Sad news from Georgia

AP: Uga VII, the white English bulldog mascot for the University of Georgia’s football team for almost two seasons, died Thursday of heart-related causes, the dog’s owner said.

The 56-pound dog, nicknamed “Loran’s Best,” was known as a laid-back mascot who seemed oblivious to crowd noise during boisterous games and would sit patiently as excited fans snapped photos of him. He often roamed the sidelines in a shirt with a ‘G’ stitched on it, sometimes resting on a bag of ice to cool off in his customized dog house.


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    True Bamafan — UGA 7 did get to see the win over the “South’s Oldest Rivalry” — LMAO — didn’t they have to replace UGA 6 LAST YEAR?!? Apparently the longevity of Jaw Jaw’s mascot resembles the fact of Mark Richt is on a year-to-year basis over there now. LMFAO!!!

    oh — I got to give credit to JawJaw — thanks for the black-out last year. Roll Tide Roll.

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    as the late great lewis grizzard used to say: “i’m bulldog born and bulldog bred and when i die i’ll be bulldog dead.”

    oldie but a goodie.

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