makes the broadcast unlistenable.

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    I was in the car getting some BBQ on the day of the Auburn-Arkansas game. It was all the officials fault from what Stan White and his partner were saying.

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    Cappy…you’re SURE Danielson isn’t doing it? You’re about to give me an early Christmas present if so.

    And if you’re right, I wonder if Nick had any pull on that call with CBS. His comments the week after the LSU game were obviously aimed at Danielson.

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    ITK, fill me in about Stan White. I know he’s on the radio in B’ham pretty often, but I don’t get to hear it. I also rarely listen to the radio broadcast.

    Yeah cappy, I know you bammers have zero tolerance for fans blaming losses on officiating. You’d never catch Bama doing that. (Do you still have a poster sized picture on the wall of the receiver with the ball touching his hands in the end zone from the 95 IB?)

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    Fans blaming refs for a close loss is one thing.

    “Experts” on the school’s radio broadcast are entirely another…especially in an ass-kicking like the Arkansas game.

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    Julio I do not even remember the game you are talking about in 2004. I do remember that you went from having one of the best broadcast teams in the country a few years ago (Fyffe and Trotman)to the collection of absolute morons you have today (White and Bramblett).

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    E.G. White

    Oh well, after the first 15 minutes they won’t have anything to talk about except what they had for Turkey Day dinner and what to do for entertainment in B-ham at the Pizza Bowl. LMFAO! RTR!

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    WGN Chicago offers a “Pay to Listen” option that allows real time Radio Call for the Bears Television Games. I wonder if that could work here ?

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    Julio, there’s a difference in complaining about a single legitimate call(the SEC confirmed in a letter that it was a bad call) in 2004 and complaining about EVERY call in EVERY game. That’s what Stan White does. It’s sad and laughable at the same time. In the UA/LSU game in ’04, at the time the bad call happened the game was still in doubt. Stan White, just like all Auburn fans, is a crybaby and in constant denial about the reasons for his teams poor performances(bad coaching, talent, etc., not bad calls). By the way, Curtis Brown scored a TD back in 1995, but as usual Lowder had paid off the officials and they denied the U of A the victory. If you looked at the picture you refer to, even you would have to agree he was in. I doubt you would, though, because being an auburn fan, you can’t listen to reason.

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    Wow BF, I laid the bait out there on the Curtis Brown/95 game and you took it hook, line and sinker. You’re STILL blaming that loss on the refs. (BTW, the picture does show Brown’s foot in-bounds. It does NOT show that Brown had possession of the ball at the time. See, it takes more than the ball coming in contact with your fingers to establish possession. Possession didn’t happen until he pulled the ball in, at which time he was OB.)

    P.S. So you’re saying you can legitimately blame that 16 pt loss on a single pass inter “no call”? You do remember that Spencer Pennington was your qb, and that you were playing a Saban coached LSU team dontcha?

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    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    I know Eli is not one to complain about a call, but that dude is the WORST ….Stabler was the only one that kept you informed on what was going on in the game.

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    E.G. White

    That’s cause my buddy Snake is a cool dude. He tells it like it is. Never accuse him of being politically correct. RTR!

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    Alex Hamilton

    That insurance salesman is the biggest whinebag on the planet. His voice screeches up three octaves when he doesn’t like the call.

    I got a question for Whiny White….

    Is there any question who is the dominant program in this state?

    Silly Stan, Auburn can’t win unless Alabama has two injured offensive linemen that can’t play dead in a cowboy show.

    Stan White is why I don’t do business with State Farm. That and they don’t pay claims.

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